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  1. Quick coating of ice in Gaithersburg after snow flipped to freezing rain.
  2. Light sleet/snow mix now in Gaithersburg. Nice to have a good snow to freshen the ground up before the flip.
  3. Beautiful moderate to heavy snow in Gaithersburg. Quickly turning the grass/road/sidewalks white.
  4. Light snow in Gaithersburg
  5. Hiking at Cunningham Falls Park in the Catoctin Mountains yesterday. Hiked in under sunlight and out under moonlight. So amazing up there.
  6. My brother’s friend clearing his driveway at Alta this morning. Puts my sad sleet pile to shame!
  7. A deluge of sleet now in Gaithersburg. Pretty cool, and it'll be nice to have the entire ground covered in ice! Unfortunately I have a 2 hour work meeting scheduled at 10am...ugh.
  8. It’s filling in and getting heavier. You have to remember that the image on the radar isn’t static.
  9. The precip is already evident on the radar and it will be frozen in some form for basically the entire area. No need to talk about rug pulls; it’s gonna precipitate.
  10. Nice clean format, and I really hope the 3-6" stretches down to include the 2-4" areas...those guys deserve it. If I'm being picky I'd move the title over to the top left portion of MD/WV where no one lives or cares about (I kid I kid). But for real.
  11. You should probably stop saying “we” and “us” when referring to literally yourself only.
  12. GFS looks good to me. Nice thump of snow, followed by ice. Overall a high impact winter event so can’t complain.
  13. Just gotta ignore the storm for a bit and play hard to get. Make the storm crawl back in and beg for our attention. Doesn’t hurt to try at least