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  1. I have a friend riding it out tonight on his sailboat in Carolina Beach. So far so good but he said it’s getting a bit bumpy
  2. Mostly freezing rain with a few sleet pellets in Gaithersburg. Glaze of ice on elevated surfaces now
  3. Just rain so far in Arlington. My boyfriend in Gaithersburg says he “thinks it’s snowing” so I’ll take that as a rain/snow mix haha
  4. Close to an inch in Gaithersburg with the side roads and parking lots covered. Looks like winter!
  5. The grass is white in Gaithersburg! This is a nice little event considering I haven't been keeping up with this event at all. Beer and snow is sooooo much better than beer and 33 degree rain.
  6. Ending the weekend just like I started the weekend, 33 rain and beer.
  7. Flipped to sleet in Gaithersburg. Sleet > Rain
  8. Dusting on the grass now in Gaithersburg. At this point I refuse to look at models and just live in unfounded optimism believing that it'll stay snow. On another note, man this is a strong system. It's been a long time since we've seen so many tornado warnings with confirmed large tornadoes on the ground.
  9. Rain/Snow mix in G'burg has switched over to moderate wet snow now. Not sticking to anything but sure does look nice out there!
  10. The NAMs aren’t bad. Trending a little colder at least. The Baltimore guy claiming it gives him 4” tonight and 5” Sunday must be smoking something good though.
  11. 33 and Rain. At least the beer tastes good regardless.
  12. I don't understand how the NAM 3k total snowfall 10:1 maps look so different on tropical tidbits as opposed to pivotal weather. I assume it's because TT includes sleet and PV doesn't? I know those outputs aren't the most accurate but I still like to look out of curiosity.
  13. 1.6” on top of my car in Gaithersburg. I’m just glad the ground is white, makes Friday feel even better.