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  1. Caps PP is the ICON. Always shows the same thing and always sucks.
  2. 11/11/87 2/25/07 (was more cooling the column than the surface) though I could be wrong about this one.
  3. Yup. It’s always something and usually temps. Everyone says don’t sweat temps but that’s exactly what the problem is. This would be really nice otherwise.
  4. Actually really coming down now by the VA on North Capitol. Great flakes and rates but not sticking since it’s about 87 degrees. Beautiful but at the time kind of a waste. Hopefully things cool off and this keeps up as we head towards dark.
  5. 40 with light snow in the city. Where exactly is the arctic front? With only 3 plus hours till sundown if the front actually does come through and precip hangs around we eke something out.
  6. 39 in the city. Not a freakoutovet the temp, but just interesting that DC never has trouble busting high. Just not a day to waste even a little qpf on white rain. Oh well. Maybe Bob Ryan can tell us what the Humature is today?
  7. We can always be counted on to overperform on heat. Even in January with. HECS just miles away.
  8. LOL. Barely cloudy- would call it partly cloudy at the VA in DC (North Capitol/Michigan.) 33. May need to the run the AC today when we torch inside the city. White rain today might even be wishful thinking at least through the afternoon hours.
  9. It always seems that thin clouds at night always prevent cooling but we warm no problem even with complete overcast.
  10. Was supposed to be in upper 20s overnight. Never got below 31. Already at 32. Have to wonder how much of out pity QPF we waste on white rain. Meanwhile the rest of the east coast gives us the middle finger with a HECS. Out winters are like our football team… baseline is crap and even worse without blocking.
  11. Will need vodka shoots when the coastal still misses us and obliterates NJ and NYC
  12. 0.2 QPF spread over a long time. Probably won’t amount to much. But I’ll drink the kool aid and pretend I’m getting 2-3 inches in the immediate metro.
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