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  1. 93, 94, 99, 05, 07 (April included as well there,) 09, 14, 15, 18, all had decent snow events in March. Even in the DCA Death Valley climate. March if anything is more interesting than December. The issues are psychologically it feels we are done and sun angle melts things quickly, but March events can be fun. That said, Friday looks lame at the surface at least.
  2. Steady light/moderate snow at the VA. Minor grass sticks he. If only it were a few degrees colder. As usual. Have snow? Sucky surface temps. Have surface temps? Sucky mid levels or rates. Pretty to look at at least.
  3. I think with this year the frustrating part here is that we have continually failed and the rest of the NE corridor has continually done great. Prior years had the say the Boxing Day fiasco but then one a few weeks later where we all scored. Same with 2015. I remember NJ and NYC getting clobbered in Jan 2015, but then we made up for it with an awesome Feb/March. This year for the immediate metro it’s been fail after fail. It happens. But then again we had 2018-2019 which us immediate metro folks had a decent season- 1.5 inches downtown in NOVEMBER, a 10 inch two part storm in January, and a nice daytime late February solid advisory level storm. PHL did not do well that year. Like DC sports we tend to perseverate on the failures.
  4. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times shame on GFS. Fool 146 times in one winter...
  5. Overperformer. Finally got rid of that warm nose in the mid levels
  6. Lol, the best part I like about being a gullible moron is that I’ll believe anyone smarter than me- which is about 99% of this board. It is possible you are both correct.
  7. Too bad nothing strong or organized enough to overcome whatever warm layer is there and change things to snow.
  8. I mean for potentially overnight tonight.
  9. Ok, I’ll bite on this “event” for educational purposes. Why would it be ice overnight? Winds are out of the north, I don’t see a screaming south wind or jet steak like last night at the mid levels. What am I not seeing? For the record, my guess is this is a whole lot of nothing regardless of what might fall if anything.
  10. Whatever you are smoking please share!
  11. The nice thing about sleet I guess is that when it’s plowed the piles make it seem like it snowed 6 inches. Next week when it’s 50 plus out those piles might still be there.
  12. You are an amazing forecaster and I’ve learned a ton from your posts and appreciate your insights a ton, but you did say yesterday to expect a positive bust in the immediate metro this time, no?
  13. I think I’ve seen a few flakes by the VA. Both of them. The sleet accumulation on the street is cool, but still disappointing.
  14. More heavy returns in the city. Zero flakes.
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