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  1. some dendrites now in Wheaton now. good rates as well.
  2. Still just small flakes that are only slowly accumulating here in Wheaton. rates decent but not making a huge difference.
  3. Radar looks good but still just small flakes. Not piling up quickly. Still beautiful out. just wish intensity would pick up and get better dendrites and better rates.
  4. Covered all over Kemp Mill now. Was just driving on KM road and it is covered. sides as well. Decent rates, but small flakes for now.
  5. I'm right off kemp mill road and my little street is mostly wet.
  6. 29 degrees by my house in on a cul de sac street in Wheaton that rarely has traffic. steady light/mod snow and the street refuses to cave. go figure.
  7. Drove from silver spring to the VA in DC. Just white rain. Roads wet, some powdered sugar on the grass and cars. Usual DC bogus event so far.
  8. At the VA on North Capitol/Irving streets..... Plain old rain. Not even a pinger. Yawn.
  9. I'm still in my infancy in learning so I don't post much, but I understand the frustration people are feeling. Just wasted a nearly historic cold pattern where it seems so many cities- Charleston, Norfolk, and of course PHL, NYC, BOS and many others cashed in big, while DC alone literally was left out in the cold. And unlike the Boxing Day fail of 2010, which was a one storm fail immediately after the best winter on record, this was a 3 week fail following a nothing winter. I think for many it felt like we were first and goal on the one yard line and couldn't punch it in with 4 tries. But all that said, if people understood that not only are we not a true northern city (below 40N) and that our proximity to the mountains, as well being further away from the ocean than the rest of the megalopolis, it may help with expectation management. Why people believe a computer model 8 days out spitting out feet of snow over understanding the history and reality of where they live, I don't know. I have zero knowledge compared to most here, but frankly, if a low is not going through Georgia to the OBX with a block in place, I never expect WSW amounts of snow. Yes, we can get lucky like 2/10/10 or 3/9/99, or experience very interesting storms like the 1/11 storm that went from rain to sleet to heavy snow, but for the most part we don't cash in. I still appreciate the analysis and interpretation the smart and experienced folks give here. Why take something none of can control so personally? I love being aware and understanding the possibilities without forgetting the likely probabilities. Flame away.
  10. Always. Someone sneezes and they get a foot.
  11. like everything else this winter it's amounting to nothing.
  12. Flurries at the V.A. - North Capitol and Irving st. Thrilling.
  13. Seems like every event on the Md side of the immediate DC area 270 and 95 are goalposts and all the precip is wide right or wide left.
  14. One handed sweep was all that was needed to clear the windshield in Wheaton. Main roads just wet. Meanwhile, PHL, NJ and NYC do well once again. sigh.
  15. Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I would think wind direction (namely seeing wind out of the east at some point) would be a feature we would want to focus on?