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  1. I’m just a novice, but this sort of reminds me of January, 2005 setup.
  2. I’m pessimistic about this as well, but don’t understand the crying over the Euro when at 4-5 days out all winter it had been as accurate as Chris Blewitt.
  3. PHL to NYC corridor is not that far and not a huge difference from a climo standpoint. Seeing us get say 5-7 and them 6-10, no big deal. But to get 2-4 while There is a HECS 150 miles away? That does sting. If it didn’t, 12/26/10 wouldn’t be so vomit inducing around here. If it all went wide right for the entire coast no one would even remember it. So yeah, nickeling/diming every inch PHL or NYC gets? Totally agree it doesn’t matter. But major storm vs shafted? I totally care and not afraid to admit it.
  4. It’s going to come back enough to bury NYC-BOS (CMC like) and give us a dusting. Just have that feeling especially since the WFT has better blocking right now than this pattern.
  5. Not a ton of cloud cover yet. Hopefully get some radiational cooling before the drama unfolds.
  6. High was supposed to be 49. Ran that stop sign without slowing down. 52 fun loving degrees in DC proper. We had snow within hours of it being 60 plus recently and rain within hours of it being in the teens so why not do this. Would be funny is DCA could pull off a third straight 2.6.
  7. If going into a Nina someone told me back in November that on 1/18 DCA would not only be on pace for climo, have a 6 inch event, but also ahead if BOS NYC, PHL, BWI, and even IAD, I would have signed up for that in a second. Late week falling apart sucks, but we in the immediate can’t complain. And we still may even add a little bit upcoming. Great month so far and potential is still there.
  8. A red tag in another thread mentioned the GFS doesn’t handle SS as well in this range. Then again the EURO is as reliable as the Caps goaltending. Which will be correct? Calgon take me away! (1980’s commercial reference for anyone under 40.)
  9. 24 and steady light snow in Wheaton. Thin film of white on the street and car tops.
  10. 22/3 in Wheaton. I guess if we we went from 63 degress to 7 inches of snow in 24 hours it only makes sense to go from 22 degrees to rain in 24 hours. Oh well. At January has been active and interesting for a change.
  11. 35 in Wheaton. Still a balmy 39 downtown. Crank up the AC.
  12. Still a toasty 40 at the VA in the city and North Capitol and Irving. Snowcover receding as fast as my hairline.
  13. Temp just spiked 4 degrees in the past hour. Already exceeded the projected high for the day.
  14. With clouds and 29 and being early January it’s nice not to hear drip drip drip 10 minutes after the storm ends. Gorgeous day all around.
  15. DCA record for 1/3 is 2.4 inches. Hopefully that gets broken and then some.
  16. I just drove from Wheaton to the VA in DC. Anything paved is just wet including sidewalks and driveways.
  17. Steady but just light snow in Wheaton. Paved surfaces just wet. Not very impressive so far.
  18. 50/41 in Wheaton. I think the last time I anxiously awaited this huge a temp drop was March 1993.
  19. 93, 94, 99, 05, 07 (April included as well there,) 09, 14, 15, 18, all had decent snow events in March. Even in the DCA Death Valley climate. March if anything is more interesting than December. The issues are psychologically it feels we are done and sun angle melts things quickly, but March events can be fun. That said, Friday looks lame at the surface at least.
  20. Steady light/moderate snow at the VA. Minor grass sticks he. If only it were a few degrees colder. As usual. Have snow? Sucky surface temps. Have surface temps? Sucky mid levels or rates. Pretty to look at at least.
  21. I think with this year the frustrating part here is that we have continually failed and the rest of the NE corridor has continually done great. Prior years had the say the Boxing Day fiasco but then one a few weeks later where we all scored. Same with 2015. I remember NJ and NYC getting clobbered in Jan 2015, but then we made up for it with an awesome Feb/March. This year for the immediate metro it’s been fail after fail. It happens. But then again we had 2018-2019 which us immediate metro folks had a decent season- 1.5 inches downtown in NOVEMBER, a 10 inch two part storm in January, and a nice daytime late February solid advisory level storm. PHL did not do well that year. Like DC sports we tend to perseverate on the failures.
  22. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times shame on GFS. Fool 146 times in one winter...
  23. Overperformer. Finally got rid of that warm nose in the mid levels
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