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  1. Pity flakes and 33. Trying to recall the last time I had any appreciable precip falling with a temp below 32. 2019 I think. May happen Saturday but of course fall as... rain.
  2. Thanks- but not a snowball’s chance in DCA we get anything in round 2. Or 3 or 4.
  3. Best, most awesome overrunning rain in early Feb ever!
  4. So now BAL is cashing in an immediate DC metro is rain with a few pellets. Figures. Cashing in my 0.3 accumulation chips and heading for the bar.
  5. Yeah, but just outside the beltway we got the leading edge of that heavy batch and it’s rain/sleet mix. Unless the dews/wet bulb drop we are meh.
  6. One of the air traffic controllers forgot his head and shoulders and combed his hair on the runway. back to snow in Wheaton! Small flakes, pavement wet, other things white. Man, if we could shave a couple of degrees..
  7. So how is it if we get an arctic intrusion with temps in the teens it’s suppression city. But Texas can snow in the single digits?
  8. Maybe Bob Ryan can tell us what the “humiture” is. Yeah, I’m old enough to remember that. meanwhile, sleet, graupel, rain all at once. Grass/cars whitish likely from sleet.
  9. Mix of everything now in Wheaton. Oh well. Was fun for 15 minutes.
  10. Wow. Best rates if the winter here in Wheaton. Grass starting to turn white. Expectations exceeded.
  11. 38 and snow in Wheaton making everything wet. Obviously flake size, rates and onset are never a problem when it’s 38. Hoping for a miracle, expecting wet road salt.
  12. What’s the heat index? At least it will wash away the pollen count.
  13. And folks wonder why we are frustrated.
  14. Yup. Just in time to not allow any radiational cooling.
  15. And high was supposed to be 40. Lol.
  16. 42 and partly sunny.Not a snowball’s chance in DC proper does wave 2 come north.
  17. More snow for PHL and NJ. Phew. Good thing cold air doesn’t travel East in Ninas.
  18. Time to chase first 90 by mid April? May we can go 31/31 with 90 plus in July and not drop below 70 from mid June until Labor Day? Inquiring minds want to know.
  19. Lack of cold at any point is ridiculous. Last year, fine everyone east of the Mississippi was warm. This really is just us. We are busting high on forecasted highs and lows daily. At least maybe the rain/white rain tonight and tomorrow will get all the accumulated salt of the streets just in case we get a bit of a surprise for wave 2. That’s the glass half full thought for the day.
  20. Just walked over to children’s. Sun is out. Very pleasant.
  21. 37 fun loving degrees at the VA on North Capitol St. Forecast of 40 will probably be in the rearview mirror before noon.
  22. I don’t think the issue is people hugging double digit output from one model run. This will likely be the third time in a row where inside the beltway this is nothing more than a slushy inch on grass. Meanwhile areas not that far away are scoring big time. It’s frustrating. 2 weeks ago it was track that caused us to warm and get a ton of rain while a historic blizzard is raging up 95. Then we have nice rates with a good track but temps are torched and it falls mid day. This was supposed to be simple- good airmass, simple overrunning, no transfers, and at night. But once again, temps suck, and QPF might suck. Can’t buy a simple event. 2-4 with temps below freezing used to be relatively simple. Now it takes an act of god inside the beltway. And meanwhile the rest of the megalopolis is at climo or well above. We will see how this plays out, not over yet, but I’ve seen this plot line before.
  23. And once again DCA busts ridiculously high on the forecasted low of 29. Hit 34, currently at 35. Will likely be around 40 or so today and then with clouds will struggle to drop. Yes, it’s cold aloft, yes, wet bulbs, yada yada yada. But Probably still will waste some of whatever QPF falls as (maybe white) rain. This was supposed to be a different airmass but something about downtown DC unlike other UHI just simply doesn’t allow it to get cold anymore. Another event where we will likely struggle with temps at least early on in the immediate metro. At least it starts at night.
  24. In this case with the NAM is more like a warm ass that plunks itself down on your couch and refuses to budge.
  25. Unfortunately right in the NAM wheelhouse. IIRC it was also the first model to introduce a changeover for the big storm on 1/31-2/1.