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  1. You know most times I spent a good deal of time in researching of my facts through a multitude of sources before I would post an opinion within the covid thread. An objective and unbiased opinion that I most times backed up with these very same facts. I was more then willing to debate my stances in which some did and we did this in a civil manner. Now I can't help that my opinions did not conform to the liberal narrative, after all I just went with where the facts/information led me. So for you all to declare them as biased just goes to show maybe the bias is not so much on my part as maybe it is on others. Now sigh all you want but my objective analysis the last 1 1/2+ months with covid is turning out to be almost spot on vs. the arguments we were seeing from others that were not on the same planet let alone the same ball park. And yet, I am the one that started to get attacked for being a partisan hack. But yeah, let's frame this as all these people disagree with me so quite naturally I must be the one at fault. Right? Let me clue you in, I think you would be surprised how many people actually feel the way I do. That this board is all but welcoming to Conservatives. Now my intent for even posting my previous comments was in the hope there might be some soul searching on the part of this board to maybe realize there might be an issue. An issue that continues to build. To maybe get a semblance of balance and understanding between us all. But from your post I get the distinct impression there is no desire for this. That maybe many might just prefer a business as usual approach. If that is the case then so be it. Do what you will.
  2. Really don't know what to say. But was this really necessary? What point could it possibly have except to further disparage and alienate Conservatives on this forum? And why would you even bring it into the banter thread which should be at least be one safe haven for Conservatives from all this political BS? I am not even sure why I am bothering at this point. I guess call it stubborn and refusing to give up on this forum after so many years of following it through its different migrations. Something I have looked forward to each winter to follow the passion of snow with others. But it has become quite obvious for a few years now that this has become nothing more then a liberal Country Club. Where the <wink, winks> and the <poke, pokes> about 'those people' have become outright shoves into the mud. A liberal Country Club with bylaws that state, 'Conservatives know your place'. By laws that are now being strictly enforced as we are dealing with the politics of covid. I have argued for quite some time now that we should leave politics out of this forum because from experience I realized it would most likely spiral out of control. The Forum is about weather after all. But seeing as many wanted politics to intrude I was willing to give it a shot and hope that we could keep it civil. But when I see the multitude of unmerciless and personal attacks and the full blown hatred displayed by some I realize that this was a false hope. Now I am sure this post will go over like a ton of bricks. At this point though it really doesn't matter. Many/most have already basically unfriended me already where they no longer engage or even respond to me. Unfriended for nothing more then having a differing opinion that I present in a objective,thoughtful and civil manner backed by facts. But really, what is the point of being on a Community board if you are for the most part an unwanted outcast? I apologize for calling you out in particular as there are many on here that deserve it as well. But honestly these comments from you feel like a knife in the back from someone I consider a friend. Now this is something that needs to be brought out in the open and discussed in a civil manner. And that is, will this board, that is supposed to be about weather, become nothing more then another political shit-show as so many other boards have become in recent years? As it is, I am on the razors edge on just quiting this board altogether. Which I am sure many would welcome. But maybe ask yourselves, how many of the better posters that have left this board in recent years have actually left for the reasons I am now mentioning? It really comes down to, do those on this board want a welcoming board for all to enjoy the experience of weather? Or do they want a board where they can vent their hatred of those that have a differing view. One board I can embrace once again. The other I will run from as I have done far too often in recent years.
  3. BAH!!!! That's nothing. I blew up a whole chicken in the microwave at college. Chicken was everywhere in the microwave. Even had a wing hanging down from the top of the microwave. But it being college and lack of funds I still ate it. Was still pretty good.
  4. Running out of leaves here so I'll start the bidding at $100.
  5. So you are going to give sideburns another shot? I would think after your disastrous HS years you would have learned better.
  6. Haven't seen one of those Elvis paintings in ages. I remember they were all the rage in the 70's. Might have to hit you up if you start selling.
  7. You need to do something with your hair then. It's a mess.
  8. @PrinceFrederickWx Not sure if anyone jumped back into the Stock Market at this time but if you are, now may be a good time to bail for awhile. Pretty much in uncharted waters with this virus so this can't be said with certainty but we will see Company earnings coming out this week and they look to be worse then was projected, potentially much worse. Typical reaction would normally be to see a fairly significant drop across the board in the Market. But again, virus, uncharted waters, etc... eta: There are other considerations as well. Plunging oil prices, nations now starting to open back up, etc... But I think the Company earnings will be the driving force for this week and we could see a significant drop.
  9. You young whippersnappers abusing us old folks. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. Living in a one parent household (mother), we had no money for extras. So if I wanted anything for myself it came out of my own pocket from money I had earned. Needless to say I did without a lot that most other kids took for granted because I couldn't justify spending my limited money on such things. But when it came to baseball equipment I splurged. Never skimped on getting inferior products and went with the best I could find.
  11. If you recall I mentioned that I was a hard thrower but my control was somewhat lacking. Anyway, playing one game against Hereford I nailed this Dude (Poor guy was like half my size) squarely in the back and the sound it made was like someone had slammed on a big bass drum. He collapsed like a puppet whos strings had been cut. Benches cleared and their was pushing in shoving all around. Where was I when all this was going down? I was up there as they were attending the guy trying to make sure he was alright. I was half scared I had killed this guy. He ended up being fine after a few minutes, he just had had the wind knocked out of him. Earned the name 'Hereford Slayer' after the fact.
  12. @losetoa6 Ever been responsible for a bench clearing brawl during a game? I can lay claim to that. We were playing Millford Mill and lets just say there was no love lost between our teams. Anyway, the Millford player was rounding second heading to third when I took a throw from the outfield and I had him dead to rights. Normally the player will just ease up at that point and be tagged. Not this guy. Came at me feet first aiming for my crotch with his cleats. And back then most of us had steel cleats. Was able to turn just quickly enough as to where he caught me in the upper thigh instead of my all important parts. Needless to say he tore a long deep gash into my leg. Well I took issue with his actions so I sprung into action. As he was trying to get up off the ground I knocked him good a couple of times across his head (probably wasn't the smartest move on my part as this Dude was BIG). That is when all hell broke loose, as both benches cleared and proceeded to engage. We did the Majors proud. Me and this one Millford player were going at it with scrums circling all around us as coaches and umpires were trying to break everything up. Can't recall though if the game ended up being suspended or if we resumed play after things settled down. To this day I look at my scar on my leg and it brings back fond memories.
  13. Remember one Friday night 4 of us scrapped together enough money to buy a case of Natty Boh. We were sitting in the back of the parking lot behind the arcade drinking it when I spotted a cop pulling into the parking lot. Told everyone to play it cool and pointed the cop out to them. My one friend's idea of cool was to duck down behind the seat and hide the beer. Needless to say this attracted the cops attention. Things went downward from there. We get out of the car and the cop notices the beer and tells my cool friend <sarcasm> to get rid of the beer. My friend proceeds to grab the case of beer and gently place it in the dumpster like a new born babe. Needless to say the cop and I look at each and we just started busting out in laughter. Anyway, the cop finally gets him to open every beer and pour it out. I was kind of in tears at that point to be honest with you. No money and no beer and it was still only 8 pm. But as the good soldiers we were, we headed to the fountain at the gas station on Morning Side Drive and proceeded to find enough loose change there to buy another case. Though the beer teller looked at us kind of funny when he saw we were all soaking wet and had handfuls of pennies, nickles and dimes to pay for the beer. I do give him credit for never asking us about it.