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  1. Not that I have had the hardest life compared to some but it has had its share of difficulties. Always have found even at the worst of times that humor can lift your spirit and help pull you through. Humor.... And lots of booze. Can't forget the booze.
  2. Is there anyone even interested in my postings here? If not I will just let this thread die a lonely death. I have better things to do then spend a couple of hours writing them up. Like playing online slots.
  3. It's a little troubling hearing news about the possible resurgence of the virus in those that have supposedly recovered. We have heard sporadic reports here and there of this possibility but now S Korea has come out with a report of 51 cases of this in the Daegu and surrounding areas. Talking up to a 10% relapse rate. More study will have to be done but I would think governments are rethinking their ideas on how long those infected should be quarantined.
  4. And all I have here in Hanover is rain, moderate but nothing to speak of, and an occasional clap of thunder. Really no wind to speak of though I might have heard a hail strike or two against the window for about 5 seconds. Boringggg..
  5. Your good. Everyone knows that Flaming Hot Cheetos is a known preventative of the Cornavirus. This is fact.
  6. Excerpt from an interview done with CDC Director Robert Redfield on 1030 KVOI radio. I had to laugh a little because it reminded me of many a winter on these boards where the snowiest, most extreme model/model runs for a storm were the ones that were hyped by the news and Social Media. And yet the reality was always something much less. HOST: We were talking about some of the models, whether it’s from the imperial college guy in England or the University of Washington. Thank god some of these numbers are falling short of some of these catastrophic numbers. Tell me about the dynamic of the modeling and how it helps and influences decision making and then, when the reality comes in, how does the decision making transform? DR. ROBERT REDFIELD: I think it’s really important. First, models are only as good as their assumptions. Obviously, there was a lot unknown about this virus. The ability to actively make a lot of assumptions was much wider than if this was an Influenza B outbreak. Second thing, I will say from a public health perspective, to me, the real value of models is to have a model and then try to understand — if I invest resources here, what does that do to the model? If I invest in intervention strategies here, what does that do to the model? It’s a way of beta testing how you’re going to respond and what it does to the different models. And models should never be used to assume that we have a number. You saw those numbers are quite staggering. You’ve got 200,000 to 2 million Americans are losing their lives before the fall. That’s a pretty staggering number. HOST: Are throwing those kind of numbers out actually helpful because what they do is scare the hell out of everyone to social distance? Is that the purpose? DR. REDFIELD: I think different people may look at it in different ways in terms of transparency. CDC had models early on. We didn’t really publicize the models. We used them internally to understand deviation strategies. I think part of the importance of getting the American public’s attention that these models did, we really need the American public to be fully engaged now with great rigor and vigilance on the social distancing. As you pointed out, those models that were done, they assume only about 50 percent of the American public would pay attention to the recommendations. In fact, what we’re seeing is a large majority of the American public are taking the social distancing recommendations to heart. And I think that’s the direct consequence of why you’re seeing the numbers are going to be much, much, much lower than would have been predicted by the models.
  7. Now that is thinking somewhat out of the box. Would be nice if they can get this to work as it would help to get people back to a sense of somewhat normalcy.
  8. Police Squad from 1982. Thought it rang a bell.
  9. We are probably going to spikes and dips for the near future so we will really need to get a few days under our belts to get an idea of where we stand. That said that is some promising news. Let's hope it holds. You never told me what that clip was from. I laughed my butt off seeing that.
  10. I just don't see the sense in all this hate and desire that people pick sides. Been a very stressful last 10 years or so for me with the divisions we are now seeing in this country. After all I am a very easy going guy that accepts everyone for who they are and not their possible physical, religious, ideological, political, etc... differences. Life is hard enough without bringing all this crap into the equation. Now mind you, when I am feeling a little peckish I will jump onto a political board and join in though. And yeah, I can troll with the best of them.
  11. Oh look, the bitter old sh*thead decides to chirp in. Just fooling with you. Hope you have had a good morning so far.
  12. Just checking, talking about the article I posted? That's a great clip. What show is that from?
  13. Actually, I have stocked up sufficiently with non-perishable foods where we can ride this out for up to 2 months as well as stocking up and freezing a couple weeks worth of fresh meat. But I did leave the option open for going to the grocery story depending on what we were seeing. Still very hesitant about going to the store but I am probably going to make a compromise later this week of ordering online and having the groceries (fresh foods) delivered. I have a system in place where I was quarantining items bought before our lock-down. Basically everything gets put into the garage where I give it 72 hours before I bring it into the house. Have a full sized fridge there so I could put fresh in. I am hearing some good things about Aldi's and their deliveries so I will probably place an order later this week. After all there is only so much canned meat (spam, tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, etc...) one wants to exist on.
  14. I know that many on here detest Breitbart but I thought they might find the information in this article note worthy in regards to what we are seeing with the hospitals as well as what we have seen in regards to the IHME. There is nothing political about it is just general information which is of a very positive note vs. what we were seeing just days ago.. And NO it does not mean I am Right Wing fanatic that inhabits Breitbart, it just means that I am well read who visits many of the Right and Left sites to get a perspective from both sides.
  15. Haven't really been following it for awhile about peak dates per state but the last I checked I believe the IHME had a peak date of May 14 for MD. That was roughly a week or so ago but I just looked now and if I am reading it right it is now showing the peak to occur just past the mid point of April (the 18th) much closer to the National avg. of April 15th. I really am not sure to what to say at this point. That is a huge difference (month) in just roughly a weeks period of time. I have already stated my doubts about the model and this puts further doubt in my mind on its accuracy. But they get paid the big bucks so they are more likely right then this average Joe's opinion. Now these peaks are based off of projected resource use so it won't completely align with affection rates but it does give us a pretty decent ballpark figure to base max infections are at. eta: I also question if this might argue for a higher infection rate (at least through the general MD region) then the model has been projecting. I will have to let this percolate through my mind for awhile though before I would jump to this conclusion.