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  1. Getting close in range to where the ENSO models will have some decent skill on their forecasts. The way they have been trending I am starting to have serious doubts we even see a brief period of weak Nino conditions. JB though is still on the Nino bandwagon and mentioned a warm subsurface pool in the 3.4 region just waiting for the easterlies to break.
  2. A week away so it could change but doesn't look promising when you see both the GFS and the Euro dropping another trough into the region early next week.
  3. Every little bit helps I guess but overall it looks like crappy weather with some brief periods of less crappy weather. Guess I will take up a larger supply of liquid fortification then I normally would so I have enough to drink as we spend most of the time in the trailer watching movies.
  4. That looks as if that was one kickass storm. Looking at the shelf cloud it looks as if it had some decent rotation. Shame you didn't punch into it. Would have loved to have seen the video. Better safe then sorry though especially when anything dropped would have probably been rain wrapped.
  5. Couldn't think of anything witty to say, at least anything that wouldn't go over your head, so I will just say Happy Belated B-Day!!!
  6. Had a 3 day weekend (Fri - Sun) camping trip planned for last weekend and canceled it due to rain and now we are looking at this for our 6 day trip planned for this Wed-Monday. Just can't win. At least it looks as if we will only have really crappy weather for the first half of the trip though the second half looks somewhat unsettled as well.
  7. @WxWatcher007That's the Texas I remember. Flat!!! Some nice pics. Looking forward to some video.
  8. Are you both taking any video for us to enjoy? If so @WxWatcher007, I hope you got something a little better then the Flintstone camcorder I suggested a few weeks ago.
  9. Spent an hour out in the yard and garden and am already sweating my a** off. And it's only 8:30 am. Hate the heat, especially when there is no severe to look forward to.
  10. Near Denver? What's sad is that there is a good chance you will more snow out there in a day then we saw all winter here especially if you are in the higher elevations.
  11. Haven't looked into how the climate models are derived and how the ENSO models play into the equation. So depending on how much or little weight the ENSO predictions are given you may very well be right as far as the circular thinking. Even though the Cansips performed well last winter I don't take much stock in them so have never really had the inclination to look too deeply into them or even to care for that matter. The ENSO models have definitely trended away from the strong Nino they had several months ago but they have to be taken with caution until we break through the spring into June and/or July where they will carry more weight. For what it's worth I myself am leaning towards a + neutral to weak El Nino for this upcoming winter. We should have a better idea in a month or so as far as that is concerned.
  12. About the only constant I have seen with the CFS over the last few weeks/month has been the idea of a split flow which is typical during an El Nino. Otherwise it has been flip flopping with the general overall pattern. The Cansips has possible slight hints of a split flow on it's latest run as well but what I find interesting is for the most part its overall general pattern over its last few runs is what we would see in a typical El Nino. With higher heights above us through Canada and Lower heights Stretching from the Bering sea down the eastern Pacific and through the southwest and southern portions of the US. Haven't seen Euros output so I can't speak for that but for what it's worth at this point I would think the CFS and Cansips are probably favoring an El Nino episode this winter.
  13. Think you were initially right with them being stragglers because this article is from 2013. Just threw it up there to give you some recipes.
  14. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/04/130515-cicadas-recipes-food-cooking-bugs-nation-animals/
  15. And the countdown begins. https://days.to/winter/2017