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  1. i think it's less impressive because most of all it cuts back the extra precip associated w the piece near the back edge which lines up with obs. but i just honestly doubt that it'll be that low because rates look impressive compared to NAM 3K which only gets to 1"/hr rates at best
  2. i remember HRRR kept drying up and down trending run after run prior to 1/7/22 which isn't that far off from the storm we're supposed to get tonight since it was a quick hitter w great dynamics ended up with 6" of snow despite HRRR telling me i was gonna get 1-2" right before
  3. 37.2° right now, definitely running a bit cold. NAM 3K had us hitting 37-38° at 12 am
  4. 41° right now exactly. following models to a tee w temps rn
  5. me too, i loved that stretch of winter. it was so nice going on snow walks and taking it all in. if it ended there and then, i would've been happy with this winter
  6. personally i wouldn't want to have to shovel every few days and have schools closed for ~4 days like we had that one wintry week in january every week but that's just me!
  7. i guarantee you most people in here would be tired if we got 8 weeks of conditions like we had that one week in january. nobody is that much of a winter weenie lmao
  8. that week in january was objectively the best looking at the AWSSI values at the three airports from the past 7 years and even for all time it ranked within the top 1-2% of weeks winter-wise if people are complaining about a week like that then maybe u shld move somewhere else cuz ur expectations are way too high
  9. yeah it looked like it was about to drop a nice one and maybe even a bigger one if u extrapolate far enough to where that aleutian low ejects a vort
  10. the euro weeklies control run is still weenie with regionwide 18"+ lmao i hate the controls runs of the weeklies especially, but it's just surprising to me how for the last 6 runs or so it just hasn't given up on the idea of a MECS+ storm with this pattern
  11. i like seeing that somewhat active NS stream too based off the mean, could mean a big phase
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