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  1. SNOD maps which typically downplay snow have like 1" in immediate suburbs (Leesburg/MOCO) lmao, that isn't white rain
  2. euro looks solid -- did take a step back but totals around suburbs remain the same prob bc of better banding
  3. gefs looks pretty crazy now. like 5" mean by hour 330
  4. yeah the ceiling for this weekend storm is 3-5". latest eps 90th percentile maps for the weekend have a regionwide 3-4"
  5. i feel like in times we were in a bad mjo phase models trended warmer as soon as it initialized in said phase so i wonder if the same applies here
  6. already a 90% chance of >1" and 50-60% of >3" at hour 288 can't wait to see what it is at the end of the run
  7. it's 6 h precip, so if it snowed at hour 138 and it snowed at hour 141 it'll show snow at hr 144 even if it's rain
  8. ur not gonna get a huge snow event with a leaving airmass
  9. us wanting it to trend west and dig is a good place at 6-7 days out imo
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