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  1. Hi all, from the DC area...trying to figure out how badly all this rain is going to impact my only vacation of the year, in Emerald Isle. I'm already figuring the weekend to be a total washout. Any hope for the week? Sorry for the IMBY-ish type question.
  2. It did suck. For a lot of us. I'm sorry that effected your enjoyment of the storm. I'd posit you care way too much what strangers on the internet are posting about the weather. A lot of people here apparently do. My wife hates a lot of movies I like. She lets me know constantly - doesn't make me enjoy them any less. YMMV obviously. For me, the bitching *about* the bitching (just like the constant quoting of bad posts here) is the worst part.
  3. It was a terrible winter. I've had less snow before, but eh, the model trickery stunk. Can't give it anything above a failing grade. F.
  4. How does other people talking about the storm being a bust and potentially not enjoying it as much as you effect your enjoyment of a storm? How are *those* people the head cases? lol If what other people is posting on the internet is affecting your enjoyment that much, you probably did the right thing by removing yourself.
  5. Probably about 4 inches all told here, I didn't measure Back to a white drizzle but it can't really accumulate right now. Was a fun jebwalk, though! (all pics lower Rockville)
  6. Just so you can see I'm not exaggerating :-) I'm rooting for everyone to do well, just been burned by March in the past. Like I said, free day off so it's all house money for me at this point.
  7. I’m about .9 mil from Twinbrook metro station, to the north of it. Not on a main road.
  8. I mean, it still hasn’t started here. It’s pretty much a carbon copy of snowquester in my little neck of MoCo anyway. But this is underperforming here, we will be lucky to see an inch unless we get in a band. Oh well, time to stop caring and enjoy the day off.
  9. White drizzle here in lower Rockville.. Roads are fine. So far this is almost a carbon copy of snowquester in my neighborhood. getting a free day off softens the blow at least.
  10. The point was that a lot of the same people that were excited when HM posted that are the same people who are jumping all over people with the “hah! What did you expect!? More than a few inches in March?” Acting like there was no legit reason to expect more than what is now being modeled. There has always been a nasty groupthink/pile on facet that certain posters here seem to enjoy. That’s my 2 cents as someone who reads almost every day and posts far less. You can see from my reg date I have lurked for a while. At least certain folks have tried to explain why they think the movement on the 0z suite is noise, or pointing out other possible issues.
  11. It’s kinda funny to me how many posters here are intent on ****ting on folks who are pointing out that this is trending pretty badly last minute. In fact it’s pretty hypocritical. Weren’t a lot of the same posters gassed up when certain “big” Mets came here and asked if we were “ready for a historic storm?” I don’t post a lot because I don’t know anything. I come here to learn, but the constant bickering about ‘bad’ posters, and endless replying to them without really commenting on what they said substantively is a bad look. I’m not panicked, I’m not upset. Disappointed obviously
  12. CWG literally just tweeted that "Model forecasts realistically show anywhere from 2 to 12". I get that they don't want to be criticized, and that they put a map out, but between the percentages on the map and a spread of 10", that's completely worthless as a forecast. IMO. *goes back to lurking*
  13. Looks like we've flipped back to all snow in my section of Rockville!