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  1. My Dad is buried there (Mt. Jackson). I bet the area is absolutely gorgeous in a blanket of snow. Enjoy
  2. 16 in Rockville. Banking the fireplace coals and headed to the sack with a Stephen King book.
  3. Well considering what the boomers left us, there’s a lot of editing that needs to be done. Unironically agree that our cohort is more intelligent and worldly than anyone born before 1982, thanks
  4. Lmao, when all else fails, blame millennials?
  5. Isn’t onset well after dark tomorrow?? Or is this still from the previous storm?
  6. 61 degrees in Twinbrook (Rockville). I just walked to the beer store in shorts and flip flops. No one there seemed to know it was gonna snow.
  7. Switched to rain in Rockville. Was nice while it lasted!
  8. Driving around lower Moco, was like being in a snow globe. Cool snow TV, at least
  9. Can report freezing drizzle in Rockville as well. Nasty out
  10. I apologize, we haven't had a big snow because right after the 2016 storm we adopted an Alaskan husky (me: "we're a snow town now, babe!"). At this rate I'm hoping we'll get another storm at least approaching that before the dog is dead :X
  11. Super bright in Rockville. Guess the back edge is here.
  12. So once the precip exits, is that it? Are we still thinking there may be more overnight into Friday? I’ve been so focused on onset..
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it sleet as hard as it is in Rockville right now
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