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  1. Switched to rain in Rockville. Was nice while it lasted!
  2. Driving around lower Moco, was like being in a snow globe. Cool snow TV, at least
  3. Can report freezing drizzle in Rockville as well. Nasty out
  4. I apologize, we haven't had a big snow because right after the 2016 storm we adopted an Alaskan husky (me: "we're a snow town now, babe!"). At this rate I'm hoping we'll get another storm at least approaching that before the dog is dead :X
  5. Super bright in Rockville. Guess the back edge is here.
  6. So once the precip exits, is that it? Are we still thinking there may be more overnight into Friday? I’ve been so focused on onset..
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it sleet as hard as it is in Rockville right now
  8. Absolutely pouring down sleet in Rockville
  9. The worst part about this busting is that it fooking sleeted hard enough to wake us up before going to rain. Like, if I’m not gonna get snow at least let me sleep, cmon!
  10. Seems like rain with some sleet mixed in in Rockville now. Welp.
  11. Heavy sleet in Rockville woke me up
  12. Rockville - road is slippery enough my wife slipped taking something down to the trash. Careful, guess it’s icing up out there!
  13. Had some nice flakes in Rockville but it all melted in contact, even on the grass. Welp
  14. Unless you live in like, Damascus, MoCo hasn't been covering itself with glory since 2016, either.