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2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations


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21 minutes ago, Mdecoy said:

I don't buy it.

Shows icing here in nothern Delaware and I can tell you we are already at or above freezing. The rain is dripping off my car.

Maybe far far north western areas, but even there, the cold is going bye bye.

Yup. Not happening near 95.  I do have tree ice.  

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42 minutes ago, WVclimo said:

I measured a total of 0.76" of liquid from the 5.7" of snow that fell this a.m.  That's a ratio of 7.5:1

This was a WET system! I had 0.78 of liquid at 7 am on 4.1 of snow. An insane 5.3 to 1. Course it snowed here for about an hour before it started sticking, so that skewed the numbers a bit. Today I picked up .5 of sleet and I changed gauges when the rain started....0.20 liquid, that is 2.5 to 1. Crazy!

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Flirting with 32 here - 31.5 now. Pavement that was cleared, salted, etc is just fine but the areas that were not touched by plows on the neighborhood streets are starting to ice up real good. Just played musical cars to get my car ready to leave first for work tomorrow and my wife's small SUV basically sat on top of the sheet of ice covered snow when I moved it to the street.

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3 minutes ago, DSF said:

All the big counties around Baltimore are delayed except for AA county.  Hoping the city runs out a delay too.


Hello parents and employees, this is Anne Arundel County Public Schools emailing to let you know that at this time, all schools and offices will open on time tomorrow, February 21. AACPS crews will work into the night this evening and will be at schools early tomorrow morning to continue to clear lots and drives. AACPS will continue to monitor conditions overnight and tomorrow morning, and any adjustments will be announced through normal channels. 

Thanks, and have a good evening. 


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10 minutes ago, Yeoman said:

Any power flickers yet? We're way overdue for that report to come in

Not here but we're sensitive to it and with the ZR headed our way accretion is going to hit the 1/3" range on trees.  Last time we had that category of ice would have been 2014.  We got clobbered with that storm and a lot of folks along the MD/PA line were without power for a week or more.  BGE is our supplier and they are decent with maintaining 10' clearance on overheads but with the mix of pines and oaks up here a Y split down the middle bringing half a tree across overheads is game over. 


EDIT:  Winds are very slight so still a lot of snow on the spruce trees.

When the wind starts to kick up with ice covering the forest it's one of the neatest sounds of nature hearing that crackling noise.  Of course it can be dangerous too if you're too close and a big piece comes down on you!

Such as this!


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