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  1. So some will see warning level amounts! On a serious note, 4" + after 1/2" cold rain could be some nice stickage on the trees.
  2. Indeed, I just hope there's enough powder left. In any case it beats the dust to slopfest. Hopefully a mere primer to what's coming down the pike.
  3. Clustered computing is more of a correct term. Massively parallel computing has taken over single compute for a while. Even on the desktop. Even scarier is all the wasted resources used for cryptocurrency mining put to beneficial scientific use whether it be weather modeling, medicine, hydrology, et al is absolutely mind blowing!
  4. Cape Charles is awesome! One of our rescue cats is named Charley, after finding him nearby at Cherrystone. He's 4 now and is as bad as the dogs doing dog things!
  5. At this rate milk/bread/eggs&TP won't be found until tax day!
  6. Something (most likely a limb) is coming in contact with an overhead wire. This is common especially when tree maintenance is postponed. It doesn't take much ice to make a limb sag into a wire.
  7. Temp really coming up and barometer falling faster than 0.10" per hour! Sorry it has to go this way but I'd rather deal with heavy rain than a half inch+ of accretion. That would be bad.
  8. Damn sleet woke me up from my power nap! Looks like the mixing in started here around 1900. Can confirm on CCTV and TEMPEST registering rain. It was nice while it lasted. A bit over 2". 24/24
  9. Grabbed this a min ago... Nice rate, small flakes. Whatever it hits, it stays. Zero melting. 24/22
  10. Inspector shows 42dBZ and dark blue. That's some seriously heavy snow!
  11. Hot tubs are great in the winter. Until it's time to get out. And if it's windy that is a bummer too.
  12. First flakes arrived @Jarrettsville! And they are lazy looking drifting around in the breeze.
  13. I use precipitation depiction mode on radar scope pro. Green rain, blue snow, red ice. Speaking of colors how many old timers here remember the Maryland National Bank building downtown? The letters MN were done in neon and could display blue for cooler, red for hotter, and yellow whenever it was going to change.
  14. Lowest at my station was 966mb, 03/13/1993. Probably a record that's not gonna fall in our lifetimes.
  15. 21/13 overcast. Waiting for the worms, er. snow to come!
  16. The smallmouths are suing for treble damages!
  17. Yes, first clip was from 2004 LOL. Hence potato quality.
  18. Must be a hell of a storm coming tomorrow. Already lost power for 4 seconds here! Incident start 15:01:16 Incident end 15:01:20
  19. Haha that would be a contra bass!
  20. Anyone have a spare traffic cone handy?
  21. I play organ. Not much use on a steamship of the time. Today, however we have keyboards. Heck I even can plug my iPad into a PA and fire up my Moog 15! I'm sure the Covid cruises could use a bit of cheering up. Particularly Norwegian Gem, she left St Martin yesterday and is supposed to arrive in NYC on Jan 18th. Looking at those WWIII maps I'd say they have a LOT of weather to get through. Hopefully nothing like Norwegian Dawn on April 16, 2005. Open bar or not it's tough even to those of us with years of seasoned sea legs.
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