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  1. Bring it on! The past few WEEKS now I've been seeing bioluminscent glowing firefly larvae in the grass when I go for a walk around midnight. A few warm nights and (hopefully) we'll see some fireflies. If that happens it will be the latest I've seen them. The current record is October 07, 2018. Although fall of 2009 was the absolute best. Mid September when getting wrapped up with long jobs and losing daylight they were around in numbers like mid June. Incredible. And in October we had larvae everywhere even bright enough to be seen when riding ATVs in the trails. As long as we don't torch on Thanksgiving. Those are the worst. I like the crisp days where we light a fire after everyone's crashed from pigging out on turkey. Stoke the box real good and open the vents so she roars like a locomotive rattling the pipe and before you know it, temp is 95F on the couch upstairs. That's if it's in the 30s outside. Warmer days forget it.
  2. Probability of a white Christmas for our area is like Congress ending a fiscal year with a balanced budget. The last blockbuster (Jan 23, 2016) would have been awesome if Jan 22 was Christmas eve. Waking up Christmas Day truly snowed in would have been pure bliss. Digging out the day after not so much but if you have the equipment or a person doing that for you not so bad. Even better was the B2B storms in 2010. Storm 1 hits on Christmas Day and storm 2 hits on New Year Day! That's hard to do in the lake effect snow belt region!
  3. Imagine being stuck in a pattern like this in early Jan... Cloudy with snow showers on and off for over a week. Temps in the lower 20s.
  4. Also if it's not going to be stormy might as well have full sun! I should be making 70-80kWh daily this time of the year if that were the case. Clouds, haze and smoke have cut down production considerably the past 12 months. I was considering a 10kW wind turbine and glad I didn't as we aren't getting much wind either. I wish the stream was closer, that could do 3-4kW easy.
  5. This is really the most boring weather pattern this past month I can remember!
  6. With the hikes in fuel prices (heating) methinks a winter like that is better for the wallet.
  7. I remember being there in November and recording dewpoints close to 90F! A strong thunderstorm ended, sun came out and roads were steaming everywhere. Walking outdoors glasses steamed immediately. Extremely oppressive heat to say the least. I've experienced dry heat and Aruba and needless to say the latter was worse by far. Like make you choke and die bad!
  8. Grey drizzly days. Just what I DO NOT want. Those are the worst.
  9. Great night for a fire!
  10. I don't know if I've ever recalled hearing dusk singers (annual cicada) singing this late in the season but I'm sitting next to my patio door listening to them! I know last year I heard a single katydid singing on the 8th of November last year and it was warm. Taking my dog out for his late evening stroll (around midnight LOL) I've been seeing pinpoint lights of bioluminescent glow from firefly larvae. This year is one of the infrequent "second season" of fireflies. 2009 was crazy as I remember mid to late September seeing them in quite high numbers when venturing out on the ATV trails.
  11. Probably save over $20 in tolls and gas driving from Bush River to Cape Charles, straight down the Bay. And what a view!
  12. You got that right. Thank goodness for that track. Bermuda is quite hardened against storms but this would be far worse than Fabian! And if this steamed NW towards Delmarva, well it would be quite serious easily the worst tropical for this area for most of us in our lifetimes.
  13. Ok with me. 2009 had a nice fall mud season. And by December the ground was hard as a rock! Now if what happened on the night of Jan 22, 2016 was happening on December 24, 2021 it wouldn't be just a jackpot but the Mega Millions jackpot of a billion plus!
  14. Isn't Wanda a fish storm?
  15. Well if we have good cold with zero precip there's always this! If you want to get serious making snow and have a firefighting supply available (high flow rate well, retention pond, et-al) and permission to use it you can make bonafide amounts like ski resorts do!
  16. Four hundredths in the Young tipper here. Nice lightning to our NE lasted about 20 minutes with some rumbling. Came out of nowhere seemingly. Blew up fast and then out. Like the city slicker on a camping trip trying to start a campfire with three logs and a pint of white gasoline!
  17. Interesting tiny cell popped up, heavy rain out of nowhere lasted for 5 minutes. Lightning detectors started going off and I heard some rumbling. Looked to the northeast and lots of flashes. Very isolated and short lived. Still counts. If I was up on a roof/tower/tree I'd have to get down so it always counts. Beautiful morning, cleared out nice. Sky is deep blue over the spruce line. Milky way should show nicely the next few nights. Gonna try out the night mode on this shiny new iPhone 13 Pro Max on a tripod.
  18. Big nothingburger loaded with mustard! The mustard being that yellow line of slight risk...\ Yes the Mid Atlantic, where the most memorial events happen without warning or expectation!
  19. Our rule of thumb is when DP hits 70F it can come on.
  20. It's getting my attention now!
  21. Lower 50s, completely clear, probability of Blue Jay screaming 100%. Man they are loud! Also was out near the line with the pup and heard some geese honking. This is my favorite time of the year. Minus leaf cleanup!
  22. Oh my the northwesterly breezes are back and it feels so nice. Can't wait for real fall weather to get here and stay around for a while. I can't stand being in the shop with a big fan blowing on me while grinding chains. We do torch like crazy this time of the year. Recall October 01, 1986. I remember it was easily in the lower 90s because I was pulling Heliax on a tower job in Severn. Got wrapped up that day around 1730 and seeing impressive towers with lots of flashes to the west. That night we had legit severe, knocked out power quite bad in Harford and one of our sites in Phoenix MD took a direct strike and needed attention. One of those freak storm days. The day after was very nice though, kind of like what tomorrow is wrapping up to be.
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