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  1. I saw a firefly last night! I had a feeling we were going to have a second instance of them as I've been noticing their larvae in the grass when walking at night. The last time we had a second run was fall of 2017 and 2009. The air feels fantastic this AM. Windows open, whole house fan on low. Yesterday was oppressive to say the least. Replacing a water tank and I was sweating like a damn pig! Enough of the July weather, I am ready for fall!
  2. Big flashes to our west picked up on tower cam. See if it holds. It would nice to get some rain and maybe a breeze tonight.
  3. Sept 1983 had some big heat. 83-84 winter was decent. I'd take it again. BUT! there was some bitter cold too that I could do without. Anyone remember the days with carbureted cars (and manual choke!) you'd have put "dry gas" or "heet" in the tank or risk dreaded gas line freeze, the Watusi jack rabbit start and surging that makes you look like you're just learning to drive stick! That combined on hilly roads full of patchy ice certainly made things interesting.
  4. RE: storms on Radarscope... I'll take PETERED OUT BY i-83 FOR $1000, Mister Jeopardy host! ;-)
  5. Wow that's the kind of failure that should never happen! Especially in that (wind) zone. Gotta love the durability of LED lighting however. If that was HID (canopy) and FL (signage) it would be out.
  6. Some impressive boomers last night over northern PA. I thought I had State College site selected in Radarscope. Nope! When they show up like that (so far from the nexrad site) you have some serious height!
  7. Apparently hours can be passed and rushed! As they say "In an ambulance, got a chance! In a hearse, gotta be worse!" And there's this:
  8. Beach would be awesome right now! Swells from Larry, very warm temps! I remember swells from Bonnie back in '98 very well. It was quite strong just off Assateague beaches and there were red flags for rip currents which are best avoided unless you know what you can get into.
  9. Most likely primary side (6-7kV) fuse cutout open. Affects small number of customers. Unfortunately requires a lineman to replace and/or clear fault. Thank goodness for reclosers (circuit breaker-like overcurrent devices)! The power in rural areas is much more reliable because of them as things like a tree branch, squirrel, snake, etc. causing a fault that would wipe out a fuse get cleared automatically. A persistent fault (wire down, tree on line, etc.) will trip it out and send a signal for crew dispatch of course. If your power goes out, comes back on for a bit and goes off again in cyclical fashion approx 3 times then stays off that's a recloser in action. They don't protect individual home feeds, however so the fuse opens on your particular pole pig it's gonna be out until you see a bucket truck. I was awoken around 01:24 this AM by alarms and pointed the PTZ in the usual direction and saw green flashes every time the UPS engaged. There's a section of road to our north that has lots of tree branches near a single 6kV overhead and every time it rains hard this has been happening. Fortunately they are small enough to burn off and NOT trip the line off but it causes noticeable anomalies that our UPS' take action on. Sometimes bigger limbs do cause faults on that run and trip that line out but we have isolation switches in several places (along with 3 phases) so our power comes back relatively quickly. Far cry from what it was 40 years ago. Barely half an inch from those storms, no wind, and some DEEP rumbles as the lightning seemed to pick up once the initial part passed to our east. At least we got some nice cooler weather ahead! Wish it would last longer though.
  10. Petered out as usual. Just heavy showers with some rumbles of thunder embedded. Relaxing to listen to the rain on the skylights.
  11. Lightning frequency has dropped considerably.
  12. Frequent lightning showing up to our west via PTZ on east tower.
  13. Who ordered the triple nothingburger from Five Guys?
  14. Our "severe" barely meet severe as defined. However when they do show up, it's often when we least expect it and warnings may not be in time.
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