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  1. Fantastic round (of weather) inbound, wonder how long it will last AND how much it will cost!
  2. What a strange weather day! I like it weather wise but was miffed at the interruption in work outside!
  3. Not here. Last hottest day for us was 07-22-2019 and that didn't quite reach the century mark. Nice electrical show that night was worth the broil I guess. Best weather would be mid 70s and low in low 60s. Mostly sunny. Year 'round! This time of the year in NE MD we get the cold air damming blues, it will be foggy/cloudy and in the 50s and DC will be in the lower 80s and sunny.
  4. Exactly! We don't really get blistering triple digit heat any more. 90s with mid to upper 70s dews are worse! Yesterday felt great!
  5. Love the coolth! Neighbor has his woodstove going. It beats sweating and 70 dews, surely we'll be up against those walls soon enough!
  6. If you have enough lights to draw bugs it will draw toads. We get plenty of fist sized toads around here. Those can be annoying themselves (their "song" is a continuous cricket like sound). The owls love 'em!
  7. Petered out well before the county line. They usually do or veer south. Nice relaxing shower now, a few rumbles of thunder. Biggest performers of the night are the Gray Tree Frogs. They are out in full force. The hooters (Barred Owls) will be happy!
  8. There have been a few. It's very localized. We've been in many severe thunderstorm warnings but neither wind or hail verify at our location. But someone does. March 02, 2018 was a rare event and it was quite widespread not only in coverage but duration. Aside from tropical, last time we had really widespread gusts 70+ would have been 12/28/1988!
  9. Downgraded to advisory until 0200 Sat for us. Not even sure why it wasn't canceled altogether. Here we didn't even have advisory criteria winds. Spent today sharpening chains, can't work in "high wind warning". Cut some ash cookies with the 661, she's wicked sharp now! It's funny this area busts even on weather we really DON'T want. Oh well, sunny with 75F dewpoints here we come. :|
  10. Wow everyone is getting the action to our south and west. There's a weird noise though almost like the wind should be 50 sustained. Perhaps it's just above the trees. Seen that happen in thunderstorms before.
  11. We've had better winds without even an advisory (Christmas Eve) here. Sure they're been some gusts here and there and the 43mph peak (not even 3 second standard) is pretty weak. Not that I'm complaining! LOL But it looks like the warning is staying for us because some stronger winds are inbound. Too bad it's not 18 degrees and snowing with thunder. I don't care what kind of weather nut you are, that's just about as good as it gets. And nobody loses their house in the process.
  12. Can't do w/o power here! Diesel tanks topped off (575 gallons on the gauge) and both gennies ready to spring into action if needed. Not sure because in our neck of the woods even with 3 phase power all it takes is a dumb limb to hang up and trip out a recloser. And trimming schedules have fallen way behind, lots of green far closer than 10' to primaries. We did get a nice shower that put down nearly half an inch. Gutter on west side overflowing, full of spruce needles I'm sure. If it were up to me I'd have all these (trees) leveled out but wife says hell no. There was some lightning picked up but to our south and east, didn't hear thunder but then again it would have had to been on the loud side with the "sizzling of bacon" sound of torrents of water hitting rocks! This time let's hope the wind forecast busts a bit low which they usually do. Could be like the wind we have a few weeks ago. Most of deciduous here aren't close to full out but either way once that wind gusts past the old double nickel more than a few times otherwise healthy limbs become widow makers and that's not good. Definitely don't want the kids playing near the trees.
  13. I have to say I enjoy wind. Most of the events seem to fall short or bust. I have been doing some (tree) prep work and it looks like the timing of this if it verifies couldn't be worse! And like the guy that has the snowblower in the shop, that's when the big snow goes bigger so look out! These pines have strong stumps/roots but they like to break high up making things more dangerous and tedious to clean up. At least they're nowhere near people or power lines.
  14. I have a Border Collie and a Minpin. It's gonna be binge and purge season IF we get inundated here.