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  1. Nice cell over Whitemarsh Middle River area. Been tracking it on private cameras near Route 40 and Allender Rd. It just keeps training. If this picks up there's gonna be some swimming tonight.
  2. Imagine record ACE becoming fish food, ah yes we tend to bust in mysterious ways. The folks living on the immediate coast on stilts certainly appreciate it though.
  3. Is that his lunch floating out? And the cab came off the frame? WTH is going on here?!
  4. Slingshot is pulled back, but what if there is no ball in the pouch? Mother nature likes to troll...hard!
  5. This expected warmth and expectation of a snow less winter may be just what snow lovers want. After all, it seems when we expect the worst (or the best) the exact opposite occurs. In any case, our plows and blowers are always ready for whatever may come this way.
  6. When I saw news of the earthquake I instantly thought of the one in 2011 which was a 5.9 in Mineral VA. We certainly DID feel that one! Today's temblor southeast of Sparta was shallow and while most say the shaking lasted about 15 seconds or so wasn't present here in northern MD. We have vibration sensors that would definitely register anything that I could feel and don't see anything logged around 0807 today. I'm not a fan of something that can literally take out your home with no warning whatsoever. Even though we don't expect these things, 2011 was a perfect example. And just two days later we were tracking Irene which was a high impact event. Unlike the weather which we can prepare for, seismic provides no such warning.
  7. Yes I can! I had an emergency due to severe flooding on July 14, 2000. This was just east of Baltimore. The home's sump pump was overwhelmed (later found out it was due to "monkey balls" from those sycamore trees!) In any case I was standing in ankle deep water in a large pit rigging a gas powered pump (3") to get rid of this water when out of nowhere I started getting pelted with spiky ping pong ball sized hail! Man those hurt! And the wind kicked up and their privacy fence was waving like a flag. Thought that was it. We got like 8" of rain in 45 minutes. TINY cell right over our neighborhood. My adrenaline was pumping almost as hard as that Hale pump!
  8. Picked up another 1.6" in about 30 min here. Roads that normally don't flood are flooded out. EAS signal TWICE for FLOOD WARNING. This is no joke if you're under these cells!
  9. And if you remember the outlook prior said tornadoes were NOT a concern with this system! Just goes to show you need to stay alert during ANY tropical threat.
  10. Another 1995 or 2005 with record US landfalls is going to make insurance go through the roof for everyone! Hopefully there won't be another China [sheetrock] syndrome!
  11. So much this! It's typical when they amp things up like this the most dramatic thing is the bust in the end.
  12. Love the whistling wind sound. Especially in overhead cables! Security camera audio is awesome to listen to in evacuated office buildings when storms hit. And the systems are well protected long after the power goes out. And rarely does the cloud go down! I do remember one client whom shall remain nameless, that had a lot of stuff in their datacenter go down in Sandy. Their emergency diesel generators (EDG) were on the penthouse level (roof) so no worries about high water BUT the 20,000 gallon diesel tanks AND pumps were in the basement. When the basement has 7' of water all that fuel is useless and the 300 gallon reserve on the roof didn't last very long. Oops! Fortunately they did have mirror DCs in Texas and San Francisco.
  13. Nice red sky this AM!
  14. You should never see muddy water ingress on properties like that. Even with new construction it must be controlled. Where are the civil engineers on that project? As far as this event it performed exactly as expected TBH. Similar winds as a spring/fall coastal soaker. I'm OK with that as I'm already up to the gills with tree work on the property as it is. Unless a twister would like to stop by, pull trees and stack them real nice into a monster pile for burning. Like that's gonna happen. We're nearly always on the wrong side of the eye here. Hazel and more recently Isabel proved exceptions. Hazel was probably a 200 year event?
  15. I wanted to chase but my better half said no. Probably a good thing as at 10:12 a tree came down across the road taking all 3 13kV feeders, telephone, and CATV lines with it. Road closed! Funny, last time this happened in the same spot was 03-02-2018. Winds were much stronger then. We barely cracked 40mph and those were peaks not 3 second gusts. But this is what happens when you have trees growing on a hill and 3" of rain before the winds hit. At least we have a standby genny. And fortunately a good set of backup feeders! This is why junk trees need to be CUT DOWN not TRIMMED!