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  1. Super cheap then. Average residential main supply isn't adequate for snowmaking. A pond and good centrifugal pump or irrigation system can fix that. A Hale fire pump can work in a pinch as long as the head isn't too high.
  2. Hope you got a pond nearby LOL! http://www.torrentee.com/pdf/Snow-water_conversion_chart.pdf
  3. Santa bringing nothinburgers with some coal fries as usual.
  4. Yeah that freeze took care of a few volunteer tomato plants I had near the deck!
  5. It's always 420 somewhere...
  6. Sleet is hard on backs and shovel handles!
  7. All honeybees here. Everywhere. Fortunately the only yellow jackets were around the food trucks!
  8. Could not ask for better weather for picking sunflowers! 10/10
  9. If ONLY! I'll take my chances at 24"+ near Mason Dixon line, DC can have their 2" rain at 33F! Nothing is worse than snow to sleet to ZR. Snow or bust. And fluffy stuff at 15"+ per 1" liquid. Slop is bad too. White Christmas would be a real treat. Imagine if Jan 23, 2016 was December 24, 2023. Grass covered by nightfall, wake up to thunder with a foot on the ground and by the time ham/turkey comes out of oven the death bands are still cranking with upwards of three feet on the ground. Boxing day is crisp in the lower 20s and everything is just buried. Everywhere. A Knickerbocker class storm on Christmas day. That would be one to remember for life. For now it's just a (distant) dream.
  10. It missed the pocket, hit the head pin straight on and we got a seven ten split!
  11. Peak gust 52 mph here so far. Nice rainy, breezy day here although the rain has let up a lot recently. It feels a bit raw in the upper 50s. Reminds me of an early season Nor'easter more than anything else.
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