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  1. Arby's is alright but I wish we had a Roy Rogers local to us. Or perhaps not. My diverticulosis would not agree with it!
  2. That was amazing. And never in this area have blizzard warnings been issued so early. I remember Wed afternoon seeing it all over the overhead signs on 95/695. And nothing but perfect flakes for the duration of the event. No mixing nonsense.
  3. Six years ago today marks the beginning of one of the most epic snowstorms for a lot of us. Tonight. Perhaps I will light one of those crackling candles.
  4. 11/1 Too bad we don't have at least 6" of snowpack! It would feel like '94 or even '82 at that point.
  5. It would be amazing walking up the lighthouse trail (Assateague Light) RIGHT NOW seeing that X pattern (double flash beacon) shining through the flakes. I've been there many times at night in rain and fog and it's a sight to behold. But snow? That would be the next level!
  6. They are REALLY closing schools these days for basically nothing. Am I missing something here? Do they have to make up the days at the end of the year still?
  7. So some will see warning level amounts! On a serious note, 4" + after 1/2" cold rain could be some nice stickage on the trees.
  8. Indeed, I just hope there's enough powder left. In any case it beats the dust to slopfest. Hopefully a mere primer to what's coming down the pike.
  9. Clustered computing is more of a correct term. Massively parallel computing has taken over single compute for a while. Even on the desktop. Even scarier is all the wasted resources used for cryptocurrency mining put to beneficial scientific use whether it be weather modeling, medicine, hydrology, et al is absolutely mind blowing!
  10. Cape Charles is awesome! One of our rescue cats is named Charley, after finding him nearby at Cherrystone. He's 4 now and is as bad as the dogs doing dog things!
  11. At this rate milk/bread/eggs&TP won't be found until tax day!
  12. Something (most likely a limb) is coming in contact with an overhead wire. This is common especially when tree maintenance is postponed. It doesn't take much ice to make a limb sag into a wire.
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