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  1. Almost brisk with 69F and 22 mph easterly gusts. Vast difference than this afternoons broiler
  2. There are 3-6” tiny spots all over the place Merrly 0.6 here
  3. Today High96.5 peak Heat index 108 peak wet bulb direct sun heat index 119 0.6”
  4. 113.9F in the direct sun THI. Highest of the year. Thats rough on our physiology. Cape try not to have another hissy over you don’t recognize this manner of measurement.
  5. Getting rumbley after two days of 0.3 4” just west of Balt?
  6. 0.5” in Beltsville and it was heavy and all snow but hard to accumulate,
  7. The heat is having a hard time with NE highs and lows moving to our south. Going to be July before that changes
  8. Saw my first ones last night.late
  9. 85 at 8pm 77 st 9pm 73 now at 10pm these 10-18 F drops in 2-3 hours are not typical of June still no lightning bugs
  10. Think I see a notch around Bethesda or east
  11. 82 to 66 in 3 hours IAD
  12. Trying to figure this out but looks like 18 degree drop in 3.5 hours here and 18 at IAD in 4 hours,
  13. 1.6 from tonight’s deluge and 1.3 last night. Back to back nights with 5-10 minute intervals where it raining as hard as I’ve ever seen, 1” in 10 minutes.