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  1. In like a windy lion 37F gusting to 30
  2. 39.04N 77.00W 357’ elevation
  3. Looks like a heavy burst of snow or mostly snow moving north of DC lasting 20-30 mins so maybe accumulations?
  4. Was this expected? I know it’s short lived . precip types versus forecast has been tough to hit this season
  5. 10:30 36.1 40% sleet 60% rain.
  6. 10pm 35.9 80% rain 20% big snowflakes
  7. The glacier in full shade is sustaining and treacherous.
  8. Snowed hard for 75 minutes and got 0.6” then sleet and now freezing rain or rain and 32.6
  9. Myopic people spreading myopia
  10. Almost every event has turned out warmer . Models even had last night too cold most places.
  11. Outstanding! Hot chocolate or little stronger?
  12. This has been the least hearolded so lets see what happens!
  13. 10pm 24.7. Winds have lessened. Lowest wind chill was 12. Looks like steady 1F drop per hour thru 7am.
  14. Winds holding up at 15-20 keeping wind chills 12-15 and currently 25.5F High of 31.5 was my coldest sunny day high of the season
  15. Today was easy clean up but all frozen now