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  1. Several heavy downpours but no hail. Sun back out
  2. A lot of low temperature records for March April and May have occurred since 2000 whereas Dec Jan Feb are from 1800’s thru 1970’s.
  3. Road washed out over by new Royal Farms
  4. Snower November to March but just not May
  5. Pouring and big t and l
  6. Big splatty drops and chilly downdraft and thunder loud and 5-10 seconds after vivid lightning
  7. Nice night fire pit going
  8. With some recent things is it inappropriate to ask if it will snow this month?
  9. Sensor interference malfunction again.
  10. Temp 45 Wind chill 35 Dewpoint 25 dewpoint 25
  11. Marine layer making it in big time. Was 87 at property near Frederick . BWI stayed in upper 70’s 83 for high here and now breezy 59
  12. That’s right 58 was insane with things it did
  13. I think the last two days have been colder than 75% of December
  14. They didn’t know it was snowing this afternoon
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