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  1. From83 to 53 so mega front but too little too late. Watch April and May be like -5 for more misery
  2. 7 day make pretend never end.
  3. Go down skyline drive and divert off to a small road and you will quickly see what no money really looks like. At least sw PA has some rafting and resorts and some things to draw in money
  4. Wow. Presuming you have a winter place there and not full time. I was stunned that solid places within 3 miles of 7 Springs rentb for just $800 per month even in the winter. cost of housing and commercial space is really low compared to DC even with the resorts do close by
  5. Gust to 42mpg Loved those Snowshoe pics. What going on out there today?
  6. Gust rain showers and down to 40
  7. Too far away for any legitimate representation 12 hours from now the low will be in Ohio
  8. Well it was s lousy outlook Missed temps on 2 of 3 months and missed the overall. Each month is a 1x and the overall a 3x so I had only one element out of 6 correct snowfall call average as had that at or below average snd it was well below average Matt-what was yours again please?
  9. Truth hurts especially when a cellar dwelling chump like you is powerless to do anything themselves. As always, when you cant contribute nor refute then personally attack the poster.
  10. If so then bingo and exactly. Analogs. We never had said that a dry November “”Causes” a bummer winter but when 80%of the time what you referenced we end up with a bummer winter then you must pay attention to that. Now, what caused the dryness and the bummer that followed can be up to the debating team but this method Is Forecadting instead of throwing a bunch of indexes into s pot and trying to make soup. Forecasting of weather, not all potential examples of it.
  11. In early November the source region of cold air was excellent and in evidence and that continued into mid December. Then abruptly that stopped and never returned. Why? No one knows. Perhaps God or the myriad of alphabet indexes crafted to explain the unexplainable. By just before Christmas the first “return to cold in 10 days” came and went. Now the disaster was underway. History shows that when the very first “return to cold” fails that 80% of the time the colder never re-emerges. Feb 2007 was a big exception but that was 13 years ago so figure the odds on your own. Observation threads are still a delight and discussing 3-5 day leads is worthy but all the multi paragraphs clamoirings over unproven indexes and models really doesn’t lend anything.
  12. Then go play In 5-15 day everything and nothing fantasy land
  13. Nice to have something to follow its High Pressure watching time to see if it can relax to about 30.25 come crunch time
  14. Ok then even better once again