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  1. They are very good in general personalities can rub wrong way but gotta let it go for love of weather!
  2. Mongolian High Ptessure and not wasted in early November
  3. Got one for Montgomery County? thanks
  4. Lapse rate at 70 feet is about 0.35F. Ever notice higher accumulations on the ridge ?
  5. Is that the spot north of town where they built the Olive Garden, Chipotle, etc.? I grew up in Salisbury
  6. 26 for a low. Best seasonal low by 6 degrees
  7. 31 for first time under freezing and I like the feel of it!
  8. The air is vibrant and alive We have risen from the tombs of warm
  9. First real winter feel of the season Seven Springs has a wind chill of 10
  10. They are getting ready to screw up the radar big time with their new site starting 12/8. Take a simple and effective site and turn it into a multi navigational nightmare
  11. 8 degree temp drop at 2pm with partly to mostly sunny skies is impressive