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  1. I was on Harry Truman Dr in Largo and hail was quarter sized and green hue to sky just sickly. Luckily I got my car into a carport. the house I was visiting had 4 broken windows and shingle damage. The siding was vinyl but many were metal and damaged
  2. I’m not sure but that 1978 one is the one I think my client who had gone to work at AC airport told me he picked up the very tops of our cells at 70,000.’
  3. 1” in 20 minutes, that’s rare air for me. Sligo creek going nuts and now winds picking up
  4. Temp dropped 8 degrees in 30 minutes, 9 degrees in an hou and 17 in two hours. Camp Springs same thing. 0.2”.
  5. Tried mostly full sun yard work with shade and water breaks but 75 minutes and had to stop.
  6. Such great grilling and eating weather
  7. Record high highs on Wednesday and record low highs on Saturday and Sunday
  8. 54 for a high here and DCA tied record of 57 at 5pm
  9. Burgers and mild/sweet Italian sausage on grill tomorrow Anybody have a preferred brand of grilling sausage?
  10. 1.7” total and currently 53 with an overnight low if 49.5. Extremely impressive that at the strongest sun time of year and absent any rain the temperature can just barely rise.
  11. So 55/56 high for DCA so far snd record in jeopardy
  12. 57 at midnight and 54 for an afternoon high DcA easily broke the 128 year old record off of the Aftrrnoon High but recorded 59 just after midnight so didn’t officially