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  1. I believe tie breaker should be numbers of bullseyes otherwise it’s tied
  2. Shrieking winds and palms beat to desth Almost becomes too much but an education to see maybe 115mph winds
  3. If Im reading right the latest at that site has 10’ waves 20 miles off OC?
  4. Thank you for your answer in the other thread. I had originally posed the question over 24 hours ago in that thread and it had been unanswered until an hour or two ago
  5. Already did hall monitor and it received no response
  6. Teddy not getting any action so will ask here How large will the offshore and onshore waves be from Teddy for MD beaches and what is time frame? thanks
  7. 45/40 and nice to see breath easily
  8. When do you think the big stuff makes it to the shores of OC, md and how big do you think the onshore breakers will be?
  9. Is that because instead of being cooler at 80 feet that it’s almost same as surface?
  10. You confessed instead of dodging and pointing finger which is almost as good as nailing it When the upwelling of shallow water is referenced, what depth are we talking about?
  11. The way it explodes and spreads is something to see.
  12. I am stuck in Greenbelt. University Blvd has 6”+ on it
  13. Thanks for doing this. Good estimating by many