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  1. I’m 0 to -1 on temps and bit more hopeful snow 14-18. Same basic idea
  2. As time has gone by I have become more of a believer in “don’t waste the cold” When times are good we get two months of cold JF and Oct/Nov is such a waste
  3. Moving back in, might be heaviest so far. 1.8”
  4. BWI: 11/4 IAD: 10/22 DCA:11/5 RIC: 11/4 DCA tiebreak high 77
  5. 92 or 93 really put them under. Tide can’t go out much with winds and next one piles in and if multiple next ones then big trouble . 62 March monster
  6. That is what is worrying me Without being garish I wonder how many drownings have not been discovered .
  7. Our grandson outdoor 6th birthday 10/1 is inside now. I contract to wedding venues with outdoor events and scrambling for this evening and tomorrow
  8. To me it looks like Ian is beating it and not the typical other way around
  9. On top of all the winds doesn’t really fast pressure drops also do something to the waters?
  10. It’s sobering but so many saw the horror of this that they will always evacuate
  11. Yes I am not gaa gaa either. That early landfall point prediction may have come true but then 15-20 other different ones were offered including panhandle hits. The southwest coast of FL did take a giant hit and they got that right (which they should) but otherwise it was “cover all the bases” and one of them hit.!
  12. What is the projected path of remnants for NC VA and MD ?
  13. This one may have been close to.
  14. That drum has been banged and has failed repeatedly. Yes eventually they all do weaken but it’s not shear nor dry air that’s doing it while the eye is over water. Inland it will weaken because it’s inland so will see if “dry air/shear” crowd will chirp some more
  15. Wow. So the shear and dry air not a factor?
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