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  1. 8:30 interim ins special update Winds swung around at about 7:45 and temp has dropped from 60 to 51 in 45 mins
  2. Generally that air gets into DC 6-8 hours after there.
  3. Seems like heaviest rain so far has been about 75 miles further east than was model exampled 12 hours ago
  4. Maybe I slept through it but did not hear thunder in Kemp Mill . I think the temp drop and wind shift and increase will be fun even if any snow is 4am ish and rougher to witness that
  5. DC has kicked off some very good winters with early-mid Dec mega fronts which have ample moisture remaining post front. The post frontal moisture is a pattern that continues usually. When that kind of temp drop occurs in 2-4 hours there is usually real good support aloft temp wise
  6. Wet snow steady coming down in Kemp Mill 40F
  7. Gotta be real carefully observant about the onset of delays for the onset of cold
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