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  1. 3 main analogs are good but not great. We continue to deemphasize ENSO analoging and increase a little blocking/cold air source
  2. Power back on so good job Pepco!
  3. Explosion up the street and power out here but not street behind . Pole transformer ?
  4. Will issue outlook as usual on equinox. Got it done and just waiting.
  5. It’s the Greatest failure of the internet. Instead of increasing the opportunity for greater information exchange it spawns trolls who contribute zero but get their loser shits and giggles from interrupting serious and solid exchanges of truly valuable info.
  6. We were about 3-5 miles southeast of the Frederick flooding. Gullies that look dry became torrents .
  7. Feels like fall out there at 64 after tropical low 80’s. In a way this was a “fall” front so did that help escalate things today? Not be be able old pops dude but you teens and 20’s will remember this for a lifetime. Hazel and Sandy and Isabel and half dozen others are easy memories but Ida will stick also. Crazy early morning deluge, calms down, goes world class nuts in the afternoon, rips up Edgewater and Annapolis. Who knows what very localized max winds they may asses?? Plus it’s up in NJ/NY raising hell right now! I love benchmarks and for a remnant tropical event this is easy top 5 for me. Not really all if this one in my backyard but close enough
  8. 3.2” final tally for me from 2am to 7pm
  9. I think Ivan had 12 tornado touchdowns mostly in same area snd today 5 but ranging from Frederick to Annapolis?
  10. Most widespread and impressive since Ivan 2005?
  11. That batch of heavy missed me to east by 3/4 miles
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