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  1. WEATHER53

    May Discobs 2019

    Plane just now headed into Andrews really low and fast. Thunderstorms around?
  2. Thunderstorms again over city
  3. Visibility reduced to 150 feet In Extreme downpours
  4. WEATHER53

    April Discobs 2019

    DCA dp 27 to 47 in 2 hours, rh 18% to 78 in 2 hrs.
  5. Surprisingly quiet here considering nastiness not far to my nw. 0.35”, modest winds, no t/l
  6. Heavy downpours and abrupt wind direction shifts
  7. WEATHER53

    April Discobs 2019

    71 with a dew point of 20? Wow!
  8. WEATHER53

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2018-19 snowfall contest

    The Single Digit Departure Club. i like the ring of that.
  9. WEATHER53

    April Discobs 2019

    18 degree wind chill last night, 30 for a low, 45 High.
  10. WEATHER53

    Early April Winter Storm Discussion(LOL)

    Anything can happen at night in April.
  11. WEATHER53

    Early April Winter Storm Discussion(LOL)

    Getting gusts over 40 again
  12. WEATHER53

    Grading Winter 2018-2019

    I got in on that 30+ hour narrow band extravaganza and three or 4 more so an A on snowfall and C- on temps.
  13. Mid late March coastals can really go big. Watching this one
  14. WEATHER53

    March 8th Light Snow

    Rates have been moderate to heavy but flake size small but now closer to moderate in size
  15. WEATHER53

    March 8th Light Snow

    0.75” in shaded spots, whitened elsewhere excep asphalt and concrete and edges of those now have stickage. 33.4F