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  1. WEATHER53

    Hurricane Barry

    Almost stalled?
  2. Most lightning this season or last several. Had 4 strikes with instant thunder in 10 min period.
  3. Thunderstorm blew up over me and it’s pouring again
  4. About two miles north up Georgia Ave from Beltway
  5. Most thunder reports in recent memory
  6. 0.5” in 20 minutes,multiple strikes close by, 30 mph gusts.
  7. On way up to Baltimore, around 95/32 intersection, car thermo dropped from 101 to 73. Looks nasty toward Bay Bridge.
  8. WEATHER53

    June Discobs 2019

    92 at Iad, Dca, Andrews and Annapolis and 96 at BWI at 1pm .Somethings off Been disconcerting for Decades about DCA and now BWI. Plus the push back against looking into DCA was ridiculous. Excuses like “the winds go nw and that blows off buildings and highways ” is Wrong. Establish a station that is Not susceptible to that false influence.
  9. WEATHER53

    June Discobs 2019

    Stuff up in PA looks ominous
  10. WEATHER53

    June Discobs 2019

    This was big here, 1.2” in 30 minutes, several gusts to 50 and a lot of 30-40 for about 10 mins, temp dropped from 92 to 74 in 15 mins.
  11. WEATHER53

    June Discobs 2019

    40 mphgusts here and heavy downpour of 0.5” in 15 minutes
  12. WEATHER53

    June Discobs 2019

    Very small downpour areas
  13. Looks like a tube in there!
  14. WEATHER53

    June Discobs 2019

    It looks like a wintertime low. Year without a summer 2019
  15. I’ve been in 3 60mph+ gusts torrential sheets of rain thunderstorms already. Dont have typical summer outlook this year but I think well below average number of 90 days like 25 even though overall temp average about 0.5 of normal Tropics busy will go with 16 named but just 7 hurricanes 2 of which major.