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  1. Not going to clog up the model threads with this, but holy crap I have never laughed so hard tracking weather as I have the last couple of weeks. One hilarious moment followed by another on here, lol. Thanks to everyone for making it a good time
  2. I mean, that would be one of most depressing outcomes in history for my area, but I certainly like the trend for we NW'ers.
  3. 1. The big ones are sniffed out early. 2. Even if it's too far west, the big ones make their own cold air. Can't fail. La-la lock it up!
  4. Sounds like elevations north of Hagerstown doing pretty well. Blue Ridge through the Catoctins.
  5. Had a bad feeling this was going to be a Hagerstown shaft storm. A little shift west would go a long way.
  6. Not the biggest fan of the that western edge creeping up on us.
  7. Given that we’re seeing major differences between the Euro and GFS by 84 hours, I don’t think we’re too far away from one folding to the other here.
  8. Pouring sleet mixed with some snow. Temp climbing but still at 22.1.
  9. Measured about 1 inch but the temps continue to impress. Fallen even further now to 16.3F. If we could get a little better returns, we could squeak quite a ratio.
  10. Temp dropped 1.8 degrees since the snow started. One of the coldest daytime snows in a long time.
  11. 19.6F and light snow has commenced on the M/D. Let the show begin.
  12. I know I’m being trolled when the NAM says that everyone north, south, east, and west of me gets more snow. It’s warmed to a balmy 12/3 here.
  13. 6/2 here on the M/D. It sure feels like it out there.
  14. If we end up with the 4-6 that’s advertising for our area, I’ll call that a win at this point.
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