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  1. I’ll echo what others have said, the back end was the best snow of the day. Everything is fluff out there. Ended up with 3.4 inches on the M/D. Great event.
  2. Seeing a couple of reports of 6.5 inches at elevation around Hagerstown. Definitely helps to be up.
  3. I’m just north of Hagerstown, and I can’t believe they won’t get more than 2 inches. I’m approaching 3 inches right now. Looking at the radar, they could get 5 IMO.
  4. Approaching 2 inches up here on the sidewalk, a little more in the grass.. Roads are terrible. Best rates of the day right now, kids building a snow man. 29.8F and moderate snow.
  5. Trying to get some good vibes south. Moderate snow on the M/D and finally seeing grass and sidewalks starting to cave.
  6. Never like seeing the Euro go in the wrong direction, but it still looks like a decent hit for the NW folks.
  7. Officially 6.8 inches on the M/D. Some light sleet still falling. Really a fun little quick-hitting storm. Glad to see so many get in on the action!
  8. Thundersnow in the M/D! Glad it wasn’t just my Hagerstown friends who got some!
  9. Pretty impressive agreement on the models for the precip max on this one.
  10. Flipped back to snow about an hour ago on the M/D. Got about 1/2 inch of new snow. Looks like that southern edge is pulling north a little quicker, so the lull is coming.
  11. Snow picked up again along the M/D, heaviest rates the the day. Sidewalks and edges of the road starting to cave again. Folks east will enjoy.
  12. Seems like LWX and CTP have both been extremely conservative on this one.
  13. I mean, someone said this yesterday, but the Ukie continues to show basically the exact same result each time. Maybe consistently wrong, but impressive anyway.
  14. 3.4 inches right on the M/D. One of the best little storms recently for this area, just given the surprise factor. Roads were as bad as I can remember around Hagerstown this afternoon.
  15. Heaviest snow of the day in Hagerstown (work). WCPS just put out a FB post explaining why they took no action today, and it's getting ratioed pretty hard, lol.