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  1. Snow squalls at work in Hagerstown were for real. Some stickage on grass and mulch.
  2. This is definitely the right season to bet against our area getting those sorts of totals out of a storm like this.
  3. You mean when IronTy cancelled winter the other day, he could be wrong? That’s unpossible.
  4. Just need a 100 mile north shift …all winter long.
  5. Well, after my .5 inches this morning, I am starting to understand the true meaning of nickel and diming. Getting a little closer to double digits on the season.
  6. Going to go ahead and hug the HRRR. The NAM’s have a brutal cutoff for @Chris78 and I.
  7. The Hagerstown Regional Snowhole is alive and well. Not sure I'm going to get to double digits this season at my house.
  8. I remember back when the models were showing .3 inches of snow for this storm in my area. I didn’t know it at the time, but those were the golden days.
  9. It went from the most northwest model to practically out to sea/Miller B in a span of 3 runs. Impressively awful.
  10. This one has NW Screwjob all over it. Again.
  11. Yep, and we NW'ers are basically down to our last few chips hoping for a chance to go all in. Been quite a crappy winter for us, and not liking that most of the maps on this threat are looking "rinse-repeat" for the seasonal trends.
  12. I never mind busting on ice storms. By the time the temp gets below freezing, we’ll be well on our way to cold and dry.
  13. I have some friends down there saying the same thing. Really strange temperature gradient going on.
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