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  1. So where we going and when and bust you out of the doldrums?
  2. Yes but it’s mostly a bar after 6 on weekend so get there 4:30ish if you want it quieter for mostly eating
  3. The “problem” is there are like 6 moving parts to this. No forecast can be derived from that. The first snow was an already organized low pressure moving northeast from Atlanta. Virtually no moving parts and easy to forecast with usually confirmed outcome
  4. The last storm that was easily pushed out had a 1040 high settling into West PA. This cold source does not have as much strength and is mostly settled in instead of moving in.
  5. I was hoping I had foundThePlace! Chincoteagues for $16.99 a dozen can’t be beat.
  6. Randy I just had some oysters up at a place in Frederick called Shuckin Shack. Chincoteagues no less. I could pick you up and we go to Harris on Kent Island for their AYCE Oysters 7 ways (including fresh shucked right in front of you) .Or do Old Ebbits again You make the call!
  7. A hug from your favorite old white guy or come down and open up a can of whup ass and cure the malaise? Please just let me know. Thanks
  8. It’s Ok We love the snow and cold and Dc is a very tough area to get a good idea of if a snow event will occur and models Do Not Help to zero in on that by the myriad of examples they switch to every 6 hours. Some people have hissies whenever I state that Fact, you don’t, and I gained immense relief personally when I adopted that attitude. For this storm the models will begin forecasting noon Thursday, up until then a lot of “if this then that” examples are all they are.
  9. What you are saying I don’t think matches the parameters I described.
  10. Something like this has never happened and there is a reason for that. It doesn’t. There have been maybe 1 or 2 in 50 years where OC got 12+ and this area 1-3. we’ve still got 8 more 6 hour cycles to cover the bases and by noon Thursday something will settle in that’s a forecast as opposed to examples.
  11. We do so much worse with a true B than anything. Looks good to the west, forecasted to transfer to Outer banks but transfers off Rehobeth instead, Baltimore gets a little, northeast MD a little more, Wilmington to Boston get a lot.
  12. Stayed below 32 for 62 consecutive hours. 36 for a high.
  13. 30.4 for a high and back down to 29.7. Below 32 for over two days .
  14. Low of 14 which ties my low for season and DCA will have stayed below freezing for 40 consecutive hours.
  15. 25 for high and 17 for low, 21 at 10pm. The afternoon overcast made 23/24 bone chilling delightful
  16. 25 for a high coldest high in 3 years
  17. Is there a way to calculate how many feet of above ground, above freezing temperatures a Penny sized snowflake can survive?
  18. That high taking on the last storm would have been something
  19. 11:45 and steady rain at 42 and I think I see glisteney things every once in while but I’m afraid not
  20. 45 and rain started Arctic fronts usually do something special. Looks like drop rate is about 10 degrees in one hour after it passes?
  21. 26F Since Jan 2 we’ve had something to follow and three hits . Maybe the same 5-6 winters in last 20 years?
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