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  1. For me 62 at 3:30, 42 at 7:30, 35 11pm .
  2. 37 degree spread so far at IAD for low (24) and high so far of 61. Rare stuff for these here parts, more like high plains air mass.
  3. Thank you and you had to put At Least 20 hours into your write up?!!
  4. Hey Ray what you say? Matt-where you at? isotherm-dont make ne squirm HM-say again! Raleigh-whats the word by golly?
  5. Missed mine by about a week. Went 4th and 5th and going to be 14th and 15th. Missed IAD by 1 so my total departure 31 or so.
  6. Yes and #3 being the monster from that year
  7. Thank you 1935 was an extreme one I think?
  8. Think last 2/3 winters we did “waste” cold in early and mid Nov. I like the current warmth analog wise.
  9. BWI 18.2 DCA 14.8 IAD::18.0 RIC: 12.6 tiebreak SBY 11.8
  10. It’s not saying much but is saying something versus nothing
  11. 2009 analogs have shown up in varied ways since July. Does not mean it will be Snowmaggedon but Does mean it will Not be a warm and minimal snow winter.
  12. Pretty big misread from NWS late last week as to this entire week. Too high on temps and I think we will see more misreads as we move along . This is not going to be what many think a Nina season should produce for the mid Atlantic
  13. Cover all bases and claim confirmation
  14. Next freezing chance for us looks like 11/2-11/6
  15. Hope I got most of this right we set some low maxes record in early October this month. Bunch of the old records around that date were from October 1987. That November 1987 brought the history making Vetersns Day Snowstorm. I agree with the models!.
  16. Surprising result at IAD and notice how winds were either calm or No sourthely component like previous 33-34 overnight lows. i predicted 10/22 for IAD its going to be mild for a while with next cold push 11/3-11/7
  17. Things can change and they will have to because right now temp and Dp about 3F above last night same time i really though IAD was a lock during this stretch Any southerly component throws a wrench into DC area.we need wnw or more northerly. Dews were 28-30 this time last night and that’s doesn’t allow much evap chilling if this had been Canadian high moving in we would have had those 24/25 dews and IAD would have made it easy and maybe others.
  18. I think IAD makes it tonight If DCA hits the NWS predicted low of 33 I will eat the fallen leaves and all other stations would be 29/30. I think DCA will bottom at 37.
  19. BWI 33 and Andrews 32 but none of contest made it. Maybe tonight but the southerly component didn’t help last night and unless calm Thur morning for 2/3 hours it will hurt again
  20. IAD went 9 consecutive hourlies with DP remaining at 28 as temps fell from 52 to 39 41 here at midnight is coldest at midnight for season
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