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  1. They moved Short Pump to southern VA????
  2. LOL, yep, seen that happen a few times over the years...
  3. Yep, had same happen to me back in winter 09/10, slid about 20-25 feet from where I parked the night before...
  4. I am 99.5% sure I'd be one of the few 1/1's on that...
  5. (37.784069, -79.915993) close enough
  6. At the freezing mark here, agree, it actually FEELS nice out there with the filtered sun hitting you.
  7. Crazy the way DCA holds heat.... Course one day in early March they'll get a 19 to screw up going for 1000.
  8. Appears the high desert country in northern Shenandoah Valley is holding....
  9. 10.4 for a low here, still without a single digit low for the season. I forgot about the 10.1 low on 12/26 last night when I said may set a coldest of season temp this morning, the 10.1 still stands.
  10. 19.3/10.6 at 11:15 pm, could be the coldest night of the season (11.3)
  11. I second that! Flew between VA and IAH a good bit 10/11/12 for work, but never really enjoyed flying. Now when I go to Denver to see son I am right there with you on the armrest thing.
  12. 19.2/13.0 and a few flurries in the air here. WC is a nice 8 degrees with the W 10 gusting to 17 or 18 mph winds.
  13. Maybe slide me in that 1st place slot the last day of the contest??