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  1. Hey, only 6 events to cross the 1" mark for the season....sheesh! 12/16 0.2 12/22 0.1 12/24 0.1 12/28 0.1 01/09 0.2 02/02 0.4 Total 1.1
  2. LOL, 0.4 of an inch on ground here, win! Hey, least it was sorta a surprise. NWS had a special winter statement out for freezing drizzle and sleet and we got snow. Last couple times they have called for snow and issued winter weather advisories we got nuthin'!
  3. I was up there in 2007 or 2008 and it was -11 with a 30-40 mph wind, I went into the lodge and stayed after an hour, the kids (well early teens) stayed out practically all day! BTW the only thing that 'closed' was the gondola due to the winds for about 3 hours.
  4. DCA: +3.1 NYC: +3.0 BOS: +2.8 ORD: +0.6 ATL: +2.4 IAH: +1.3 DEN: -0.7 PHX: -0.7 SEA: -0.4
  5. The fog machine working OT this morning
  6. *Glances at NWS Blacksburg extended forecast...* .LONG TERM /FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY/... As of 315 AM EST Monday... As strong cold front will bring dry conditions for the end of the week... A strong cold front will arrive Friday morning, bringing a surge of dry, chilly Canadian air to the Mid-Atlantic region. Will be concerned with breezy northwest winds, potentially gusting to 45 mph along the ridgetops by early that afternoon.
  7. Pretty wild temp range in western part of VA this morning, some spots in low 20's while others were in low 40's!
  8. Appears I am a few minutes late to see the carnage....
  9. I've personally never felt that way to him, but you can do you...
  10. I went back through my records and since 12/16 I have had 5, YES 5! Snow/sleet/rain to rain events where temps hang at 33-34 degrees through the event and a couple tenths of snow/sleet is recorded.... 5!!!
  11. (pssst) If THAT is your snowboard..... it does Edit- although technically your snowboard SHOULD be at ground level
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