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  1. Rain and wind here now, currently 59.5/54.7 after a 72.3 degree high around 1 pm, and now thunder heard in distance. Wind shift too, was WSW now NW 10 G to 22 mph.
  2. Agree. I went up 219 and up over the Highland Scenic Highway (rt 150) yesterday. About 3500 was the cutoff for leaves still out. But from 2K-3K was pretty nice, once below 2K and heading back here (home) we still about a week out for full color.
  3. Except for the 'inside DC' part, sounds like you're off to a great start, congrats!
  4. Nice rain shower in last 2 hours here, not quite .25 inch fell. A very soupy 70.3/69.4 airmass out there.
  5. Another morning in the soupy fog...
  6. 61.0/60.2, quite muggy...
  7. yep, thanks! My records were right, but my mind decided to change it here, lol. Fixed
  8. My numbers for the month of September 2021 Averaged high was 77.1 degrees vs a normal of 77.2 degrees, a - 0.1 below average. The warmest day was the 19th with a 83.7 degree reading. The averaged low was 54.5 degrees vs a normal of 53.7 degrees, a +0.8 degrees above average. The coolest reading was 42.6 degrees on the 25th. The overall averaged temp was 65.8 degrees vs a normal of 65.4 degrees, a +0.4 degrees above the average. The total rainfall for the month was 6.29 inches vs a normal of 3.55 inches, a +2.74 inches above the average. The wettest day was the 22nd with 2.15 inches falling. There were 10 days with measurable, 2 days with a 'T' and 18 dry days. The highest wind recorded was 27 mph on the 23rd. Two new records for the month, both daily rainfalls, one on the 1st and the other on the 22nd. Overall a very average month temp-wise, but fairly wet.
  9. Rain falling from the sky here...
  10. that was an awesome night and day!
  11. Fog again, 3rd or 4th morning in a row, little warmer this am at 48.5 compared to yesterday's 43.4 degrees.
  12. DCA:: -0.7 NYC: -0.5 BOS: -0.3 ORD: -0.8 ATL: +0.4 IAH: +0.5 DEN: +1.1 PHX: +1.6 SEA: +0.2
  13. DCA: 11/23 IAD: 10/31 BWI: 11/11 RIC: 11/10 Tiebreaker: 1.11"
  14. 30's were close-by, put I only dropped to 43.3 this morning. Still felt wonderful!
  15. Still haven't crossed 60 at 1:15 pm today, currently 59.4/48.6 with a WNW breeze at 7 gusting to 16 mph under partly cloudy skies. Nice, nice, nice! Headed for a long walk! EDIT- lol, I checked just for giggles and that works out to a wind chill factor of 57
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