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  1. Another upper 40's low here, currently 50.2/49.3 at 7:15 am. We are gonna pay dearly for these last few wonderful days. Glanced at Canaan Valley NWR site, currently 38/34 after almost getting to freezing overnight.
  2. Didn't quite make the 40's here at my location, low was 50.6 degrees. Currently 50.9/48.9 with a few high cirrus in the sky. Would like to bottle some of this up for what is coming over the next few months.
  3. Calling for 52 here. Currently temp/DP is 66.2/48.8 after a 78.8 high. THIS is nice weather.
  4. Up to 66.8 at 9:20 after a 58.3 low. BUT the DP is hanging around 53/54. Should be a delightful day after all the mugginess of past several days.
  5. Someone turned on the fog machine here. Been foggy in am last few mornings, but today it is quite heavy. RE to @Jrlg1181 post above, I've had 19.37 inches so far this year broken down. Jan 5.83 30.1 %, Feb 2.25 11.6%, Mar 2.62 13.5%, April 4.00 20.7%, May 3.82 19.7% and first few days of Jun 0.85 4.4%, fairly consistent. Not sure why just NE of me in Shenandoah Valley especially around Staunton seems to be so dry last 24 months, but hope it swings around soon.
  6. Watching from far away, y'all stay safe up there!
  7. Nice thundershower. Wind gust of 29 mph and about 0.15 in gauge. Looks like more building to the W and SW.
  8. Looks like a line of storms headed this way from the SW.... boy is it HUMID!!
  9. Nothing here, but JUST to my west a barely moving storm with red and white radar returns..... I'd say they are getting quite wet.
  10. LOL, thanks for the memories, or rather nightmares. I worked at a K-mart for four years......
  11. Yep, just got back in from watching trains earlier, saw several.
  12. After a foggy start, sun is breaking thru and it is warming up, quite humid out there....64.4/60.0 at 9:30 am.
  13. My numbers for the month of May 2024- Averaged high was 75.7 degrees vs a normal of 73.6 degrees, a +2.1 degrees above average. The warmest temp recorded was 86.4 degrees on the 3rd. Averaged low was 53.0 degrees vs a normal of 48.6 degrees, a +4.4 degrees above average. The lowest temp recorded was 37.9 degrees on the 14th. Overall averaged temp was 64.3 degrees vs a normal of 61.1 degrees, a +3.2 degrees above average. Total precip for the month was 3.82 inches vs a normal of 4.30 inches, a -0.48 inch below average. The wettest day was the 18th with 1.30 inches falling. There were 20 days with measurable, 4 days with a 'T' and 7 dry days. Highest wind recorded for the month was 55 mph on the 27th. There were 13 days with winds above 25 mph. One new record, the 1.30 inches of rain on the 18th set a new daily mark. Overall a warm, semi-wet (seemed to rain or sprinkle about every day!) and fairly breezy month.
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