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  1. 37 for a low here this morning, no frost but PLENTY of fog.
  2. Interesting, that is only about 1-1.5 miles away from the 4/26 tornado that went thru Fishersville and Waynesboro
  3. Congrats!! After going 8 years on my own after losing my wife I had a 2nd special person walk into mine. May your life together be full and wonderful!
  4. LOL, I'm late... my numbers for April 2022 Total precip for the month was 4.03 inches vs a normal of 3.64 inches, a +0.39 inches above average. The wettest day was the 6th with 1.16 inches falling. There were 12 days with measurable, 4 days with a 'T' and 14 dry days. Total snowfall for the month was 0.9 inches vs a normal of 0.3 inches, a +0.6 above average. The heaviest snow was on the 19th with 0.8 inches falling. There were 2 days with measurable snow, 3 days with a 'T' and 25 days snowless. The averaged high temp was 64.8 degrees vs a normal of 66.2 degrees, a -1.4 degrees below normal. The warmest day was the 26th with a 86.4 degree reading. The averaged low was 39.2 degrees vs a normal of 38.9 degrees, a +0.3 degrees above average. The coolest reading for the month was on the 2nd with a 26.8 degree reading. The overall averaged temp was 52.0 degrees vs a normal of 52.5 degrees, a -0.5 below average. The highest wind recorded was 44 mph on the 28th. Several new records, Two new 'cool max' temps set on the 19th and 20th, a 'warm minimum' set on the 7th, two new daily rainfall records set on the 6th and the 19th. A new snowfall record was set on the 20th. I had 16 days during the month with winds above 25 mph. Overall a slightly cooler and wetter than average month with plenty of wind.
  5. 0.81 here last night, couple rounds of thunderboomers. Lots of T and L!
  6. No frost here, clouds rolled in overnight and actually had some sprinkles in last hour, currently 48.1 after a 43.7 low.
  7. DCA: +0.8 NYC: +0.6 BOS: +0.6 ORD: -0.8 ATL: +0.8 IAH: +1.2 DEN: +1.4 PHX: +1.8 SEA: +0.4
  8. 37 for a low here, winds stayed up so no frost or freeze
  9. Welp, the power is back on after a 2 hour outage...from the winds, surprise. Although I personally only had a 44 mph max gust at 4:07 pm, someone or something must have gotten a bigger one. It is calming down a bit, currently W at 12 gusting 23 mph. I had a minimum 20 40+ gusts today WITHOUT a wind advisory......
  10. Up to 46.0 here at 10 am after a 39.8 degree low. Winds already doing their thing, currently WNW at 17 gusting to 29, had a 34 gust a bit ago.
  11. I came thru Fishersville/Waynesboro around 2:10 pm, can confirm LOTS of hail on ground between MM 90.4 and MM 93.0 on I-64.
  12. Yep, again, for the 100th straight day it seems
  13. DCA running a -0.6 thru 19th after this terribly chilly last 3 days, but don't worry, should be back on the plus side by Saturday or Sunday.
  14. Yep, those are hail reports, gotta be at those temps
  15. Only down to 29.1 here, nowhere near a record low. Now the high? Yep, broke 1983's 48 'cool max' with a 45.1 degree high.
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