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  1. Been hacking on mine since this started, no one to help at the house, so what happens is what it is lol. I haven't CAUGHT anyone laughing......yet.
  2. Just missed setting a record for rainfall for the date. 1.72 inches when I dumped this morning. All that fell in under 2 hours. Record is 1.81 from 2015.
  3. Rocker of a storm here tonight! Very intense lightning and thunder, hail with several in the 1 inch range and had to be 1-1.5 inches of rain in 30 minutes!! I'll know when I get home.
  4. Numbers for the month of June 2020 Averaged high was 78.7 degrees vs a normal of 81.5 degrees, a -2.8 degrees below normal. Warmest temp was 88.2 degrees on the 4th. Averaged low was 56.6 degrees vs a normal of 57.3 degrees, a -0.7 degrees below normal. Coldest temp was 41.8 degrees on the 1st. Overall averaged temp was 67.7 degrees vs a normal of 69.4 degrees, a -1.7 degrees below normal and the 4th coolest June on record, with only 1992, 2003 and last year (2019) being cooler. Total rainfall for the month was 8.22 inches vs a normal of 3.64 inches, a + 4.58 above normal. This is the 4th wettest June on record, with 2016's 9.49, 2013's 8.88 and 1995's 8.58 beating it. The wettest day was the 18th, when 2.99 inches fell. There were 15 days with measurable, 2 days with a 'T' and 13 dry days. Highest wind recorded was 26 mph on the 4th. Several records for month, a new 'warm minimum' on the 11th, and new 'cool maxes' on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th. Two new daily rainfall records, the 2.99 inches on the 18th and 1.52 inches on the 15th. Another wet and cool month overall.
  5. AGAIN! DCA: +1.9 NYC: +1.8 BOS: +1.1 ORD: +2.2 ATL: +1.4 IAH: +0.9 DEN: +1.4 PHX: +0.7 SEA: -1.0
  6. So you have orographic lift on the backside?
  7. UGH... After a week enjoying 60's and 70's with low humidity in Colorado mountains this is U G L Y.
  8. Been gone on vacation (yes you can still pull that off) anyway, happy late birthday to both stormtracker and mappy! Hope they were awesome!!
  9. lol, true. I buy 1/4 beef off a local guy, he only raises 7 or 8 head a year. He only grass feeds with occasional grain when necessary. No hormones or junk like that, a Mennonite family cuts up/butchers each year. Used to do 1/2 back when wife was alive and the son was still home. I only eat chicken/pork when out due to that.
  10. 100% correct again! Yep, that had an everlasting effect on me!
  11. Just for giggles looked to see where I stood on all this rainfall. Currently the 7.48 for the month sits in 4th place for June, and there are 12 days to go..... Records it is chasing after, 2016's 9.59 inches, 2013's 8.88 inches and 1995's 8.58 inches. My records go back to October 1979.
  12. I have a 'rotation', usually lasts me 5 days or so each time I fix one. Chili, meatloaf, pot roast (then veggie soup with the leftovers), grill hamburgers (charcoal only), baked spaghetti. I finish up the baked spaghetti today. Now I'll wait and see who notices anything about that rotation....
  13. Oh, the 'ol rinse and repeat setting up. I've already had two in the last 4 weeks here......
  14. ^^^I'm still willing to share....lol! I have PLENTY to spare. ^^^ EDIT- dang it! I just looked out and it has started to lightly rain AGAIN! sheesh