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  1. Would it surprise anyone if I mentioned it is raining again?
  2. Trust me, it takes A LOT to 'hurt the feelings'. I am of the belief that if you dish it you better be able to receive it!!
  3. Anywhere along the spine of the Apps will work, from SW PA down thru Davis to Snowshoe and Duo/Quinwood WV.
  4. Sitting at 3.7 inches for the season here, least I have beat the disaster that was 90/91 when only 3.2 inches fell. Still have some climbing to get out of the bottom 5 90/91 3.2 16/17 6.4 01/02 6.7 00/01 8.2 07/08 11.4
  5. Daisy....Daisy..... Where could you possibly be? I'm a weenie, searching for snow you see It has been a sucky winter But I'm still not ready to be called a quiter So I'll search for you, and a few flakes too On my bicycle built for two
  6. Since 2-1 rainfall 3.54 inches, snowfall 0.2 inches Since 1-1 rainfall 6.98 inches, snowfall 3.2 inches. About twice the rainfall above average, under a third of average snowfall. Sad.
  7. Set a new record warm minimum this am, 35.8 degrees, which beats 2009's 34.5 degree reading. Records go back to Oct 1979. 0.85 of rain past 24 hours
  8. Another wet and cloudy/cool day. 'wedge' feel to it. Just hit 40 degrees with a moderate rain falling. Just a hair over .25 in the gauge since 7 am. Another fail from NWS, which has updated forecast to steady rain and a 43 high after a 7 am forecast of 53 and showers in afternoon.
  9. Bend was second on my son's short list. He picked Breck over it for the fact that there were more ski resorts in the immediate area. He has been to the area twice though, and said it is a nice place.
  10. You could always join the 'riverdancers'!!
  11. Because it is 'normal'?? The average for March is 55/28 here, and 90% of the 'warmth' happens the last 5/6 days of the month if you look at the overall averages for the month. The 1st 3 weeks run 50/25 to 55/30 and last week is in the 60/62 over 32 range.
  12. Dead Ash tree? I have had two that I hadn't taken down yet fall in last month. If you have any near your property get them down! They either snap off about 5-10 foot up or completely uproot (I had one of each) once dead over a year. That is my PSA for the day!
  13. I think Steven King either wrote it or it was based off something he did. It was an interesting movie.