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  1. Low of 42.0 this morning, just missed record of 41 from 1980 and 1998. Haze/smoke is better this morning.
  2. Sounds like a discussion/forecast from the west!
  3. Canaan back down into the upper twenties since 1 am, currently 28 at 4:30 am.
  4. Just had our first sighting here Thursday, and only one. Usually we have 6-10 fighting for the feeders.
  5. Cooler now (58.3 degrees) than at 7 am reporting time (60.0 degrees). Been overcast with light E winds and drizzle/mist/fog all day. Only about 0.05 in gauge since 7am, but definitely wet/damp/cool.
  6. Adding temps DCA: 100 NYC: 99 BOS: 101 ORD: 102 ATL: 100 IAH: 105 DEN: 104 PHX: 118 SEA: 96
  7. My numbers for the month of May 2023. Averaged high was 70.2 degrees vs a normal of 73.6 degrees, a -3.4 degrees below average. The warmest temp recorded was 82.0 degrees on the 9th. Averaged low was 47.6 degrees vs a normal of 48.6 degrees, a -1.0 degrees below average. The coldest temp recorded was 35.6 degrees on the 5th. Overall averaged temp was 58.9 degrees vs a normal of 61.1 degrees, a -2.2 degrees below average. Total rainfall for the month was 3.23 inches vs a normal of 4.30 inches, a -1.07 inches below average. The greatest daily rainfall was on the 30th with 0.64 inches falling. There were 14 days with measurable, two days with a 'T' and 15 dry days. There was no snowfall for the month. Highest wind recorded was 33 mph on the 3rd. Two new records, both 'cool maxes', set on the 2nd and 4th. Overall a cooler and drier than normal month. Records date back to October 1979.
  8. Today officially ends 'freezing season' for me, latest freeze on record 6/1/84 32 degrees.
  9. Present! DCA: +1.6 NYC: +2.1 BOS: +2.3 ORD: +1.9 ATL: -0.7 IAH: +0.2 DEN: -2.1 PHX: -1.3 SEA: +1.8
  10. 0.64 for the daily total, to go with yesterday's 0.35, just under an inch for event, and sitting at 3.22 for the month here.
  11. About 0.11-0.12 has fallen here since 7 am, to go with the 0.35 from 7 am report. JUST 50 or so miles to my south 5-6 inch amounts being reported and FFW's up in a line from Roanoke to Bluefield WV!
  12. 0.35 as of 7 am, currently raining again.
  13. AWESOME!! Congrats!
  14. Only down to 44.2 here (been in 40's all week for lows), but close by there were upper 30's around 7-8 am.
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