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  1. 36.5 for low here this am, new record, beat 38's from 1984 and 1991. Just a little frost on roofs and car tops.
  2. Glancing at the rain gauge in the dark looks like a .4 or so today, still lightly raining.
  3. If it is in the same spot that IS eerie!!
  4. Another dry day! 3 in a row, first time that has happened since 7/18-7/22 here. I've decided 77 for a high and 49 for a low should be the national summer temperature, like a flag or flower or bird.....
  5. Only down to 54.2 this am after yesterday's 51.5. Still 1000% better than previous month of weather. 2nd dry day in a row here, I think the last time that happened the calendar was on July.
  6. UGH! I lost the tranny in MC last summer. Well, the front seal blew and then that cooked the TC. About 1100 bucks to fix right since it was apart. The old guy did a heck of a job, people brought cars there from all over. Sadly he passed away about 3 months after he fixed mine. He was 80 and STILL working on them! Course his son (whom I graduated HS with) is now running the place after being in the business with his dad for 30 years. Hope the tooth goes well!
  7. You can thank 10/10/1979 for that
  8. Let me look... OK, years without a 90 or greater in August...2017, high 89.3 18th. 2014, high 88.2 29th. 2013, high 87.7 10th. 2012, high 89.7 10th. 2008, high 89.5 on 5th and 21st. 1982, high 89 on 4th. and this year, so 7 years total. LOTS of years with only one or two 90+ days including 1984, 1986, 1989, 1992, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2016. Hottest I have recorded is 102 degrees on July 17th 1988 and Aug 1st 1999, 101's on Aug 20 and 21 1983, June 30th and July 9th 2012 and Aug 17 and 18 2007.
  9. My numbers for August 2020 Averaged high was 82.2 degrees vs a normal of 83.9 degrees, a -1.7 degrees below normal. Highest temp for month was 86.8 degrees on the 12th and 26th. Averaged low was 63.4 degrees vs a normal of 60.4 degrees, a +3.0 degrees above normal. Coldest temp for the month was 57.5 degrees on the 18th. Overall averaged temp was 72.8 degrees vs a normal of 72.2 degrees, a +0.6 degrees above normal. Total rainfall for the month was 7.11 inches vs a normal of 3.21 inches, a +3.90 inches above normal and slides into 2nd place for the greatest rainfall in month of August, with only 1984's 9.92 inches beating it. Wettest day was the 14th with 2.02 inches falling. There were 25 days with measurable, one day with a 'T' and 5 dry days. Highest wind recorded for the month was 30 mph on the 2nd and 26th. Records include a new 'cool max' of 68.3 degrees on the 16th, a new 'warm minimum' of 68.8 degrees on the 29th, new daily rainfall records on three consecutive days, 2.02 on the 14th, 0.82 on the 15th and 0.73 inches on the 16th. Overall a wet, cloudy and humid month. Records date to October 1979.
  10. DCA: +0.9 NYC: +1.0 BOS: +1.1 ORD: -0.4 ATL: +0.2 IAH: +1.1 DEN: +1.1 PHX: +2.4 SEA: +1.9
  11. Definitely the full experience, blue lights and all @334 and 435 lol!
  12. Another 0.73 inches, a 'cheapy' new daily rainfall, as for some reason the 16th hasn't had much here in last 40 years. Old mark was 0.68 from 1998. Also set new 'cool minimum' with a 68.3 degree high, old mark was 72.0 from 1992 and 2013. Right at 5 inches for the month now.
  13. Month so far....12 of 15 days with measurable, a T and 2 dry....sheesh. 4.25 for month and 2.84 last two, which were new daily records each, 2.02 for 14th and 0.82 for 15th.
  14. Caps currently in same spot in playoffs as my Blackhawks, but came in with COMPLETELY different expectations.....