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  1. My numbers for the month of March, 2020... Averaged high was 59.7 degrees vs a normal of 55.0 degrees, a +4.7 degrees above average, the warmest day was on 29th with a 82.7 degree reading. Averaged low was 37.3 degrees vs a normal of 29.7 degrees, a +7.6 degrees above average, the coolest reading was on the 1st with a 20.5 degree mark. Overall averaged temp was 48.5 degrees vs a normal of 42.4 degrees, a +6.1 degree above average and the 4th warmest on record behind 2012's 52.0, 2016's 49.2 and 1997's 48.6 degrees. Total precip for the month was 2.87 inches vs a normal of 3.43 inches, a -0.56 below average. The wettest day was the 25th with 0.64 inches falling. There were 20 days with measurable , 1 day with a 'T' and 10 dry days. There was a 'T' of snow reported for the month on the 7th vs a normal of 6.5 inches, a -6.5 inches below average and the 6th least snowfall for any March, falling into place behind 1983, 1992, 1997, 2000 and 2007's 0.00 readings. Highest wind recorded during the month was 40 mph on the 30th. Records start October 1979.
  2. Hey! I'm on time! DCA: +3.1 NYC: +2.9 BOS: +2.6 ORD: +1.6 ATL: +3.1 IAH: +3.3 DEN: -1.1 PHX: -1.6 SEA: -2.6
  3. Been an interesting afternoon, watched as the snow line slowly crept down the mountain sides. Still too warm here (40.3) but I'd estimate around 2500-2700 foot and up it is snow. 'Shoe, and Highland county and airport all reporting snow or a mix in last few hours and in 30's.
  4. Nice pic! We are cloudy with some fog AGAIN here this morning, going back to the 10th, I have reported 1 clear and 2 partly cloudy 7am reports, rest cloudy or fog, and most with some form of precip falling from sky at that time....
  5. Happy B-day! Enjoy it the best you can!
  6. Sitting at 1.71 for the month as of 7 am this morning. That isn't a ton, but I've had only 8 days dry and 6 of those were 9th or earlier. Lots of 0.04's, 0.02's, 0.07's but it still counts.Today's rain will push me over 2 inches.
  7. That was a bit of a surprise. I figured they'd do May 15 and see how things looked.
  8. Actually looking at this, looks like Roanoke, VA???
  9. About .30 so far here since 7am. Temps holding at 40.
  10. I have not had a dry day since 3/12 here.......
  11. Stay hydrated my friend!!
  12. My numbers for the month of February, 2020 Averaged high for the month was 49.0 degrees vs a normal of 46.7 degrees, a +2.3 degrees above normal. The warmest day for the month was on the 4th with a 63.8 degree reading. Averaged low for the month was 29.5 degrees vs a normal of 23.5 degrees, a +6.0 above the normal. The coldest temp recorded was 11.8 degrees on the 15th. The overall average temp for the month was 39.3 degrees vs a normal of 35.1 degrees, a +4.2 degrees above average. Rainfall/liquid was 4.63 inches vs a normal of 2.59 inches, a +2.04 above the average. The wettest day was on the 7th with 1.62 inches falling. There were 15 days with measurable, 5 days with a T and 9 dry days during the month. Snowfall for the month was a measly 0.2 inches vs a normal of 7.5 inches, a -7.3 below normal and the 6th lowest ever recorded here, falling into place behind 1988's 0.0 and 1990/91/99 and 2017's 'T's. There was one day with measurable, 5 days with T's and 23 snow-less days. Highest wind recorded was 38 mph on the 8th. Two new records were set, both new 'warm minimums', one on the 11th and other on the 5th. Overall, another warm and wet winter month here. Records started October 1979.