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  1. New record 'cool max' here, but not by a lot. 36.4 degrees was the high, beating 1986's 37 degree reading. The 11.8 low was NOT a record, but by about the same amount and same year! Record is 11 degrees from 1986. I had a -22 departure for the day....nice.
  2. That would be wicked. Some places in WV had close to 60 inches of snow!! The CO-ops around my area reported 13-19 inches here.
  3. Roanoke (18) Lynchburg (17) Blacksburg (12) and Bluefield (6) all set new record lows this morning per NWS Blacksburg.
  4. Broke 'cool max' and low records for the date. 33.6 degrees for a high, old mark was 38 degrees from 1996. 11.7 for the low, also beating 1996's 18 degrees. Currently 11.8/7.9...chilly! Flurries off and on thru the day and early evening but never rates close to enough to stick/accumulate. EDIT- I see a few single digits showing up on local thermometers in the area!!
  5. Place in microwave, set time to infinity, when smoke starts coming out of microwave, it is done.
  6. Hey, I see some brown! All the ones up here I have seen are zero brown, all black!!
  7. Yeah, the cameras down that way looked awesome earlier!
  8. Yesterdays 7 am and 8 am 19.6 degree reading sets a new record low for the date of 19.6 degrees, beating 1995's 21 degree mark. Clouds helped hold and raise temps a few degrees over night, mainly hung in low 30's. Yesterdays high was 45.4, not a record.
  9. AGREE 100%. I haven't watched NBA (and I used to be a HUGE fan) in 10 years or so.
  10. Set a new 'cool max' record of 37.7 degrees, not beating 1991's 38 by much. Low was 19.2, currently 19.6 degrees with a DP of 17.7.
  11. Nothing on the snow front here, but it is cold. STILL haven't crossed the freezing mark as of 12:30, but close. 31.4/22.8 and a NW breeze at 6 mph. Water in the bird thing is still frozen in full sun. Forecast is for 41, it is gonna have to hurry to get there and my record 'cool max' for the date is 38 degrees from 1991, may break that. The record low is 18 from 1993, forecast is for 21, so that may hold.
  12. Your ground temps should be in the 50-54 degree range right now. You should be good for a while.
  13. Upper 20's with WC's down in the teens....yep it feels good!!! Nice to see more whiteness up in ski country too!