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  1. Just swinging by to wish all a great and safe Thanksgiving!!
  2. Yeah, Staunton (and the valley area around) went calm on the winds around 10 pm last night and you can see their temps go down from there. My winds stayed up until around 4 am, and I only dropped to 28.7 here, plus my clouds never really cleared out. But the clouds cleared/broke up in last hour, sunny here now.
  3. Are they making snow too?
  4. After zooming up to a 45.6 degree high around 10, temp dropping and short burst of flurries in the 20-40 mph winds now. Temp down to 39.8 degrees.
  5. Just so I understand the last page and a half... wearing a mask protects me when purchasing from a vending machine, correct?
  6. Roller coaster temp wise here, was 29.6 at 2am, rose to 37.7 at 5 am, fell again to 30.0 for the 7 am CoCoRaHS, when it was clear and calm with frost. An hour later it was cloudy with WSW winds 10 mph and the temp up to 41.2!! Crazy.
  7. Is there a listing for the 547 made? I wonder how many are still around. MANY were bought and put away I'd suspect. I remember seeing one on the showroom floor at a Buick dealer in Salem VA, the window sticker then made my eyes hurt.
  8. Awesome car discussions. My (sadly) stock 87 MC SS Aerocoupe is a great cruiser, DEFINITELY not a 'track car' lol. But, with it being the black/gold combo I feel the pain of keeping it clean. Even after washing and detailing, sitting in the garage a day shows EVERY dust speck possible.....sheesh. With you 100% on the Meguiar products LTA6!!
  9. 2.29 total for the event here.
  10. Looks like the front has pushed the heavy rain east of here, had 2.21 event total as of 7 am this morning, but it was still raining then. SHATTERED the 'warm minimum' for the date with a 59.3 degree low reading, old was 49 degrees from 2002.
  11. Ah!! NOTHING brings out that 'fall feeling' like a night time thunderstorm in November...
  12. Little late, but here are the numbers for my location for October 2020 Total rainfall was 3.72 inches vs a normal of 2.70 inches, a +1.02 above average. Greatest rainfall was on the 30th with 1.10 inches falling. There were only 9 days with measurable, 3 days with a "T" and 19 dry days. The averaged high was 67.5 degrees vs a normal of 67.8 degrees, a -0.3 degree below average. The warmest temp recorded was on the 22nd with a 78.9 degree reading. The averaged low was 44.5 degrees vs a normal of 40.8 degrees, a +3.7 degrees above average. The coldest temp recorded for month was 30.3 degrees on the last day, the 31st. The overall averaged temp for the month was 56.0 degrees vs a normal of 54.3 degrees, a +1.7 degrees above average. The highest wind recorded was 35 mph on the 31st. One new record, the 1.10 rainfall on the 30th set a new daily rainfall record. Overall a dry month, minus two separate 3 day periods, when 92% of all the rain recorded fell.
  13. I spy, with my little eye, a CoCoRaHS gauge ....