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  1. Gonna try to be 'on time' for once lol. My numbers for November 2022 Averaged high was 56.3 degrees vs a normal of 55.4 degrees, a +0.9 above average. The warmest temp recorded for month was 76.4 degrees on the 8th. Averaged low temp was 35.1 degrees vs a normal of 31.0 degrees, a +4.1 degrees above average. The lowest temp recorded for the month was 17.8 degrees on the 21st. Overall averaged temp was 45.7 degrees vs a normal of 43.2 degrees, a +2.5 degrees above average. Total precip for the month was 5.87 inches vs a normal of 2.78 inches, a +3.09 inches above normal. The greatest rainfall was on the 12th with 2.49 inches falling. There were 13 days with measurable, 3 days with a 'T' and 14 dry days. Total snowfall for the month was a T vs a normal of 0.3 inches, a -0.3 inches below average. Greatest snowfall occurred on both the 16th and 17th. Highest wind recorded was 34 mph on the 20th. Several records for the month, the 2.49 inches on the 12th is a new daily rainfall, the 'T' of snow was a new record snowfall for the 17th, a new record high occurred on the 8th, a new 'warm minimum' happened on the 6th, and two new record 'cool maxes' happened on the 18th and 21st. The month was split into two VERY different patterns, very warm and wet for the first half, quite chilly and below average precip during the second half.
  2. DCA _ NYC _ BOS ___ ORD _ ATL _ IAH ____ DEN _ PHX _ SEA -1.9 -1.6 -1.1 -3.6 1.1 1.7 1.1 1.1 -4.2 DCA _ NYC _ BOS ___ ORD _ DTW _ BUF ___ DEN _ SEA _ BTV 19.5 40.0 58.5 42.8 50.5 101.0 41.6 8.7 104.0
  3. They say go big or go home... BWI: 26.7" DCA: 19.9" IAD: 30.3" RIC: 15.8" LYH: 14.3" (tiebreaker)
  4. Wow is it foggy out there! Just above freezing too. 32.3/31.6
  5. Wishing everyone out there a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving!!
  6. Nothing like piling up those Frequent Driver Miles lol.
  7. Set a new daily 'cool max' here of 37.5 degrees, beating 1984 and 2008's 38.0 degree reading by just a bit. Currently 18.0/9.6 with a low of 17.8 about an hour ago. Records date back to October 1979.
  8. Well, in the words of Ricky Bobby.... "If you ain't first, you're last"!
  9. Crushed a new record 'cool max' here, 33.9 degrees, old was 38.3 degrees from 2005.
  10. My CoCoRaHS report from this morning, hopefully NOT a prelude to this coming winter.... Gauge Catch 0.84 in. Notes At 7 am it is cloudy, temp 38.0 degrees, dew point 33.7 degrees, B. pressure 30.06 and steady, wind W at 8 gusting to 18 mph, visibility 10 miles. High 39.3 degrees, low 31.6 degrees. A freezing rain/sleet mix to start for a short period in early morning with no accumulation turned to a steady rain and 32.5-33.3 degree day. Temps rose overnight to the high around 6 am and it became breezy.
  11. NWS Blacksburg put a winter weather advisory for my area for a small amount of snow and ice late tonight and tomorrow morning..... we shall see.
  12. Set a new daily rainfall record of 2.49 inches, beating 2009's 2.29 inches. Lowest pressure I recorded was 29.56 at 7:45 pm. Total from Nicole 3.24 inches here.
  13. Set a record high of 76.4 degrees here, old mark was 74 degrees from 2008 and 1980.
  14. Wet and remarkably warm period. High was 69.7 degrees, low was 60.8 degrees, which shatters the pervious 'warm minimum' of 55.0 degrees from 2003. To say it is unusual would be an understatement, the only two previous +50 degree lows for the date are the 55.0 in 2003 and a 50.8 degree reading in 2015. Records go back to 1979.
  15. There are a few holdouts, but for the most part we are done here color wise. I'd estimate 80-90% of trees are bare.
  16. Wet out there... and warm and humid! Is it really November?
  17. My numbers for the month of October, 2022. Total rainfall was 3.35 inches vs a normal of 2.70, a +0.65 above average. The wettest day was the 1st with 1.11 inches falling. There were 9 days with measurable, one day with a 'T' and 21 dry days. No snowfall was recorded. Averaged high temp was 63.6 degrees vs a normal of 66.9 degrees, a -3.3 degrees below normal and 5th coolest recorded. The warmest temp was 74.6 degrees on the 25th. Averaged low temp was 37.4 degrees vs a normal of 41.5 degrees, a -4.1 degrees below normal and 4th coolest recorded. The coldest temp was 26.1 degrees on the 21st. Overall averaged temp was 50.5 degrees vs a normal of 54.2 degrees, a -3.7 degrees below normal and the 4th coolest recorded, falling behind 1988's 48.2 degree reading along with 1987's 49.4 and 1992's 49.8. Highest wind recorded was 25 mph on three separate days, 5, 15 and 27th. Three new records, all 'cool max's', set on the 2nd, 19th and 20th. Overall a cool month with big dry stretches between several large rain events. Records date to October 1979.
  18. DCA: +2.1 NYC: +2.6 BOS: +2.7 ORD: +3.3 ATL: +2.2 IAH: +2.4 DEN: +1.9 PHX: -0.5 SEA: -1.4
  19. Rain falling here this morning and 48 degrees.
  20. Late, late, late! My numbers for September 2022. Averaged high was 75.8 degrees vs the normal of 76.9 degrees, a -1.1 degrees below normal, The warmest temp recorded was 83.3 degrees on the 21st. Averaged low temp was 53.2 degrees vs the normal of 53.7 degrees, a -0.5 degrees below normal. The coldest temp recorded was 38.0 degrees on the 28th. Overall averaged temp was 64.5 degrees vs a normal of 65.3 degrees, a -0.8 degrees below average. Total precip was 3.07 inches vs the normal of 3.55 inches, a -0.48 inches below normal. The greatest daily rainfall was 0.78 inches on the 9th. There were 12 days with measurable, 0 days with a 'T' and 18 dry days. No new records to report. Overall a slightly cooler and drier than normal month. Records date to October 1979.
  21. BWI: 10/30 IAD: 10/21 DCA: 11/1 RIC: 11/2 Max temp at DCA 80
  22. After some clearing/sun late morning/early afternoon yesterday (and allowing temps to make low 60's), the clouds have rotated back in again and a few sprinkles now and then. NWS missed badly on forecasted lows, called for 47, actual was 40.
  23. Been a cool stretch last few days. Haven't seen 55 degrees in almost 90 hours here now.... currently 48.2/47.2 and cloudy. Yesterday's high was 54.6, nowhere near record cool max of 47.8 from 2011.
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