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  1. Well, my procrastination and then a blip on the 30th....and I failed to enter. Maybe next year lol. Good luck to all that entered, may the snowiest one win!
  2. My numbers for the month of November 2021 Averaged high temp was 53.2 degrees vs a normal of 55.4 degrees, a -2.2 below normal. The warmest temp recorded was 73.2 degrees on the 10th. The averaged low temp was 29.8 degrees vs a normal of 31.0 degrees, a -1.2 degrees below normal. The coldest temp recorded was 19.8 degrees on the 24th. The overall averaged temp was 41.5 degrees vs a normal of 43.2 degrees, a -1.7 degrees below normal. Total precip for the month was 0.63 inches vs a normal of 2.78 inches, a -2.15 inches below normal and slides into 2nd place of driest November's, behind 2001's 0.41 but ahead of 2017's 0.70 inches. Only a T for snowfall for the month vs a normal of 0.2 inches, a -0.2 inches below normal. Highest wind recorded was 42 mph on the 27th. Overall a cool and VERY dry month. As a side note, this is the month with the greatest differences when I recalculated the new 30 year 'normals', with rainfall falling off from 3.18 inches to 2.78 inches. High temp falling from 57.0 to 55.4 degrees and low temp falling from 31.7 to 31.0 degrees.
  3. DCA: -1.3 NYC: -1.3 BOS: -0.9 ORD: -1.3 ATL: +1.6 IAH: +2.3 DEN: +2.8 PHX: +2.6 SEA: -0.2 Snow DCA: 20 NYC: 38 BOS: 54 ORD: 52 DTW: 47 BUF: 104 DEN: 58 SEA: 13 BTV: 105
  4. First legit snow of season here, just showers, but nice to see. Was 39 when I reported to CoCoRaHS at 7 am, now down to 35.5 and falling. Wind is howling, gusting to 40-42 mph at times.
  5. Wishing all a super and safe Thanksgiving!!
  6. Currently 38.9/36.1 and light rain falling, snowing up high (3000+)...
  7. 26.0/25.1 with a heavy frost AND freezing fog, deck was quite slick. Fog formed in last two hours.
  8. Low was 27.2, currently 27.8 with some fog around.
  9. 29.6/28.4 here with fog (freezing?), first freeze and frost of the season!
  10. I remember watching Zoom as a kid, not sure what it has to do with weather though... Maybe we could look into Loogle
  11. Rain and 39 here, snowing above 3500 feet
  12. My numbers for October 2021 Total rainfall was 2.85 inches vs a normal of 2.70 inches, a +0.15 above average. The wettest day was the 29th with 0.81 inches falling. There were 14 days with measurable, one day with a "T" and 16 dry days. The averaged high for the month was 69.8 degrees vs a normal of 66.9 degrees, a +2.9 degrees above average. The warmest day was on the 16th with a 80.7 degree reading. The averaged low was 49.6 degrees vs a normal of 41.5 degrees, a +8.1 degrees above normal and the 2nd warmest on record, with only 1984's 50.5 degrees being warmer. The 'coolest' temp was 36.5 degrees on both the 18th and 19th. The overall averaged temp was 59.7 degrees vs a normal of 54.2 degrees, a +5.5 degrees above average. There was no snowfall for the month. The highest wind recorded was 33 mph on the 27th. There were no new records recorded for the month.
  13. DCA: -1.7 NYC: -1.6 BOS: -1.2 ORD: -1.8 ATL: -1.3 IAH: -0.9 DEN: +0.4 PHX: +2.2 SEA: -0.6
  14. Sadly the wind is taking leaves off the trees at a pretty rapid rate this morning here... I'll be in 'clean up mode' for the week.
  15. I'd be willing to give it a try...
  16. So, just saw where NWS Blacksburg declared the 'growing season' done for my area....by date. This is a first that I can remember, usually we have a killing frost or freeze by now, I think my lowest temp so far this fall has been 36.5 back on the 19th? And I don't remember a frost advisory or freeze watch/warning ever issued, again another first....
  17. First mention of that snow word in the forecast from NWS for the Thursday night thru Saturday forecast here....
  18. I'd say we will peak here today thru Saturday, looks really good, Took a while, probably a week late.
  19. Rain and wind here now, currently 59.5/54.7 after a 72.3 degree high around 1 pm, and now thunder heard in distance. Wind shift too, was WSW now NW 10 G to 22 mph.
  20. Agree. I went up 219 and up over the Highland Scenic Highway (rt 150) yesterday. About 3500 was the cutoff for leaves still out. But from 2K-3K was pretty nice, once below 2K and heading back here (home) we still about a week out for full color.
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