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  1. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure of that??
  2. Just clouds here at the moment and 35.5/31.1, and only rain fell. BUT looking up the hill it looks like the snowline was about 3K overnight.
  3. Light rain here last two hours, 39.7/33.6.....
  4. Spillover. I love looking at satellite pics in NW flow and seeing the clouds banked up against the mountains, then further east past the crest it is a broken pattern along the ridges. I am in a spot that NW flow gets 'eaten' by the 4500-4800 peaks around 'Shoe because it puts me in their shadow and flurries is all I'll get. BUT, if it is WNW then I'll get off and on snowshowers and usually a small accumulation as long as the flow is that way and the air and is cold enough.
  5. Yep, just be glad you aren't closer to the App peaks. I read once that the western bank of the App's is one of the cloudiest spots in US, averaging around 225 days a year. I know in fall and winter when the winds are anywhere from WNW to NNW it stays cloudy here 95% of the time. THEN a NE to E wind pulls the clouds back in from east and it is cloudy again lol. I have a woodstove in basement, currently 84.3 degrees and humidity of 24% down there lol.
  6. Appears another cloudy to mostly cloudy day is in store again. Currently cloudy and 40.1/29.0. Only dropped to right at freezing overnight, again the clouds held temps up a bit I believe.
  7. Well welcome December! Just like the ones I used to know... lol. 37.4/36.6 and rain is falling at 1 pm.
  8. I went large, and I'm sticking to it. *Collin Raye music playing in the background*
  9. My numbers for the month of November 2023. Averaged high was 55.4 degrees vs a normal of 55.4 degrees, a spot on 0.0 difference. The warmest temp recorded was 73.4 degrees on the 8th. Averaged low was 29.5 degrees vs a normal of 31.0 degrees, -1.5 below average. The coldest temp recorded was 13.3 degrees on the 29th. Overall averaged temp was 42.4 degrees vs a normal of 43.2 degrees, -0.8 degrees below average. Total rainfall for the month was 2.39 inches vs a normal of 2.78 inches, -0.39 below average. There were 7 days with measurable, 4 days with a 'T' and 19 dry days. The wettest day was the 22nd with 1.79 inches falling, or 75% of the entire month's rainfall. There was only a 'T' of snowfall vs a normal of 0.3 inches, -0.3 inches below normal. The greatest snowfall was on 4 days, all with a 'T', the 1st, 2nd, 28th and 29th. The highest wind recorded was 36 mph on the 29th. There were several records for the month. The 1.79 inches of rainfall was a new daily record on the 22nd. New record lows were set on the 2nd and 3rd, and a new record 'cool max' was set on the 2nd. Although a fairly 'average' month on paper, a very cold start and finish to the month with a warm and dry middle.
  10. DCA: -1.4 NYC: -0.9 BOS: -0.9 ORD: +0.2 ATL: +0.4 IAH: +0.6 DEN: +1.1 PHX: +0.3 SEA: -0.3 SNOWFALL DCA: 22.9 NYC: 30.2 BOS: 44.6 ORD: 22.2 DTW: 31.5 BUF: 88.3 DEN: 54.3 SEA: 7.8 BTV: 71.4
  11. Had clouds overnight which I think held temps up a bit, currently 24.7/20.5.
  12. I thought that was quarters only?
  13. *redials and drops two dimes into glass jar*
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