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  1. It wouldn't be my preferred experience but in the past what came after was worth it. Can't always have it either. 30F and heavy sleet with 55mph wind gusts would be worse! I don't mind the wind but sleet is the devil. Might as well be sailing and run into a reef!
  2. I would be fine with that TBH. Christmas 2015 is still very well remembered, we had our windows open and it was pouring down rain. A repeat of Jan 2016 would be very welcome here. Something locked on (by some) a week in advance and with every run it just got better. And a storm where p-type was never a concern (for us anyway) it just snowed its ass off!
  3. Stupid ass wind, going to make putting up inflatables a PIA for sure!
  4. Good! Especially western Europe with the current events happening.
  5. Also on this day in 1995 a very wicked front blew through, temps dropped from 60s to 30s. Frequent TS gusts near 70 in many places.
  6. Yesterday's breeze did that already here. Even the stubborn pin oaks have shed. Hopefully Sat afternoon is dry enough for a final cleanup.
  7. Good grief, didn't they just have major maintenance and downtime in the past year? Bull gear replacement?
  8. Yes better have some heads up and TBH the effects from Ian up here were more than expected. At least it won't be raw, 35 mph wind gusts at 40F with rain showers goes right through you! This may be similar to Christmas eve 2020. That rain was driving almost tropical like here.
  9. Looks legit, but being Maryland I fear that Nicole will be working the drive-in Friday night serving the most popular item - nothingburgers!
  10. Track looks good for us in NE MD for rain/wind Fri night.
  11. Katydids' chorus sounds more like early Sept than first week of November.
  12. The spruce forest to our west funnels the winds down to the ground much like what happens in cities. The result is we wind up with legit "leafnadoes" or "leaf devils" spinning through the pasture. The winds today are strong enough but are from the wrong direction. They are doing a nice job of getting the leaves off the stubborn pin oaks, however.
  13. Crazy nice, windows open fresh breeze. Lights flickered a few min ago. Didn't hear anything but don't have AppleTV plugged into uninterruptible recep, wife pissed because she was watching a movie. Oh well.
  14. Mine locks out at 32F and the burner has run a few times this season already. The sensor is too close to ground and tends to read low, perhaps it's time to drop the temp to 25F. I wish we could get natural gas here! Of course where things are going it too, could be heading very high. Next system will probably be a combination of geothermal and minisplit as I know many in the trade and can get deals that would make ROI shorter.
  15. ~30 cords here but I'm not as thrilled about heating with wood entirely as I was 40 years ago!
  16. $5.77/gal for heating oil???! It can stay in the mid 50s all winter long as far as I'm concerned!
  17. Might as well be raining eggplant!
  18. Can't wait for 33 and rain to wash away six inches of sleet while there are three loaves of carrot cake baking on top of the woodstove!
  19. Love the tranquility once the bad weather is far east of us!
  20. Same here. Not a fan of night time tropical. At least Sandy, well most of it, was during daylight hours.
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