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  1. It feels really juicy out there today!
  2. Nice surprise yesterday. Warned, no legit severe. Lots of CG and a very nice soaking the veggies thoroughly enjoyed. Irrigation system bypass switch engaged! Nearly 1 inch for the day. Legit August weather has arrived. But the boot is coming in the form of over two less minutes of daylight with each day now. Summer's Groundhog Day has passed.
  3. Never bothered me either, hands up! Big fan of HP. Was a season pass holder since 1979 into the early 90s. Saw all the changes through the years. COMET was always my fav. Back seat was the best. Wildcat was quite lurchy and my first ride back in '99 definitely had me thinking I may be getting too old for these... The biggest surprise was the Wild Mouse. Thought it was a kiddie ride. Boy was I wrong. Not big drops but those hairpin turns, look over the side, is this gonna come off the track???! Noooo! And of course the first time riding the Trailblazer when new, back when the monorail took you over to tour the actual chocolate factory. I thought the big drop was coming, hands up! Wait a minute, this just goes around and around. Why are all the people screaming? IIRC it as 1977 when the "Sooperdooperlooper" came. I was disappointed, in the loop and out so fast. But there was a pitch dark tunnel everyone screamed through and that last bend when the air brakes practically give you whiplash. The same experience when the sky is dark as a bruise to the NW, severe warned, constant rumble like 16" guns going off a county away and then crickets. Now for coasters, I remember the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. That first drop seemed to last forever. On summer days hot as a firecracker we'd go to the Shakespeare theatre, that place had great AC and those aluminum benches felt like ice cubes especially if you were wearing shorts... Finally, anyone remember Dollywood before it was Dollywood? I'm talking Silver Dollar City in Pigeon Forge. Back in the mid 70s (Pigeon Forge) was hardly anything in the middle of nowhere. It's crazy how much that area has built up. I used to snicker at the warning signs about heart conditions on the high level rides. It's real. Even riding space mountain on my last visit to Disney in 2019 had me sweating, not really the intensity as it's just a hair more than HP's Trailblazer but the turns and lurching. Yep, can't beat the clock. Log flume rides like the coal cracker, no problem! EDIT: Forgot to mention, what legitimate discussion about Hersheypark would not mention the Giant Wheel! Loved the view while hearing the music from the authentic carousel organ from below. Peaceful as long as you didn't grab that wheel and spin the gondola like a madman even challenging the g-forces of the teacups. That would not be fun at 135 feet in the air! And heights never bothered me.
  4. Same little cell that tagged us. Seemingly came out of nowhere as they usually do!
  5. Let it torch, maybe it will be burned out by Thanksgiving. Like I am!
  6. Depends on the type of bird. The 80+ gusts at Harford Airport would have easily turned over the single engine planes if they weren't tied down. In any case, definitely legit severe. Airports are devoid of wind shadows and what seems like a gusty barely severe storm feels like a CAT2 on the strip!
  7. .12" isn't much but the rain birds (sprinklers) may get a break this evening as the garden looks OK.
  8. Murphy tends to do that.
  9. It may be warm and humid in Sep but here at least nights are much cooler and enjoyable. Mornings in the 40s/lower 50s are quite enjoyable compared to right now that's for sure!
  10. I'll take a dud season for in exchange of some IKE in the form of an early Jan Nor-Easter getting buried aka Jan '96 redux!
  11. RE: WD40... WD stands for Water Displacer. It does have lubricity properties but is probably the most mis-used product inside the garage outside of say the standard screw driver! And roger on overhead torsion springs. Some things are best left to skilled tradesman. And that is one of them!
  12. 89/65 Noticeably drier than SPY.
  13. If that was orange like last Tuesday's sunset, people would be running for the hills!
  14. 88/71 Not awful, not good.
  15. Some surveillance footage as the storm rolled into east Harford. Rainwise anemometer recorded a gust of 85 mph at this aircraft hangar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiIAHgj6YOs
  16. Katydids are out in full force now. Fireflies too! They love the warmer nights.
  17. You would be surprised at the number of folks that "should know better" that don't. They ASSume if there is no smoke, buzzing, sparking, etc. that everything is safe. Same kind of folks you never trust handing an "unloaded" firearm to you as well. If something can kill, it will without any warning at any time. Always presume the worst can happen and you live to do the next job, generally speaking. These last few days would not be fun at all if the temp was in the upper 90s with 80 DP, say like we had this time in July 1995. Anyone remember that heatwave?
  18. I was in Belair MD getting an inspection wrapped up. Knew it was coming and it came fast! Captured this Short video before rain/hail chased us to cover: At home near sunset, we noticed very much fire in the sky! Not just your normal reddish/orange glow but everything had the appearance of being viewed with a pink salmon filter! Red sky sailor's delight, yeah right! (As long as said sailor is equipped with a 32kW Northern Lights EDG!) Our power was out for about 8 hours which was a true blessing as I know some that just got restored early this AM and there are still folks without power. I'm taking a long needed break. (finally)
  19. No but it has a good chance to push your restoration time back even further. What a mess this has been, have not seen this sort of disruption in services and damage since Irene/Derecho/Sandy.
  20. Nothingburger stands are bigger than firework stands here in northern MD!
  21. Happy Birthday. Unfortunately if you want legit severe, you definitely need to hit the road!
  22. Same, I mean we always hear them but last night and especially tonight it was definitely reminding me of Beirut in 1983.
  23. Yes that is a good idea. Tree work is something you don't want to get involved with and realize the job was beyond your abilities! Definitely the safe way to go.
  24. That is best tackled by supporting the trunk to the left (only to make it easier for buck cuts) and cut near the base and let the root ball swing to the right of your kerf. Make sure the ground has had time to dry up so you have good footing!
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