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  1. And there it is! A few flashes and rumbles, severe thunderstorm warning canceled early! It petered out and is sneaking by to the north! This part of harford of late has an iron dome equivalent for legit severe!
  2. NE MD screwed again. We're not even getting a fresh breeze here. The farms plowed and fertilized and the smell is shall we say nauseating!
  3. 55/53 with some breeze going. Around 7AM everything had a very eerie red/orange hue. Red sky in morning... Now, however, the thick overcast has taken over.
  4. Oh I'm used to it. I could use the sun though. This 15kWh/day BS is getting old!
  5. Upper 40s here. Breeze is kicking up a bit. Still raw out.
  6. Just about the entire state of MD in slight risk, 15% wind. Pretty impressive for March!
  7. 35/14 at the end of March...
  8. Yep, it's definitely a mid atl thing especially in the north east md region. We get dammed in the 50s while DCA and south is near 80F and sees the action.
  9. I don't mind 80s and 90s...when the dewpoint is in the 50s. Our usual 70 plus dews are for the birds.
  10. Too bad January 6, 2022 wasn't the same as 1996. ;)
  11. Nice, we looked similar two weeks ago.
  12. When was the last time the area had moderate? Last time I can recall was June 02, 1998. Tornadic supercells verified with big hail. I was on a roof and had to take cover. Those stones were scary big!
  13. Gusty chilly wind, deck covered in spruce needles.
  14. Even this late in the game we miss on precip when it's cold. I will say the sun is quite strong this AM. Already up to 13kW and rising. About time!
  15. I remember wasting way too much time playing "Cosmic Disturbance" on a friend's Odyssey 2! Not to mention space invaders on the 2600. I used the "two shot cheat" too, where you press the reset button and power button at the same time so your cannon shoots twice with the press of the fire button. Even so, it was easy enough to "flip" the score counter (>9999) without doing that. Just got there quicker!
  16. Magnavox Odyssey was our first family console.
  17. Frying Pan Tower does wind well. Those lazy summer days, yes kind of a drag but it seems like we are stuck in these awful humid patterns with southerly breezes. Gone are the triple digit heatwaves broken by squall lines. I don't like "big heat" but prolonged 70-80 dews is getting annoying. We had a nice "swarm" of peepers the other day and these chilly temps have them running for cover. By mid May the Gray Tree frogs come out. Those are relaxing to listen to on wet late spring evenings after a round of thundershowers.
  18. We do hear it roar through the trees. It's cool. I like the wind, hate cleaning up after it. We get just the perfect amount when it blows, just wish that was more often.
  19. Totally agree there! Breeze is one thing, but wind is another!
  20. And to whom would you make the check out to? If we could pay for weather events with 99% guarantee of realistic experience (from past events) which would you choose and how much?
  21. The calcs are too slow with larger factorials. Smart phones particularly Apple's amazing A15 can run circles around them! Typically dealing with n! where n may be over 50 billion.
  22. But a stronger Nina is good for tropical, right? Switched majors from atmospheric to electrical engineering myself. Worked on both sides with instrumentation and meteorology. Ti89s were fun but the real trenchwork was done with slide rules and Curtas!
  23. Used to it in NE MD TBH. Low 50s in May, OTOH, sucks. Like 1989.
  24. Ours is about 40 years old and 30' tall at top and just amazing looking too! 3" total for this storm but I have to say it's probably the best 3" I've experienced. (get your minds out of the gutter!)
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