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  1. Sun angle up to 29.0 degrees now.
  2. Yeah I remember getting an inch here!
  3. I saw a moth flying around our security camera last night! To make up for this banana weather we need to be at -12F and snow for three days straight.
  4. Rainbow is the understatement of the day! I've spent a lot of time at sea in various places both tropical and not so nice. Seen lots of sky and color. But today near Towson Town Center (NB Dulaney Valley Road) I was greeted with this super bright, beaming rainbow that projected colors everywhere. I snapped this with my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Never, ever have I seen a rainbow with this intensity. It almost looked fake like some kind of projection with oversaturated colors like an uncalibrated Samsung OLED TV!
  5. It's overcast here in Harford but boy is it turning orange! The cast in the kitchen is about as red as it was on July 12, 2022 when we were ravaged by severe storms leaving many without power for days. The sky is on fire here. Just a few min ago from the tower cam!
  6. We have shaved a few degrees off the max. Car thermometers are going to read closest to actual outdoor air temperature when the car is moving over the highway for a while. In the dead of winter at ignition on too, the reading should be accurate. Some just may have a bias (offset) too.
  7. Dewpoint closing in on 60F! I know it's getting ridiculous when I see spiders in front of security cameras. May need to listen for peepers tomorrow evening.
  8. For some reason this scene comes to mind!
  9. At least it's a lot cheaper than other hobbies. By a long shot!
  10. At this point I could NOT care less about snow; let us have some damn weather that isn't boring. Or at least let the sun shine so I can replenish my reserves. Boring weather is bad for mental health. That is all.
  11. And even if such a storm occurs, it will somehow miss us and we wind up with some gusty showers and maybe a clap of thunder. This dumpster fire is a classic example why you shouldn't set a dumpster on fire as it could have magnesium in it!
  12. Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone.
  13. Worst weather imaginable on a boring scale, JMHO.
  14. Anyone remember this? I had lunch many times at that Wendys in Edgewood in the early 80s LOL.
  15. If nothing burgers were the same as the Gino's Hero burger of yesteryear surely a great number of us would have died from heart attacks by now.
  16. The weather here reads like laundry instructions: Cold/dry Warm/wet Repeat.
  17. Clockwork Orange! Ninth, Baby!
  18. Add not getting just snow to the list! It's hard to have a storm that stays all snow from start to finish.
  19. This scene always reminds me of the great fall of the GFS when the "chance" goes out the window!
  20. At least if it did there wouldn't be any of those pesky six legged bloodsuckers around!
  21. Merry Christmas Everyone! (A day late due to illness in family)
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