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  1. I saw that happen in 1998. 50kVA pad mounted transformer. When a phase went out BGE changed taps. When the last one opened they had the knuckleboom dropping in a new one. Ridge Gardens apartments. That area got a lot of severe in the mid to late 90s. So much tree damage and cleanup too. Then the derecho comes through in '12 and makes about the same mess as that decade! Severe action and tree work (specifically felling) have a lot in common. Like a big party. Everyone wants in on the action but the next day when it's time to clean up the mess no one wants to contribute. Last time we saw excitement was the day before Isaias came through. Feeder switch test failed and a 7.2kv feeder that runs between our parking pad and lane decided to shoot pink fire up into the air, full Dracarys mode! Singed the grass, melted asphalt and nearly got my work truck. Even in the pouring down rain of a thunderstorm I had to chase the flames with a big CO2 extinguisher 5 minutes after the power was cut. Fun times!
  2. Hail is the last thing I want. Anything over mothball sized is absolutely unwelcome here! Had a $60k claim on State Farm in 1980. That's ~ $213k in today's dollars. My lightning dets are going crazy right now, very energized cells to our west.
  3. Transformer explosions rarely happen. The flashes visible are arc faults or simply power flashes where something comes in contact with lines or a line is on the ground arcing producing lots of light. Pole mounted transformers are extremely robust, I've seen secondary faults burn through an entire pole and while the pole and transformer ended up on the ground, the transformer was still functional but damaged only from the fall! In substations where larger transformers are used where 500kV may be stepped down to 33kV, for example, faults here are quite spectacular and if it goes up in flames its usually due to the oil heating up to the point where the internal pressure reaches limits and safety devices vent the oil which instantly vaporizes and ignites when it contacts something hot (like an arc). Well known events involving substations include NYC: Closer to home, there was an incident on 12/21/2012, the day the world was supposed to end. Freaked a lot of folks out in the Annapolis area IIRC. During strong winds at night when your lights start flickering, dimming or going out and come back on, listen carefully. You may hear humming. And if you go outside you may see that eerie looking glow. In rural areas where overhead lines and trees are close together, this is commonplace. It's also annoying when a limb large enough to not be cleared by reclosers trips them out and you have to wait for crews to clear the fault.
  4. Compared to what it could be, yes I will definitely take it! If we have a year without a summer, we'll probably have a year without a winter. Aka mid 40s at night. With rain. Peepers by the creek (instead of sleigh bells)!
  5. Red sky at night, sailor's delight! It was very pleasant working pre-dusk in the meadows. Had numerous fireflies land on me. I let them crawl to the end of my fingers, point them skyward, they extend their wings and take off. It's almost magical.
  6. Just imagine if they took all the ethereum mining hardware and used BOINC clients on them for crunching that data what the throughput would be like! DC (distributed computing) is crazy powerful but alas, greed always takes precedence.
  7. Run bases? The John Shelby edition walker express allows you to steal them!
  8. Nice thundershower, watered the garden with a bit over a third of an inch.
  9. You serious Clark? I thought I was the oldest one here! Happy Birthday Mappy!
  10. It was mostly a miss for us here in Harford. Some close lightning strikes, even knocked out the power for a few seconds. Nothing like it was in B'more as seen here! NWS Breakdown presentation
  11. Milder summers, milder winters (without snow) what more could someone want? I mean think about it for a minute. Other places you really have to worry about losing your home to a tornado, landslide, earthquake, wildfire, avalanche, softball sized hail, widespread PDS events. Sure in certain places flash flooding and perhaps twice a century tropical. But this area is a bona fide natural disaster free zone! Our insurance rates should be cheaper. Most of the weather impact events in this area are more of inconvenient; i.e. loss of power. If you've ever been in the bullseye of pulse severe, you know that can be a wild ride too.
  12. The food trucks will be serving nothingburgers at that time. Play ball!
  13. And it begins... Tomorrow's daylight is 1 second shorter than today's!
  14. 78/56 Ready for FANTASTIC weather this weekend!
  15. We see the same thing here as well and have experienced 'meh' only to hear the box call siren at our local VFC and find that a tree has come down into someone's home not 1km from ours! So isolated but if you're under it can be hell.
  16. King's Dominion looks to be getting hammered!
  17. 82-83 and 15-16 had epic snow events making up for the rest of the slack!
  18. Just imagine if you washed the car too!
  19. My toe hurts from kicking the can down that road. Eventually we run out of road!
  20. The Hibiscus trees aren't going to be pleased with fifty freedom degrees! I, OTOH, love it!
  21. I see some impressive action but not yet convinced... I see getting stuck with a 4-6-7-10 split and I can only throw my spare ball down the center...
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TReCZ2auRkE
  23. Constant rumbling to our west. Sky is very charged this AM.
  24. Can see frequent flashes 75 miles to our south-southwest from that cell near Lake Ridge. (Seen on tower PTZ not by eyes on ground)
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