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2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations


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When you consider we didn't even get the main storm but rather the WAA out ahead of it, I can't complain about approx 5" while the main storm went to the Lakes.  We can thank the strong HP (strategically positioned) to the north for that.  This was an energetic, spring-like system, with plenty of GulfMex juice.

While I noticed temps rose toward the end of the snow, the temp has remained quite steady around 30.6 for the past few hours.  Just a bit of sleet IMBY as the snow slowly fizzled.


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41 minutes ago, Buildthewall said:

Hrrr is trending colder. It really looks like significant Ice later west of the 95 corridor.

90% of the total qpf is ice 



I don't buy it.

Shows icing here in nothern Delaware and I can tell you we are already at or above freezing. The rain is dripping off my car.

Maybe far far north western areas, but even there, the cold is going bye bye.

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