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  1. Soso is taking a direct hit! Population is around 400
  2. The damage in Leesburg is in the NE section of town right near downtown. Went right by my house.
  3. Just saw that more trees fell and siding is ripped off a home down the street from me about 4 homes down.
  4. This hook went right over my house and was epic winds. Unbelievable
  5. So I think there was just an EF-0 or 1 tornado in Leesburg right by my house. Huge winds and stuff went everywhere. 2 trees down and some siding etc of homes. Wow
  6. We get it within 5 days and still lose. Lol
  7. We all know p12 is reality of what will happen...
  8. Wait a second, I already see the back edge. We suck
  9. Coming into Leesburg. Traffic is slow. All has caved except roads now. Moderate snow
  10. Really coming down now. Glad I left the office when I did. Grass and mulch giving in now in Sterling
  11. Puking snow now! Rt 7 crossing into Loudoun County in Sterling. That was a quick change in 1 -2 miles!
  12. Mix now. Just crossed Reston Pkwy on Rt. 7
  13. Driving to Leesburg now. Almost ro Reston. Still rain
  14. He lives in the rich part Which part of town is the rich part? Trying to see if I live in the poor part of town or not...