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  1. Trying to nurse my weather station back but was 35 or so as of my last reading. It was a legit storm
  2. Just got wrecked with hail in downtown Leesburg. Marble sized!
  3. Ok so timing wise, rain changes to snow early am, then blizzard 8-11am, then snow+ after that until late afternoon? Then low teens/single digits tomorrow night? Also, 40-50mph winds? Is this about right?
  4. Y’all tell me how in mid-March we get a-trending blizzard potential up to start time on models but in Jan/Feb, we couldn’t buy a 50 miles shift 180 hours out…
  5. Checking in after seeing a Twitter post about snow. We getting a 93’ Redux?
  6. WOW at the NAM. Just got back on the computer. NAM is in it's wheelhouse now right? And sorry SE friends, you all got Jan 3rd. It's our turn to the NW...
  7. 2 seems like a real possibility for most. I bet someone scores a surprise 4” in NOVA. Regardless, I miss my January snowpack so looking to get some back here.
  8. We got the precip orientation trend we needed in the last couple runs. Now let’s just juice this up as much as possible between now and tomorrow night
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