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  1. Dumping snow in Downtown Leesburg right now. Beautiful snow on snow(sleet)
  2. I have never seen a sleet storm like this before. Everything is covered in white ice. Legit all sleet. Like 2.5 inches so far and just pouring sleet. Unreal
  3. I have heavy sleet and everything including roads are white from sleet. Where is the snow? I thought it was supposed to be snow right now
  4. You live in Winchester right? May as well call it WV. Tough game but we all can’t win
  5. Hasn't the HRRR been less impressed with past storms right before they started? Having it be much more bullish now has to be a good thing
  6. @Ji is in meltdown mode! Even DT divorced the Euro. Ji, let us know if you need a divorce attorney. The Euro is still decent and if this is the worst case scenario, we take!
  7. How were there enough characters available for you to choose your screen name?
  8. They’re still naming winter storms?
  9. Take out the 5% plain rain and I could go for this. Add that 5% to snow or sleet and we good
  10. With the NAM caving, I can go to sleep easy now. When I wake up in the morning to do catch up, I better see Ron Paul a few times. Please and thank you. #ItsHappening
  11. DT just went all in on his FB page for a major Ice Storm in NC and Va
  12. I just can't believe we went into this winter freaking out when the Euro was the only model not on board to now where we freak out when the NAM is the only one not on board.
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