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  1. Delayed and denied is off to an early start this year! Is that what they're calling 7/11 managers these days?
  2. wow - you learn something new every day!
  3. Who gets excited for rain, let alone on a weekend?
  4. Not too bright, are you? My point was hoping for anything doesn't make it reality, and is meaningless as to what might actually happen.
  5. I value my life.. for everything else I'll be calling State Farm and buying new shit.. Then again, I have a better chance of winning the $900M powerball than getting hit by an F5, no matter how much I "hope"
  6. Yeehaw.. way to ruin a weekend
  7. 546 thickness in late March will def get it done
  8. When it's .2 inches you just can't help but letting the world know
  9. you only need to set your clock forward 1 hour, not 7.
  10. Wrapped up with about .83".. hard to get accurate accounting with the drifts
  11. maybe another 20-30 min worth left for dc.. this thing is hauling! winds NW at 5 mph - eyeballing .75" on the roof
  12. I'd personally wait for a few more fake "my lights are flickering" reports
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