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  1. If you all put as much time and effort into something productive rather than chasing unicorns, you'd all be millionaires living in the Sierra Nevada mountains..
  2. Or a week from now for that matter.. The closest we're getting to snow this year is the Big Bear Eagle's nest
  3. Nice - might as well knock out the shake while you're down there.
  4. You need to find a new talent.. did you make your bed yet?
  5. Who said howard didn't have a sense of humor?
  6. The 7th looks more likely based on the current squirrel population
  7. I'd hold out for John Doe's forecast before getting excited
  8. The GFS day 12 guess verifies a different analog 4 times a day
  9. A day 10 model forecast is equally believable to predicting that unicorns will fly out of Randy's ass at 240 hrs.
  10. Fronts are serious business.. if you want to joke amongst meaningless posts, head to the long range discussion
  11. Definitely paced my drinking last night so I could sleep in.. other than that, it wasn't needed for 99% of the area.
  12. 240 hours away from those dates it will be 240 hours out
  13. Unless I see a blue checkmark I'm not buying it
  14. Delayed and denied is off to an early start this year! Is that what they're calling 7/11 managers these days?
  15. wow - you learn something new every day!
  16. Who gets excited for rain, let alone on a weekend?
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