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  1. I'd never consider spring as "severe season" around here. In my 45 years of living in the DC area, June/July has by far had the most severe events. Historically, DC typically has the most thunderstorm days in July with 7, followed by June with 6, and May and August with 5.
  2. That's tough.. nothing more exciting than steady drizzle. Hopefully you're still able to feed your family
  3. Pretty impressive line and moving quick.. No one cares
  4. ahh you're right.. 14 days out is the sweet spot for model accuracy
  5. 10-15 days out at least 12 times a week.. so no different from the fantasy map he posted, which of course will change completely within 24 hours.
  6. Beyond two or three days, even the world's best forecasts are still speculative, and beyond a week, they are worthless. Such is the paradox that is chaos. If you have control issues, weather might not be the best hobby for you.
  7. Only if you're a complete imbecile. Read up on the butterfly effect, chaos theory, etc.. Weather will always be largely unpredictable until we figure out a way to control it.
  8. Cool story.. hopefully your crops are doing better
  9. He's covering Creed at the McLean Bible Church this morning.
  10. In DC I wouldn't either... it will likely be history if you wake up after 9am.
  11. She's probably just angry you call her "kiddo"
  12. I guess low 50s is considered cold these days..
  13. The sooner you realize models are clueless beyond a few days the less you'll pay attention to that nonsense and maintain your sanity..
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