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  1. I'll consider returning if you ban Leesburg
  2. A 10+ day model guess unravelling? Who woulda thunk it
  3. Rain with the occasional flake in NW.. zippy accum
  4. Flurries in Silver Spring.. been steady lgt snow from Fredericksburg down to Richmond for a couple of hours. Meanwhile even the latest NAM says there should be nothing in these places until early afternoon
  5. Did you make that map all by yourself?
  6. Did Dark Sky update yet? It along with the Euro is a deadly combination
  7. Actually if you ignore the fantasy day 10-15 crap the realistic <5 day forecasts generally trended better for us
  8. I don't know about you but with regular snowstorms being something that is far from guaranteed in this area, I'd rather it snow during months that provide for the most staying power, and not during the tail end when it's gone before noon the next day. That said, I'll always take what I can get.
  9. Then what would you do you with the 23 extra hours in your day? A guaranteed 100" winter would guarantee your loss of passion for it within a couple of years, I'd wager