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  1. While it could certainly end up being a higher death rate, no one can conclusively say until you have a firm handle on identifying all which have/had the virus in this country. We are nowhere near that point...
  2. Right, its seen in 4% of victims. In reality is mindless panic buying from people following the herd, leading to unnecessary shortages for people which actually need it (like me after a bucket of wings)
  3. I don't understand the run on TP.. this virus doesn't give you the shits as far as I know.. even if you run out, that's what showers and leaves are for
  4. That's cool.. I can think of 100s of things that describes
  5. It was actually a Travelers Advisory
  6. Based on a ridiculously small sample size of data considering the history of weather on this planet it's a worthless indicator, and is far more likely a coincidence than anything.
  7. Maybe if you didn't spend your day posting worthless probability maps on a weather board all day you could leave earlier
  8. GFS likes day 10-16? Never seen that before... Well past time to give these ridiculous maps a rest, crawl out of mom's basement and enjoy some other hobbies life has to offer.
  9. You should write a 20 paragraph dissertation about how this look will change completely within 2 runs.
  10. Climo means 20 to 25 inches for us per year Right, so 3-4 inches within a 15 day window during our snowiest month.. ie, climo