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  1. Cohen said winter is over - best news of the year!
  2. A couple inches of rain in a day is extreme these days?
  3. Really? The ones I know can't make it to the bus stop in anything over a half inch of snow
  4. Hopefully the first week of Nov when I flee DC for OBX
  5. They are essential and should be absolutely paid as such, and it should have been that way well before COVID hit. Unfortunately we will learn the hard way in 5-10 years when we see the real tragedy of this virus through how it impacted this generation of kids and ultimately the country.. Virus transmission is a high risk for teachers in general, whether it be COVID or anything else, any of which could be deadly given unique circumstances.
  6. Its the GFS.. rhetorical question?
  7. So much for global warming!
  8. The CoC seems to be turning into a hot tower
  9. You don't have access to radar?