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  1. It is for weenies living in an alternate universe
  2. Don’t forget to lock the doors
  3. Even sadder that it only took 4 months to figure out why there is no need
  4. For the same reason they spend their day posting here..
  5. A day 230 forecast didn't pan out? Shocker
  6. Staring at the wall would be more productive
  7. That too! He'll still be clapping, though
  8. Better chance of Wentz playing for the Eagles next year
  9. Have you been passing the time watching Norman Vincent Peale lectures in-between model runs?
  10. slept in until 10am so ready to track the triple phaser
  11. Never a good sign when the rationalizations start flowing
  12. Daffodils picked up .5"
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