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  1. Moving to AM will give you an extra 3 minutes of snow before changeover
  2. My weenie is still asleep after seeing it
  3. Oh right, I forgot germs didn't exist before 2020. Besides, I'm behind on my hail marys
  4. Switchover at sunset.. can't get any better
  5. You should pop that nugget of info in the Feb Long range fantasy thread Cohen's model:
  6. Its dark and I'll be asleep anyway.. approved!
  7. 985 over the Capon Bridge.. interesting
  8. We're coming up on the 20th anniversary of JMAs last correct 5 day forecast
  9. The year of the 5 hour snowstorms
  10. More snow in DC than Leesburg - works for me
  11. Agreed - we definitely need the rain
  12. I assume the 120Hr map has it over Bermuda moving NW?
  13. Mostly Sunny with snow.. government-quality automation at work
  14. I'll take the over 500 lights flickering obs within the first hour of precip
  15. I sent a copy to the Chicago teachers union.. they now plan to reopen immediately.
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