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  1. I'd guess somewhere around 50 inches would be the max, maybe a little less. A lot of people have seen 36-40 just west of the cities.
  2. Sure could use the rain. Been forever since we had a good soaking. Making the seeding season more difficult, and trying to stick Halloween decorations into the lawn quite challenging!
  3. Yeah, it's wild. Some trees in my neighborhood have turned all brown and most of their leave are gone, which may be related to the cicadas, both most trees are either still green or showing just a hint of change. Usually, most of the leaves are down by Halloween but my yard hardly has any.
  4. osfan24

    Winter 2021-22

    Who's chasing? LOL.
  5. Yeah, so humid. This weather is terrible. Give me 60's and low 70's with a cool breeze and no humidity.
  6. The 6z GFS is quite interesting. Still 10+days out, though.
  7. Just a shade under 3.25" here between yesterday and today. Getting my daughter to the bus stop was an adventure this morning.
  8. Another burst of good wind here. Been a very active day here. This is at least the third windy cell with heavy rain to come through.
  9. Honestly thought it looked a lot more interesting when it was down my way, and it did get pretty gusty as it came through.
  10. osfan24

    Winter 2021-22

    Let's hope this is accurate but delayed a month or so.
  11. Still dry here as well. Feels like it is all around us.
  12. osfan24

    Winter 2021-22

    December 5th! Lock it in!
  13. NAM says what storms? It's been incredibly inconsistent today for tonight.
  14. Yeah 12z NAM looks very active compared to 6z.
  15. I ended up with just under 3 inches. Got almost 2 inches overnight and then picked up right around an inch yesterday.
  16. Yep. We were quite fortunate. Outstanding forecast. I busted low on rain today and overall, and last night's surprise storm gave me almost all of my rain, but what an impressive system. Legit tornado outbreak today. Ida is definitely retired and going down in the record books.
  17. It's pathetic. We all knew for days that area was going to get pounded and was already susceptible for flooding given recent rain events. As a whole, this event was very well forecasted. Yeah, the tornado threat around the cities didn't happen (thankfully), but to expect that kind of perfection isn't realistic and it was an almost flawless forecast.
  18. Probably still can't afford to fire the driver. They literally need any breathing individual right now to drive busses.
  19. Random question, but has the area ever been under two separate tornado watches in one day? I can't recall that ever happening. One is pretty rare around here.
  20. Lots of nice stuff going on in tornado alley (La Plata area) and along the bay. Got dark here over the past 5 minutes. Got a batch of mod to heavy rain moving through.
  21. I know Leesburg laughed at this, but latest HRRR actually says most of us in the metro don't get much more rain at all. Sure, some will win with isolated cells that dump, but perhaps the main show for most was actually overnight.
  22. Unless things really start filling in to the south, I'm not even sure how much more rain some of us will get.
  23. Could be just me (well and EJ), but I think EJ might be right. Just looking at radar, this looks likely to be just a 95 and east threat for tornadoes now, except maybe up in Northern MD. Fine by me. I'd rather just get some heavy rain. Two tornado warnings out and they are already sitting along 95 in VA and it seems like everything would likely form along that line or pop up east of that line.
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