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  1. What? Considering it was cloudy the entire day, I thought this was a pretty big outbreak.
  2. Good storm here. Area of rotation went right over my head as I'm between 70 and 40 out in west Ellicott City. Lots of lightning strikes as the storm approached and got pretty windy for a few minutes. Getting some beneficial rain now.
  3. This line is really booking. Going to be through here in the next two hours.
  4. Lotta cloud cover here. Will be interesting to see when it abates.
  5. Tough luck past two days. Last night was too far north and east. Today was just a tiny bit too far south. Just a few distant rumbles and enough rain to wet the pavement.
  6. Absolutely amazing outside. Give me six more weeks of this.
  7. Certainly nothing severe, but not a bad day for my area. Got a decent amount of action from the first line, got some more action from the second line, and then narrowly missed anything of significance with the final line. But probably had thunder rumbling a total of 2-3 hours today.
  8. Looks like just some scattered storms Saturday and nothing Sunday now.
  9. GFS looks pretty wet Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Of course, not ideal being the weekend.
  10. Yeah, been a strange pattern recently where it seems like PA and north has really been cashing in while it's just mostly hot and humid down here with isolated storms.
  11. Yeah, that was sad watching the storm near us crumble and then everything explode up in northeast MD.
  12. Weird storm. It's like it's hitting a wall.
  13. Distant thunder and some light rain here. Think the core is going to end up missing me to the southeast. Looks like a good one for @WxUSAF
  14. It's not exactly a major outbreak of storms, but the NAM looks quite a bit more impressive than current radar.
  15. Radar sure seems pedestrian at the moment. Very scattered, very small cells, if you can even call them that.
  16. Wife was in Ocean City and said it was basically a non-event. Obviously rained hard for a time but didn't notice anything significant with the wind.
  17. Whiffed on all that heavy storm activity that formed just north of us in PA and whiffed on Elsa to the southeast. Got probably a trace earlier and a trace is what I will likely end up with.
  18. I could be wrong, but the core of the rain already seems to be compacting and lessening in size and intensity.
  19. Radar would make you believe the rain is heading well west of where models have it. Radar hallucination time.
  20. The cutoff probably won't be quite that sharp, but it seems like the general idea has been far more correct than the Euro. The Euro cutoff doesn't look THAT much different at this point.
  21. GFS may have been correct all along. It was probably a little too far east, but not by much, and the intensity always seemed to be right. The Euro intensity was a total joke and it's now started shifting back east and looks like a swing and a miss for us around 95.
  22. NAM appears to be a just around 95 and east event.
  23. GFS still wants nothing to do with impacts for west of the bay.
  24. Radar actually looks really underwhelming to me right now unless it really starts to blow up soon. NAM shows really heavy rain/storms beginning over the metro in about an hour or two but radar certainly doesn't look that impressive. There's a little batch out by Leesburg but that's about it.
  25. NAM looks like it blows things up again this evening/tonight with some more good action. Even has some stray activity both Friday and even Saturday.
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