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  1. Call me crazy, but I think it's too soon to be making declarations like that. 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 wasn't that long ago. 2015-2016 was a crappy winter but we still managed an epic storm. I'm more frustrated than anyone at the lack of snow, but sometimes we go through these stretches around here. It was just hard to remember brutal stretches like this because we were on such a heater there for awhile. Maybe climate change is really impacting our winters, but I think it's too soon to say our last several winters have been poor because of it.
  2. Yes, the coast was going to see erosion and damage from a long-duration storm. The point was never that it wouldn't cause damage. Hurricanes generally do that. The point was that the wind speed strength was massively oversold by NHC (data backs this up).
  3. Yep, me and the NHC. I doubt they are getting legit 100 mph sustained winds anywhere, but it definitely ticked up a bit last night.
  4. This thing is pretty much cooked at this point. Had trouble getting organized with the proper structure and then dry air got involved and it still is an issue. Now add in upwelling and it will probably just fight to maintain itself to landfall. All about the rain with this one. Could have been a major surge problem if the storm was much stronger.
  5. Winds down and pressure down. Now it makes more sense.
  6. Because they name everything and seem to find one wind gust and then say the storm has those sustained winds at the surface. I'm not gonna go as far as Cranky and label this a Tropical Storm, but it sure seems like a minimal hurricane in the 75-80 mph wind range to me, at least at the moment.
  7. Up to a Cat 2 now with 100 mph winds. No idea how that's possible given current pressure is only 987 mb and that storm looks terrible on satellite, but NHC gonna do their thing.
  8. Might end up a solid Cat 2 or maybe even push to be a Cat 3 by landfall.
  9. Yeah, latest GFS run came back with a legit Cat 1. Models are all over the place with intensity forecast. Hasn't done much so far.
  10. I meant from a stronger hurricane perspective. Obviously, rainfall is going to be a nightmare with this, but that was the case even a couple days ago when it wasn't forecasted to do much.
  11. Seems like only the NAM turns Sally into anything, and even then it is a late explosion right before landfall that seems unlikely/exaggerated.
  12. Doesn't look anywhere near as heavy or as stationary as the earlier stuff.
  13. Looks like a bust around these parts. That area of extremely heavy rain just rained itself out. Looks like some good rain forming in Southern MD but heading well east of here.
  14. Seems like it is working its way up here but seems to be losing intensity as it does.