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  1. Same. You get an -AO and -NAO for this long, especially now that we've gone several winters without a HECS, I expect a HECS and then some.
  2. It's a billion hours away. Stop over-analyzing.
  3. I'm just waiting for the best pattern since 1996 to show up. I would take best pattern since 2016 at this point.
  4. I like the idea of a long range thread and then separate threads for specific threats that pop up within a week. Perhaps a lot of those threads will die a slow or quick death when the threat fails to materialize, but who cares? It will just fade down the board over time. It gets confusing in here sometimes when people post about a certain model run and don't specify the storm or date of the threat they are giving their analysis about.
  5. Literally laughed out loud at this.
  6. I mean, if the pattern on the 18-20th is really good and then extends out and it is real, fine. I can certainly live with waiting another 10-12 days for a pattern that could be very good for a few weeks. But if the can keeps getting kicked down the road, and then there are signs February doesn't look good...........
  7. Must have been a real doozy.
  8. Agreed. Friday wasn't a big deal to me at all. Early next week is where my focus is.
  9. The pattern holds promise for sure, but hard to get invested or excited about anything right now when there is literally nothing showing up on the models. And when one even hints at something, the others say no.
  10. If only this was the mid-December storm.
  11. Probably the only thing more worthless than the GFS is the NFC East.
  12. Don't know how you post tweets but Bastardi referenced Snowmageddon come Jan 10 and on.
  13. We are now punting all of January??? I know our winters are generally backloaded, but even second half teams don't want to go into the locker room down without any points on the board.