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  1. Better chance in March than December.
  2. So I was really, really young in 1987 so I'm sure this distorts my view, but it seemed like they were absolutely everywhere. I actually thought it wasn't bad at all in 2004. I was expecting them to be everywhere, but I remember them not really being much of an issue.
  3. Those were the two that I was thinking of. Superstorm of 93 would be fun, too! I was only 9 at the time so I don't have any memory of that, sadly.
  4. I'm talking like one of those historical storms from the past that dropped two feet of wet snow and just had tremendous qpf/dynamics.
  5. I want to live through a historical March snow.
  6. I tend to stick with Kate Upton. Oh, you meant weather models.
  7. Yeah it's pretty crazy that the temp there can be significantly colder than Westminster, which is a pretty cold, snowy location compared to most areas around here. Of course, it also helps that he tacked on almost 6 more inches today. I'm expecting my snowpack will be gone by the end of tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. All the ice and sleet might help it last until the end of Wednesday, but 50's and 60's this time of year with sun will melt it all real quick. Maybe keep my snowpiles through Friday? Probably should shovel what little slush is in my driveway onto those piles to keep them around as long as possible!
  8. Wow that's wild you have that much snow on the ground. I think I'm around 2 inches.
  9. Yeah, I'm glad the northern folks have actually managed a pretty good winter. Think most people along (once you get a bit farther west than me) and north of 70 have had a nice winter and are either at or above climo with a month to go.
  10. Yeah, I edited my last post to add that I definitely am in a much better spot than Elkridge. I need to get a snowboard and start keeping more careful track. I just do the old eyeball. Might as well slant stick lol. I don't think I'm over 20. I'd have to go back and try to remember each event. I'm guessing I have like 18? I agree it does seem like literally going just across 70 a few miles to my northwest seems to make a world of difference. Seems like the one poster from Sykesville has reported snow when I've had mix or rain more than a few times this year. I think Sykesville, and especially once you get into Eldersburg, seems like a definite step up in the snow game.
  11. At least for this winter, it seems like @WxUSAF and I have had almost identical weather. I was curious if my location in Ellicott City would be any colder/snowier since it's a bit northwest of him (I'm just north of 40/south of 70 in western EC), but it seems like it's been basically the same. My old location was just barely east of Route 1 near 100 and I definitely seemed warmer than him at that location and he would definitely get more wintry weather than me in any marginal events.
  12. Ha, really? That's so weird. Raining hard here.
  13. Raining pretty hard here at the moment. Puddles forming in the road. Oh well. Was fun for a couple hours. Another wintry morning. Congrats to you northern folks who hit it big today.