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  1. Surprised it got that warm. Thought it was a lock we would beat it by at least a couple of degrees. The current setup at BWI probably impacted it.
  2. Straining looking for flakes here. Getting dark and precip won’t be heavy so going to be hard to tell either way. Looks awesome up in Westminster.
  3. Damn, nothing here. I was outside during lunch and had just a couple raindrops.
  4. GFS for the win? It seems the soaking it advertised from last night through later today has materialized. Glad we are finally getting some rain. We desperately needed a soaking. I will admit it was really nasty at our soccer technical training last night. Mid 40's with steady rain, somewhat heavy at times, and a nasty little breeze. Had to have felt like high 30's.
  5. I thought they cancelled their season months ago.
  6. NAM has a nasty looking line go through. HRRR looks like some showers maybe.
  7. I don’t know what’s going on but my RadarScope radar isn’t showing any lightning strikes at all.
  8. I'm heading to Myrtle Saturday for vacation so I cut the grass yesterday. I actually hope it doesn't rain too much while I'm gone so the grass isn't too high and I don't have to cut it the minute I get back.
  9. osfan24

    Winter 2022-23

    I can certainly throw in the towel on the upcoming winter if next winter will be a blockbuster.
  10. I'm amazed at how I keep missing out on any rain. Didn't even get a drop from that line yesterday. Just the distant rumbles of thunder after it passed by and started to intensify a bit. Nothing yet today, either, and radar is not very promising.
  11. osfan24

    Winter 2022-23

    Our, or at least mine and some others problem, is that we had that hot stretch where we got so spoiled. 2009-2010 is the GOAT of all winters and it's not close. But 2010-2011 had a fun storm, 2013-2014 was the most wall-to-wall winter I can ever remember experiencing, 2014-2015 was like a poor man's version of that, and then 2015-2016 had the biggest snowstorm ever for some of us. We are paying the price for that hot stretch now.
  12. Yeah I could really use the rain. Was looking like a pretty wet week and now not so much. Strange they issued a watch box for this.
  13. It has pretty clearly made a difference in both temps and snowfall reports. Of course, BWI has always had issues reporting snowfall, but not to the degree of DCA.
  14. Not really seeing the flooding potential on the NAM or HRRR. Seems like things are pretty progressive.
  15. Looks like that storm heading for DC may end up clipping me now.
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