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  1. Nice storm here. Probably not severe limits as the worst parts of the storms seemed to kinda dance around me, but lightning has really picked up as the worst of it has moved southeast of me.
  2. That is one nasty cell in the western half of Baltimore. Gotta be some decent hail with that one.
  3. Looks like the NAM swung and missed with that really heavy rain drifting toward Nova and DC. Seems like it is instead focused on far Southern MD. Lots of patches of moderate rain in Central MD right now.
  4. Looks like the heaviest rain is going to set up over parts of Northern Virginia that got crushed yesterday, and maybe even get into DC. Doesn't look like we will see any of that action up this way, but had some steady to heavy rain this morning, which is way more than I got yesterday.
  5. Looks like the show is over north of the Potomac. I somehow managed to swing and miss today. Gonna end up with a trace, lol.
  6. My house has seen a light shower and that's about it. However, I had to run over to the 100/Route One area and got caught under that storm and it was a doozy. Lots of lightning strikes all around me and went on for quite awhile, along with very heavy rain. Was definitely some serious ponding and running water on the roads in spots.
  7. Yeah just looking at the way radar is already popping before noon and where it's popping and the movement of it, I'd be shocked if almost all of us don't cash in today. Probably will be some big winners. Strange the GFS is so wet for tomorrow and the NAM is like what rain?
  8. Euro said I was getting 4 inches of rain this week. I haven't seen a drop yet.
  9. I was outside in EC dining when the skies opened up last night. Even some lightning, which was uncomfortable to say the least. I'm curious what we ended up with. It rained really, really hard for about an hour.
  10. Some decent thunder here. Storm seems to have intensified just west of me.
  11. Better chance in March than December.
  12. So I was really, really young in 1987 so I'm sure this distorts my view, but it seemed like they were absolutely everywhere. I actually thought it wasn't bad at all in 2004. I was expecting them to be everywhere, but I remember them not really being much of an issue.
  13. Those were the two that I was thinking of. Superstorm of 93 would be fun, too! I was only 9 at the time so I don't have any memory of that, sadly.
  14. I'm talking like one of those historical storms from the past that dropped two feet of wet snow and just had tremendous qpf/dynamics.