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  1. Somehow managed to completely whiff yesterday. Had some very short periods of heavy rain and saw a couple of flashes in the distance. That was it. The 'ole Hoco split.
  2. osfan24

    June Discobs 2019

    I think it's both. It's not extreme, but 90-94 with humidity is pretty awful.
  3. Incredible bust. Can't remember ever getting less from a four-day forecast of severe storms and flooding.
  4. Bunch of cells just blew up from about 70 on north in the western suburbs. Just looks like a quick shot of heavy rain though.
  5. Looks like VA/NC border area will do well today LOL.
  6. osfan24

    June Discobs 2019

    Not seeing much clearing here today.
  7. Yeah I was just getting some very distant rumbles and then the sky opened up and the wind got going. Pretty good storm with no T&L.
  8. Uh, just had something pretty interesting come close to me. I'll try to post video when I get a chance.
  9. Tornado Warning for a large area of Howard County. TVS on radarscope.
  10. This seems like it's probably going to be the main event to me. Is there really going to be a line coming through later?
  11. I actually think it looks less impressive at the end of the loop than it did earlier. Lost its hook.
  12. Does everything get warned now? That looks like a heavy shower.
  13. Severe busts, I just shrug my shoulders. Snow busts, I'm ready to throw the computer off the deck.
  14. This is looking like a bust. Activity is way too far north.