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  1. DCA is ridiculous when it comes to snowfall, but BWI has had its share of problems measuring it, as well. I agree on the new area that's paved near the temperature station.
  2. I can confirm I had a five minute rain shower from Fay. Now, the recovery process begins. Look at Philadelphia under another flood warning and getting hit hard again.
  3. Just can't quite push it west enough. Philly looks good.
  4. Haven't seen it. Probably won't want to, lol.
  5. 12z Euro left the door open for 25-30 mile shift to get me into pretty good rain.
  6. NAM still sticks with all activity east of the bay. Euro was a nice bump west, but looks like it won't be enough. We are running really short on time.
  7. I went running late Tuesday afternoon and my shirt looked like I had jumped in a pool just 20 minutes in. Last night was hot, but not nearly as humid and more do-able.
  8. Looks like it's over for us. These tropical systems that develop by the Outer Banks are almost always too far east to impact us. OC usually gets it pretty good or a glancing blow. NAM keeps us interested, but the GFS is too far east and Euro is definitely east. Those two both being too far east means the NAM is likely just being the NAM, especially with how it has jumped around the past few runs.
  9. Man, just need another 50-100 mile bump west. That said, I will trade a fringe here for a direct hit in winter (provided we don't have the crappy temps we had last year).
  10. Disappointing here given how crazy the radar looked, but I guess there had to be some losers. Some people really cashed in. Seemed like parts of Anne Arundel and especially PG got hammered.
  11. Yeah still raining here now but lightening up and wind has stopped. Also getting a lot brighter out.
  12. Getting some good gusts here right now with some downpours. Just getting barely clipped by this cell after just being missed by a couple earlier.
  13. Looks like some kind of little outflow boundary just raced went of Columbia.
  14. Looks like an "east of 295" threat so far. Can hear thunder rumbling in the distance. Will be interesting to see how this evolves. Pretty big storms blowing up to the southeast and northeast.
  15. Agreed. Seeing some towers trying to go up.