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  1. It sounds like it will be several months before they decide to make it available. Guessing they want to see how it performs first.
  2. Anyone have any thoughts on this new model IBM created called Graff? It updates hourly instead of every six hours.
  3. Definitely both very cool in their own ways. I would still take the winter with the three big dogs, especially because some forget that there were some nice little systems that hit us leading up to the first big January storm. Plus, getting a big storm before Christmas was pretty amazing. I'll always remember 13-14 though as one of the top winters. Just wall-to-wall legit winter is how I'll remember it. Tracking storms nonstop for 3-4 months. And it wasn't just the snow. It seemed like wall-to-wall cold as well with a lot of crazy snows with temps in the teens and low 20's, even into March. 14-15 was like a very poor man's 13-14. Still a nice winter but just fell short of 13-14 in almost every way. Amazing stretch though. Pretty sure between 2009-2010, the fun storm in 2011, 13-14, 14-15 and the big dog in 2016, we've gotten so spoiled that we forget what normal winters are like. I know I have.
  4. I was out for a run around the same time and could see the snow coming from the clouds to my west. I ended up seeing like 10 of the smallest flakes you could ever see, but it counts! Then I had to drive my daughter to something in Columbia and a little after 6, we got under that real thin band/squall right around 175 and Snowden. It snowed pretty good until I had to turn in a different direction, lol. Stopped almost immediately. Band was incredibly thin, but there were some dark greens and yellows on radar. Anyway, my daughter and I were both really excited so it made our night.
  5. Damn. I must have missed the single snowflake they observed.
  6. That stuff down south looks like it's going to slide southeast of here. Don't think I'll see a single flake. Oh well, it's still a little early even for first flakes.
  7. Yep, and frankly I just can't get excited or depressed about seasonal or weekly models after last year.
  8. I'm definitely not expecting to see anything on the ground, or maybe even anything elevated. I'd just like to see significant accumulations on the map because it assures we will see a period of snow falling from the sky.
  9. Even the models recognize the DC snow hole in November. Impressive. Usually takes us much farther into the winter before seeing this kind of map.
  10. It's always the storm after the storm!
  11. Basically no accumulation at all though.
  12. Looking forward to when we can begin NAM extrapolations!
  13. I agree. Setup is not one that ever really works for us, and that's in January and February. Good luck in November. But I hope I'm wrong.
  14. Was not the greatest weather event ever, but didn't think it was as disappointing as some think, especially for basically freaking November. Had very heavy rain for an hour or two getting slammed into the house by some pretty good wind.