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  1. Unless I"m missing something, round two for this evening/tonight is looking really bleak on radar.
  2. Cleared out quickly this morning, so that can't hurt.
  3. Agreed. Feel like the bulk of it dives southeast of most of us.
  4. This seems like one where our far northwest friends have a shot but down closer to the cities, we are likely enduring one final heartbreak to a wretched season. Hope it holds on and pans out for the rest of you though. Would make for a really fun Monday.
  5. Now would be a really great time for a big snowstorm to show up on all the models so we have something to track. Or for it to be 70 and sunny every day so we all have something to go out and enjoy. Stay safe, everyone!
  6. That looks about right lol.
  7. Because there are a lot more of these days than snow days. Also, while there are more of these days than snow days, there are actually not THAT many San Diego-type days here. Most of our springs are a mixture of cool and rainy and/or huge jumps in temperature before you can adjust. If it was a string of beautiful, 70 degree days, that would be different. But we will inevitably get a jump from rain and 60 to hot and humid and mid 80's.
  8. LOL. I'm not home but my wife is. She told me it's thundering and hailing. I was like uhhhh, highly doubt it's hail. It's graupel.
  9. Uh oh, will BWI record a trace?
  10. So who wants to start the March thread?
  11. An early April Fool's joke, I hope.
  12. This is, at best, a southern slider. Next. Oh wait, there isn't a next.
  13. Gonna be time to open that March thread pretty soon.