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  1. The NAM kinda reminds me of Isaias in terms of how it ramped up quickly at the last minute and then impacted the southern NC coastline. Like a weaker version of it.
  2. 12z GFS looks less intense in terms of rainfall than 6z but GGEM still looks pretty ugly. Not ideal on a Saturday but a big soaker would be so helpful.
  3. Huge swing and a miss the past two days compared to what the NAM was trying to spit out.
  4. Yeah, seems like they name everything in recent years. I wonder why............
  5. No doubt. Sounds like we probably dodged a bullet in Ellicott City so hopefully no issues there. I’m down in the Myrtle area and we lost power tonight from a storm. No wind or anything but just unbelievable lightning. Constant flashes.
  6. Rinse, repeat. Been the story of the entire summer.
  7. I think I had to get over an inch from that. Nice to cash in. Hopefully it all just didn't run right off.
  8. Have to say Blizzard of 96. That's the first big storm I really remember. I was glued to The Weather Channel and couldn't believe we had a Blizzard Warning. And then to be out of school for a whole week and to see the drifts.
  9. We could certainly use a couple of these to develop and eventually make their way here. We need rain so bad.
  10. Ha, the main line somehow missed me, too. Beat goes on. Somehow going to have to water my grass today. Line is really pushing east now. Seems FF threat has ended for about everyone except the city.
  11. Yeah, big winners seem to be whoever gets the cluster from Bmore down into Anne Arundel County and then northeast of there.
  12. Finally got some thunder but still not a drop. Radar starting pop ahead of the main line now down this way but the problem is the main line is basically on our doorstep. So close to a great heavy rain event. I'll be real interested to see some of those totals in PA.
  13. Seems pretty obvious just looking at radar, though I would say PA and north. Even Baltimore is missing a lot of that pre-front activity that’s popping ahead of the main line.
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