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  1. More rain today than the entire week so far. A mist transitioned into a light, steady rain.
  2. Feels like models in general have played up the rain this week that hasn't happened. I wasn't expecting periods of rain but I haven't seen a drop.
  3. I was wondering what happened. The rain was just about to pull out and suddenly it got very windy here. Did not see any trees down, but tons of small and medium sized branches everywhere.
  4. LOL. Now we are.......two weeks away! And out to March 26!! If we just keep going long enough, we can get back to December!
  5. As opposed to our boundary temps in January and February?
  6. Kinda hard to deny what is happening when you see that.
  7. I am actually surprised we haven't gotten more big March storms lately. It seems more just like really bad luck than anything else. Crazy stuff can happen in March.
  8. When is the PDO going to flip positive? When was it last positive?
  9. The P25 Nina looking storm that hits the coast and misses the cities would be the perfect ending to this awful winter for the cities.
  10. And by players on the field, he means potential subscribers. There is absolutely nothing to get excited about or interested in right now. And given what happened last time we started warm and it took weeks to cool off enough to snow, good luck trying to run that back in March, if that's even the pattern that evolves, which it probably won't be.
  11. Problem is workable at that point isn’t going to cut it.
  12. Obviously very disappointing but the snow held fairly strong today with it being pretty cold and fairly cloudy with some flurries around. Very pretty sunset. So, some positives.
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