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  1. Desperately need some blocking to develop for all of these coastal storms.
  2. A tiny bit of snow on the mulch. Will probably be gone in a few minutes as it looks like the snow is tapering off. That's all I've got.
  3. Mangled flakes are finally making an appearance. Only three hours late.
  4. That's weird because I think he is southeast of me if he is in old EC. It's still just rain here, not that it really matters.
  5. Still raining here and I can see the back edge approaching.
  6. Just on many s/w and fast flow. Where is that blocking promised by the e qbo. So frustrating Yeah, I don't get what happened to all this blocking that was expected this winter.
  7. The king got mad at all the trash that was being talked about it. GFS definitely screwed up with the transition zone/timing on this one in a big way.
  8. No, they closed for high school last night. It was only a half day for high schools, so a two-hour delay made no sense for them so they just closed for the day. Elementary and middle had full days so they were a two-hour delay, but I just got the text they are closed now as well.
  9. Concerned about busses driving through flooded roadways.
  10. Ha, same. I guess it's better than them being off.....for now.
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