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  1. Nope, but we have big winters. Oh wait...…….
  2. Looks like a dud for almost everyone. Big swing and a miss on big rains and severe weather. Always skeptical of severe weather days when we are on the fringes of the slight risk area, when temps struggle and cloud cover sticks around, and when it's happening in April. Lot of red flags.
  3. osfan24

    April Banter 2019

    So we are contemplating moving and it's likely we will either stay in the immediate area or head west. So, what's a good location for me for snow? I'm in Elkridge now. Mount Airy, New Market, and Frederick are areas we would consider. Preferably, we would like to stay near 70 for commuting purposes, so Parr's Ridge is out.
  4. On a lot of predicted severe weather days for our region, I feel like we end up with morning cloud cover that either never fully clears or clears for a very brief period and limits instability.
  5. osfan24

    Grading Winter 2018-2019

    Assuming we don't get a big snow to end the season, D-. Sure, I'll finish just barely below climo if it doesn't snow again, but it's the hype and expectations coming into the season, as well as the constant hammering of an amazing pattern by the weeklies that never came to fruition, that make this just above a failing grade. Even the storms that we got weren't good. My biggest storm was the January system. It snowed late at night while I was sleeping, it snizzled all day and there was even some dripping going on, and then it snowed nice for a few hours in the evening to bring me to about 8 inches for the storm in total. But it wasn't a particularly fun or exciting storm because of the long duration. The most exciting storm was the one in February where it snowed hard for almost 2 hours and then we dryslotted way faster than expected. The only reason this doesn't get an F is because we were near climo, but these are the kind of seasons where we need to hit it big because of climo and it was a massive failure, and if it wasn't for the freak, localized banding that got a small area with the January storm, my biggest total would have been around 4 inches, and many got that from that storm. And the Northeast in general had a horrendous winter. We actually got lucky in comparison, which is sad.
  6. GFS way wide right.
  7. Yeah I was just joking. I'll give up once that Day 10-15 period passes and nothing happens. That's my final realistic window. Obviously something really freaky could happen after that but won't be tracking until it pops up.
  8. Oh man, when the FV3 is struggling to produce a snowstorm, you know it's time to close the blinds!
  9. osfan24

    March 8th Light Snow

    Not much to speak of here. Started to get some light accumulation on north facing grass about an hour or so ago. Picked up a light dusting in those spots. Everywhere else is just wet.
  10. osfan24

    March 8th Light Snow

    What was a nice, light snow has now turned to more of a white rain type snow. No accumulation here, even on my deck. Just wet.
  11. osfan24

    March 8th Light Snow

    Good luck! Nice light snow has broken out here. Dying to go out for a run in the snow but severely sprained my ankle about a week ago running, so I'm looking outside like a sad puppy.
  12. osfan24

    March 8th Light Snow

    The Euro needs to stop being held in such high regard. It's still probably the best model but it's no longer the king it once was.
  13. Icon likes Friday for a couple inches but GFS has light rain. 3K and 12K NAM also have 1-2 inches.
  14. The FV3 shows snow? Oh look, the sun rose in the east!