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  1. Albany has actually be hosed this year (relative to average). Bare ground up there most of the time, I had to chase further north. Last two storms were mostly rain. They are due.
  2. I am not sure why people post this stuff. In my experience, you take what it shows and cut it in half, you take that number and you cut it in half, and MAYBE you get that. MAYBE. Like psu said, its just too warm.
  3. Awesome! Hope it works out for you!
  4. Sometimes its difficult to make it happen. I got kind of lucky with these two storms. But this one was everything I thought it would be and more. Record breaking snowless winter here in Delaware but I can say I had my fill of snow this year. It was 24 hours + of snow up there. Still snowing when I left. I was sad I had to leave.
  5. So after last weekends fun; had to do a second chase..... Expecting 12-15 inches of snow up here. Already have about 6 inches on the ground from the previous storm, Tonight is going to be amazing! Come to papa! Should be starting in the next hour or two.
  6. Question: was the 7 hours drive up here worth it? Answer: Yes it was times 1000. Its like discovering the cheat code on getting snow. They may get hit against Tuesday, and next weekend and I might just come back, because, this is just too awesome!
  7. Heading to upstate NY to chase the wed/thursday storm Super excited. Maybe 8-12 inches if I find the right spot. If I had to deal with 70's and 80's down here on Thursday I'd probably lose it. Kind of amazing the temp contrast. Will post photos.
  8. I was in upstate NY last weekend. No snow pack until Lake George. Even Albany was grass. Thats over 300 miles north.
  9. 6z GFS looks nice at the end of the run. Sadly its fantasy land.
  10. The GFS has been pretty terrible. A few days ago that little SW low was in the Great Lakes, now its in the Gulf of Mexico. A few days ago this storm was for Upstate NY, now its congrats South Carolina.
  11. I am starting to get interested in next weekend for a upstate NY/Vermont chase. Once you resign yourself to assuming this is eastern North Carolina climo and look towards the chase; things become much less stressful in life.
  12. I feel like I've been aware of PSU now for at least 5-6 years. THings have been bad for so long that not once during that 5-6 year period have I seen him type "Upcoming pattern looks good for snow". Sad.
  13. Screw mid atlantic winters. Setting up a chase into either upstate NY or Vermont to hit both the weekend storm and nexts weeks. Snow on snow. So exciting. I am so over things down here. I can't imagine not having the chase option and having to deal with this.
  14. How did I manage to spell American wrong? Geez. I must have been so excited at seeing my first bit of snow cover for the year.
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