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  1. Even on days with low humidity visibility is fairly poor due to lack of rain washing out the stagnant air. Need better Vis for my drone flying. Last night at 10pm it was 80 degrees and I was sweating bullets outisde. Hoping this misery ends soon.
  2. Today I ponder, will it ever rain again? Will this summer ever end? Close to 90 this weekend. Cmon enough already.
  3. Have you ever watched the youtube videos of people flying around on a cruise ship in waves? Current Dorian conditions: Cloudy, light drizzle, winds 10mph. So we got Something at least!
  4. My parents had a cruise ship that went into a Hurricane. I was so jealous. Not just looking outside at the Hurricane but the ship rocking and constantly hearing things smash and break and people face planting into walls.
  5. Didn't say we did. But in the interest of not derailing, I will say everyone here is right and I am wrong. My point was foolish and ill founded. Back on topic.
  6. Dorian seems to be much like Bonnie in 1998. I remember that storm. It was a non event in NJ.
  7. Dorian will actually get closer to us as a Hurricane than Isabel did. I think distance would be important. If Isabel was within 200 miles and we got 1-2 inches of rains and 50mph winds and massive Cbay flooding, and Dorian is just as close and we get little to no rain, and no winds, and no flooding. Those are very different Hurricanes.
  8. Interesting how these Hurricanes are all so different. Isabel in 2003 Hit NC and drove inland and had sig impacts in DC/Baltimore area. This will get even closer and it seems it will be like "what Hurricane?" up here.
  9. It would seem the publi beach access and up to the wet area of the beach is public property. Obviously I can't walk onto someone's property to access that beach, but I certainly can access the beach in front of their house via another means, setup a chair, and they can't do a darn thing about it. Me and my friends use to go to Deal Beach and access from a public beach, and the Rich jerk who's house was there would always call the cops, cops would show up to tell the rich dude he was wrong. Good times.
  10. On public property. Peaceful. Not harming anyone. There are no broken laws there. The govt can't close public property and charge you with a crime. Its different if my presence could harm someone else (such as standing in the middle of an interstate). What they do is unconstitutional. I have argued with people who've told me to leave beaches. They always tell me the cops will come and "take me away". Its all hot air. No cops ever show and if they did, they cant do anything. I've broken no laws.
  11. It's a valid point; and I wouldn't want any responder putting their life in danger for someone who didn't heed a mandatory evacuation. Then again, a responder always goes into dangerous situations to rescue people who put themselves in harms way. Where is the line? At what point are you infringing on my rights as a citizen to peacefully assemble on public property? I've been told that a beach was "closed" for 50 mph winds from some tropical storm 100 miles off the coast. That is infringing upon my rights. Because if we are going to go down that road then chasing is illegal. Are we ready to prosecute chasers? Are we ready to arrest people for exercising their constitutional rights?
  12. Different set of circumstances. There are security risks with that. There are no security risks to standing on a public beach or other public property. LOL
  13. Yep, bill em. But also stop doing unconstitutional things like closing public areas during Hurricanes. You can't close a beach. You can't tell me I can't be on public land. I don't know how these chasers actually get away with what they do. When Sandy hit, NJ beaches were essentially closed. It was illegal to be there. Which is unconstitutional to the max. So in summary. I can be on whatever public land whenever I want, if EMS can't reach me, or bills me for services, or I die because of my stupidity; that is on me.
  14. I do reenactments at Fort Ticonderoga all the time. Plus tons of history and things to do at Lake George/Glens Falls/Albany. I'd live there in a heartbeat. It is probably my retirement location. back home, 50 degrees, bare mud ground, blah. You're being far too generous. A foot on the ground. Huge snow piles, and a 4 inch snowstorm on top is more like a 1 in 20 year thing here.