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  1. Okay, thanks. I definitely don't get the full effects of either bay. During one of March metlathons in 2018, Havre De Grace had nothing but white rain, and as I drove northeast up route 40 to my house, we managed 2-3 inches from the same storm. It was completely a bay related issue in HDG.
  2. Thanks. Thats right where I am near that Elkton spot, so thats good to know. I was going to say, I can't imagine the Elk River having that much of an impact....there isn't much to it.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I think this kind of explains why my expectations are out of wack. I actually went from a seasonal average of 24-27 inches, to one of 10-15 inches, at least according to that map, when this whole time, I thought it was pretty balanced from where I use to live. But its very depressing to see, that its actually a significant difference. I figured moving west negated the move south, at least some, but it actually doesn't, at all. That is depressing. I figured living 15 miles from a bay wouldn't actually be anywhere near as bad as living 5 miles from an entire ocean. Wrong again. I guess I just didn't research this enough and I actually did kind of research it from a meteorological perspective before I bought. I figured I am in Northern Delaware, and Delaware gets decent snow, but being in northern Delaware makes no difference. Being 80 miles west of AC makes no difference, being 80 miles northwest of Cape May, again, no difference. I am only 40 miles southwest of Philly and they do good, not NYC good, but Jersey shore good. It doesn't matter. I didn't factor in elevation having as big of an impact. But in fact, elevation is basically.....everything here. So I guess I only have myself to blame. But I appreciate the explanation! I guess we kind of cracked the mystery as to why I am so perplexed by this lack of snow. I get the same snowfall as Lewes Delaware, 100 miles due south. LOL
  4. Okay, thanks, I think I am better understanding things and I appreciate you explaining it. I think maybe part of the problem here, is that I lived on the Jersey shore until 2010. I always thought DC and Jersey shore were pretty well balanced in terms of what they would expect with snowfall. In fact, I've been told as much. But its seems to be very far from the case. As I stated before, I am about 80 miles west of Atlantic City, which you think would make a difference in snowfall. It doesn't. So maybe part of this is me trying to adjust to the lie, that the west component makes up for the southern component. It doesn't. Might as well consider myself 120 miles due south of where I once lived. I think as far as DC goes, I thought they got more snow. Maybe I was partially tricked by the 2009 season where they got blasted while up at the Jersey shore we watched. Or Jan 2000 where we did well, but DC did better. I thought that southern slider thing benefitted DC often. It doesn't. In fact, in terms of snowfall, nothing seems to benefit us. its too far south, too far north, too warm, too cold. Its rarely ever right. DC is Cape May NJ. With that said, I will concede that my expectations are wrong, but they are justified in being wrong because of lies that were told about the climo here. Because from the Jersey shore perspective, 2000-2010 wasn't as bad as depicted above. We had misses, we had bad years, but we had storms too. Storms that I had assumed DC also benefitted from. But it didn't As an example in 2006 we got about a foot from that mini Blizzard, DC got 5.9 inches? LOL geez. Even 2001-2002 featured a 4 inch snow in January. DC didn't get that one either. 2006-2007 we had a decent amount of snowfall and a really neat ice storm or two. DC didn't get that either. The climo isn't the same. Its messing with my thinking. I just need to get out of this area I guess. I am actually okay with imperfect stuff, but the last 4+ years has all been imperfect, which has made things seems worse than they've actually been. Again, last year winter was actually decent. But it was decent in March. No matter how decent that is, it won't feel decent when you virtually shutout January and Feb, something we've been quite good at doing here for quite a few years.
  5. It looks like its been more of a problem in the last decade, and not the last 2 decades. 2006 was alright, 2008 was alright, 2009 was....well..... 2002 was great, 2004 was alright. Its only in the last decade that its really been feast or famine. Is that proof that this is a trend? I don't know. Maybe you are right and we will continue to post less than 5 inch winters in anything other than a NINO winter, but that will be a huge drastic shift in just a decade, where prior to that other non NINOs were fair to decent. If we get good winters 30% of the time, than the last 4 years is below average because statistically we were due for a good winter in that period, you could say we were balancing out for the previous years, but we had two other crap winters prior to that in the same decade. I will admit that some of the reason the last 4 years have been crappy is timing of snowfall. Last year actually was decent, but March snowfall was what made it that way. Same with the year before that. But it still doesn't change that the last 4 years are historically bad. I think you are wrong about my views on snowfall; I can live with years with median snowfall. Again, last year was actually decent for me, it just all fell as March meltathons. Same with the year prior. The year of the "Blizzard" sucked because it was all loaded into one storm, a storm that dry slotted my area. Timing of snow, combined with below average snowfall in general has made this a very miserable run.
  6. I'd be curious to know which years since 2000, weren't NINO. Chances are there are some years where we did get snow. I find it hard to believe there isn't. I swear there was a NINA year where we got destroyed. 2002-2003?? Snow is an emotional thing for me, but its not about being mad at the atmosphere, its more about being mad at the mental gynmatics being done to try to justify a year where we got a fraction of an inch of snow as "normal". Even factoring in that years can be hit or miss here, even factoring in climate change, this stretch is not normal. It is a fluke not to luck into something. We got nothing this year. Literally nothing. Without question the worst year in my 38 years on this earth. Historically bad. Not normal. Thats really all I ask. Crappy patterns can and often do produce results. Last year as an example. Actually pretty much any year. This year's pattern was horrendous, and it snowed 400 miles south of here. North Carolina, in a horrendous pattern; got 5 inches of snow. Proof we can still luck into snow in a bad pattern, and often do. So I am not really even sure it was a pattern problem or a climate change issue. Its just historically horrible.
  7. I don't deny climate change has a hand in it, but looking at stats I am not sure there is enough there for you to make the argument that climate change has made what we are experiencing now "normal". Having one of the worst winters on record is not normal, nor is it fully the result of climate change. We literally had a fraction of an inch total. Philly went the entire month of Feb without any snow, that has never happened. I guess I just don't understand why you have an anti snow bias and try to paint snowless winters as normal. If we got 50 inches of snow this year, you'd be calling it essentially a once in a lifetime experience. So you should also be calling a winter where Philly got .3 inches of snow, essentially a once in a lifetime event. Because that's what it is. There simply isn't enough people on here saying how horrible this winter was and when people do, its dismissed as "complaints" or "no actually this is normal". Its not. Plain and simple.
  8. DC has now had the worst 4 year snowless stretch in the history of record keeping. Can we make it official? This is not "normal". We are not "due for a bad year".
  9. Nice, the jackpot zones up there don't really have any hotels. But you can still do pretty good in like Brewerton or Pulaski.
  10. I am glad to see there will be no March turnaround. Bring on Spring!
  11. Yeah, this happened once before 23 years ago. That's like, a long time. Then again 50 years ago. That isn't "run of the mill" by any means. People definitely downplay our climo here. Psu spent the entire winter talking horrible patterns and our climo dictating this being normal and it literally snowed up to 5 inches 300-400 miles south of us. In an area that averages, what? a half an inch a year? Climo?
  12. LOL, having the top 3rd snowless winter on record is not at all "how we roll" nor is having the least amount of snow in a 4 years period. Its record breaking. There is no other way to slice it. You guys are strange and skew yourself toward the negative. If we had 30 inches this season, you'd say its historic. So we can also be comfortable calling a season with less than an inch historic.
  13. I thought I'd send some snowy cheer to you guys. About a foot of snow on the ground up here in upstate NY, where I am practically living now. Big huge icy piles. Love it~ I couldn't go on staring at the bare snowless ground any longer. Come to an area that gets a real winter, it does wonders for your mental state.
  14. If 300-400 miles south of us can score in this horrible pattern, we certainly could have.
  15. Despite this being a dreadful winter, one of the worst actually, I took a trip to Vermont over the weekend and experienced the coldest temperature of my life on Saturday morning (-16 degrees). Let me just say whoa, I didn't know the true meaning of cold. Stick your hand out the window of a moving care and its like having liquid nitrogen poured on it. Numb within 3 seconds. PLus there was a good foot of snow on the ground. It was nice. A place where real winter happens. Not this Florida climate we live in. I can't wait to move there!
  16. Yes, precip was expansive but as it moved north it hit a wall just south of DC. I think flurries made it to about Mt Vernon.
  17. Its been obvious since late January that winter was over.
  18. I mean, a ton of safespacers here to be fair. I feel like my presence here is actually limited and non intrusive. More this year since I stayed out of the model thread. This is like a 2 out of 10 on how nuts I can get. So I am surprised it bothers people so much that they put me on ignore. LOL In fact, its others that like to argue for the sake of it I feel. Semantics with record breaking as record breaking doesn't have to break the top record to be record breaking. So we can change it to "historical" to suit things better. But i'll stop with my disruptive and intrusive behavior!!!
  19. If we get nothing more, only 2 seasons are worse, and only by fractions of an inch. So we are kind of splitting hairs here. Its pretty record breaking. If DC experienced the 3rd snowiest winter on record, wouldn't that be record breaking? You bet it would. So why don't the same conditions apply here? Of course, I still think we managed a few mangled inches late Feb or early March inches, to make it just bad, instead of historically bad. But who knows. Maybe not. It doesn't want to snow at all.
  20. TO be honest, I figured something would have happened by now. Even if its 2-3 inches and even if its confined NW of I-95, or even a snowstorm for NYC and Boston while we watch. This complete shutout is pretty mind boggling. I still think we do pull in some mangled couple of inches to make this winter just bad instead of record breaking bad. But as the days go on, maybe we do go the record breaking route.
  21. Didn't PSU say with everything out of whack, either its a sheared out southern slider or a cutter?
  22. I am not sure why people are complaining in the long range thread. I ran some math calculations, very scientific in fact, and the median DC temp in Jan and Feb is actually 50. Normal snowfall is around half a inch for both months combined. So we are actually above average snowfall this year and pretty cold. You guys are spoiled and need to learn our climo. I think things look pretty decent. Maybe a couple sleet pellets in the next week or two mixed in with the rain. Huge win in my book. I mean, you do know how rare that is here right?
  23. I am super excited. I could see that trending south so we could see a couple flakes mixed in with the rain at 2am in the morning. What a time to be alive in a year where we are getting average to above average snowfall. So blessed.