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  1. Flirting with 32 here - 31.5 now. Pavement that was cleared, salted, etc is just fine but the areas that were not touched by plows on the neighborhood streets are starting to ice up real good. Just played musical cars to get my car ready to leave first for work tomorrow and my wife's small SUV basically sat on top of the sheet of ice covered snow when I moved it to the street.
  2. Somewhere between 2-3 inches in west Arlington. Temps steady at 29/27. Still coming down at a good clip. County plow has been by already - whooo!
  3. 39/16 here. Only got to 40 today and dpts have held steady in the mid-teens.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. What better way to cause chaos than to release into snow covered roads...
  5. Yup, my wife and I left downtown around 6:30 and didn't get home in Arlington until 1:45am. Sat on I-66 for 5 hours before a salt/sand truck could come the wrong way down the interstate and treat the bridge over Lee Highway. Convinced me to either stay home or take metro if snow was in the forecast. Never doing that again...
  6. Ah, gotcha. New parent here, so I have 4-5 years before I have to deal with this sort of stuff. At least our elementary school is within walking distance!
  7. Yeah, it was really a no win situation for them. Guidance suggested 2 hrs was the right call. Oh well...
  8. Neighborhood roads in Arlington completely covered. Just watched a FWD car struggle to get up the little hill that is my street. Tough to see ACPS not close at this point as there are much steeper hills in other parts of the county that buses certainly will not be able to navigate, right?
  9. 3.6 in west Arlington. We always seem to run pretty cold here, but we are in line with other stations in the area via wunderground.
  10. Enormous flakes coming down here in west Arlington. Seems to have just let up, but man they looked like the size of golf balls!
  11. 1 inch of snow on the deck before the sleet storm started in North Arlington. Neighborhood roads gave in around 7:30 and are already starting to clear. Bottomed out at 30 at 8:30 and now, at ~9:30, already up to 31.5.
  12. Things are winding down here in Arlington. Just took a measurement and we are right about the 4 inch range. Pleasantly surprised by the outcome and also excited to see that roads/driveways where if anyone attempted to do any clearing are already melting rapidly!
  13. Snowing pretty good here now in west Arlington. Just had first county plow come down the road, blade up, dropping salt. All surfaces covered!
  14. Looks far enough east for most - should be good! http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=17#
  15. Ended up melting out around .72 from my Wx Station. Measured about 1.1 inches of slop last night before the rain set in. Talk about some crappy rates - but at least it looked nice!