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  1. Gives mid-atl some snow and turns BOS to rain. But agree, they prob shld not even show sfc panels on a climate model.
  2. With the exception of a few winning op runs here and there, the models are still pointing in one direction: OTS. Flow is just too progressive.
  3. I agree, I'm def counting that as a win - much better CMC run than I was initially anticipating. CMC does do well on occasion, but I'm not sure of its track record with these types of events.
  4. I was wondering the same earlier today, it seems like it has been years since a formidable clipper tracked south of the Mason-Dixon line.
  5. You're right - I forgot that we did get some effects from 1 of those 3 events that month - but the real fun was to our NE
  6. I hope the next few weeks don't turn out to be like the pattern in March 2018 when New England had 3 blockbuster events and here in the Mid Atlantic we got zilch.
  7. Looks like the 12z ICON is going to keep the weekend system offshore again.
  8. Good point…let’s hope it holds in that placement - Utah up into Idaho is one of the best possible locations
  9. Interesting you mention the midweek potential. I just took a cursory look at the 12z icon (i know!), and it has MD on the northern fringe of the precip
  10. Yes! Right now, it seems one of these two outcomes is most plausible: The track stays far enough east with little to no impact, or it phases but then tracks inland as a cutter (much like last weekend) - which could still bring some wintry precip but nothing too significant.
  11. A little surprised LWX bumped UP totals N/W… .NEAR TERM /THROUGH THURSDAY NIGHT/... 9:15 PM UPDATE: Not too much has changed since the afternoon. With some of the hi-res guidance coming in a touch hotter, have decided to up the high end snowfall totals with the Thursday morning system. Still have an expected snowfall forecast of 1-2". However, addded a 3-4" contour along and just west of the I-95 corridor to account for some of the more aggressive model solutions given the strength of the arctic front.
  12. This looks to be setting up as one of those events that takes a bit longer than expected to turn to snow. most areas see an inch or less, except in a narrow band where just enough lift and moisture are maximized for local accums of 2-3 inches.
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