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  1. Shady Grove

    December 9/10 Storm

    Might be weenie hallucinations, but I swear I saw the tiniest of flurries in Upper Bobchillville!
  2. Shady Grove

    November Banter

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! You folks have provided great entertainment, distraction, and knowledge to a humble lurker. Hope you all get to spend time with the ones you love! -Shady Grove
  3. Shady Grove

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Downtown Baltimore! Park and Centre Rooftop. Snow trying to make a comeback!
  4. Shady Grove

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Back to pingers in Baltimore City! Got some nice pics from the 23rd floor roof, will post in a bit!
  5. Shady Grove

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Big Fatties in Downtown Baltimore @N. Biddle and N. Calvert. Still a few pingers! This is fun, what's next on the docket?
  6. Shady Grove

    Public Service Announcement - Please Read

    Hey Bob, my Rockvillian neighbor. Thank you for the thoughtful words. As a longtime lurker, I very much appreciate the hard work of yourself and all the others that take their time to post and share on here. Having moved to Rockville from Stevensville a few years ago, it's been fascinating to see the difference a 50-60 miles make. Keep up the great work!