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  1. I think The Reaper needs to open up a side joint featuring S&M, for all the pain we put ourselves through! Who's ready for next week?
  2. 80/20 SNOW/SLEET in Crofton, driveway caving!
  3. Can we all just get together and have a Pot Luck @Mrs.J's, she's always making something tasty?
  4. Wonder if the population of Union Bridge will be picking up with the mass exodus of AmericanWx Weenies from the big Cities, lol!
  5. Fatties taking over in Crofton!
  6. Beautiful to look at here in Crofton, melting as fast as it falls. I'd call it a 1/2" of SNUD!
  7. Some nice mood flakes in Crofton! About 3" of snow and 0.2-0.25" of Ice. Kind of spooky when the wind blows. Edit: Heaviest snow of the whole storm, lol! Let's keep this rolling! That didn't last long!
  8. King Farm Blvd, Gaither Rd and Redland Rd have all caved here in Upperbobchillville! (Rockville) Thanks for the great analysis folks, this winter will be rockin'!
  9. Might be weenie hallucinations, but I swear I saw the tiniest of flurries in Upper Bobchillville!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! You folks have provided great entertainment, distraction, and knowledge to a humble lurker. Hope you all get to spend time with the ones you love! -Shady Grove
  11. Downtown Baltimore! Park and Centre Rooftop. Snow trying to make a comeback!
  12. Back to pingers in Baltimore City! Got some nice pics from the 23rd floor roof, will post in a bit!
  13. Big Fatties in Downtown Baltimore @N. Biddle and N. Calvert. Still a few pingers! This is fun, what's next on the docket?
  14. Hey Bob, my Rockvillian neighbor. Thank you for the thoughtful words. As a longtime lurker, I very much appreciate the hard work of yourself and all the others that take their time to post and share on here. Having moved to Rockville from Stevensville a few years ago, it's been fascinating to see the difference a 50-60 miles make. Keep up the great work!