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  1. My thought was that it would have to be a pay channel along the lines of HBO or otherwise there would need to be about a 20-second delay and people ready to constantly hit a button to keep the FCC happy. You and I and others here have witnessed many incidents on broadcast TV in which an upset athlete got too close to an open mic or viewers got lip-reading practice.
  2. I know people rip on Snyder (personally, I think it hasn't worked out there because fan does not equal great owner) but Peter Angelos ruined the Os. The past few years has seemed to be a "don't give a crap" mode.
  3. I have Cox (resists urge to say unladylike words) and WUSA9, the CBS affiliate, had the radar on one of its subchannels a bunch of years ago but got rid of it. I'm pretty certain WJLA, the ABC affiliate, had (emphasis on had) a subchannel devoted to weather too. Right now if my cable subchannels are any indication, none of the DC stations have a subchannel devoted to weather or the radar.
  4. The bridal shower taught me a very important lesson: Check the "I bought it" box on the registry, because even if you think it's not possible that someone else will buy what you did for the shower, someone will and you'll be the person graciously volunteering to return a chainsaw to Home Depot.
  5. Seeing this photo reminds me of a time a bunch of years ago when a friend of mine, in the same conversation, was gushing about a new relationship she was in and also mentioned her favorite flowers: yellow tulips and blue hydrangea. Knowing who he was, about half an hour later he had an email in his inbox informing him of this flower preference. He would have known me by name, but likely not by face. Four days later, 10 p.m. on February 14, I got a phone call: "It was YOU!!!!!!" Well, yeah. You unwittingly offered up actionable intelligence, I was a nice person, and he would have been an idiot not to get in touch with a florist so you could be the envy of a bunch of your coworkers. I most certainly got an invitation to their wedding.
  6. Absolutely dumping rain in Alexandria, at Route 1 and the Beltway, along with the sound and light show.
  7. It's the ExTech WTH600-KIT Wireless Weather Station Kit. Available at retailers like the Big A.
  8. Since the Orioles haven't done anything lately to allow MASN to show a recent "classic" game MASN is showing game 4 of the 1970 World Series against the Reds. Those are some sideburns on Jim Palmer. OK, maybe they're not that shocking. Johnny Bench is sporting the same.
  9. What a difference a day makes.
  10. Why I immediately thought of this forum when I saw this article, I have no clue...
  11. Another lovely sunset this evening.
  12. If wearing masks in Virginia is so imporant why is the order being installed on Friday?
  13. My personal opinion, but if the NHL starts its next season in December I'm OK with that. The regular season is too freakin' long. When they had the strike-shortened season it was great because every game meant something. And the NHL Center Ice subscription was only 50 bucks. Bobby Orr did his flying leap on May 10 (50th anniversary this year!). Now the Stanley Cup final goes into June. Even Canadians are bored with hockey in June. They need to shorten the season. They won't, though.