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  1. One factor is that from March 25 to May 10, nursing homes in NY could not deny admittance or re-admittance to people positive for Covid or suspected to have it, which led to thousands of Covid-positive people being admitted to various facilities and spreading it around. One can also make a decent argument that the heavy use of public transportation in NYC, particularly the subway, was also a factor.
  2. I just edited that post so I'll just add this one to say that yeah, I'm an idiot.
  3. There were two airliners that put out chemtrails right around sunset, going in a slight SE to NW direction, and the contrails stuck around for a while. I noted how close they were together (or at least how close they looked from my spot on land) and how the timing wasn't that far apart from the appearance of one plane to the next because with the reduction in overseas air travel I don't see them go by at that altitude as often as they used to. (I saw them as they were going past DC to the north)
  4. Thanks. What's interesting for me is that I was looking at it through a window that points pretty much due north and from my vantage point I was looking NNE when I saw it, like I was looking at something going over the Potomac.
  5. I saw it too (it was around 6:20), and nearly posted about it. It was on a south-north trajectory, pretty low and I noticed it was pretty much going along at the same altitude before it disappeared. Given I live near DCA, my first thought was, "This is not a regular airplane out of DCA", then I thought maybe the rocket launch at Wallops had happened and it was flying awfully low (the launch was the night before, and yes, I realize a rocket flying that low would be a problem), followed by thinking it was maybe a fighter jet on full afterburner, although there was no noise like you said. It was that bright.
  6. Think of him in April when the temps will still be dipping below freezing and he's shoveling snow. By then he won't be happy that he's still shoveling snow and he'll be yearning for spring to actually appear. The odds are extremely good winter is going to be better there than here if cold and snow are what you're looking for. (For the record, I'm from there. The only month I haven't seen snow falling is July. First major snowfall of the year is always a traffic s***show. But there are occasional years when the snowfall is below average, sometimes way below it.)
  7. I'm in Alexandria, near the Fairfax County line with Alexandria City, and I can hear the thunder from the line of storms going through Bethesda and Reston and further north. I've actually been hearing thunder for probably the last half hour or so.
  8. Condolences, Mrs. J. Must be really hard for the Miss Js, who have never known life without him.
  9. I'm at Route 1 and the Beltway in Alexandria and Round 3 has arrived. Edit: Nothing really terrible.
  10. Because they're not sitting in the path of the thing.
  11. Since I was a kid I've liked ketchup on cucumber slices. (Waits for the banhammer) A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of getting an Egg McMuffin with Canadian Bacon. That thing was so plain-tasting and dry I was dunking it in ketchup to make it palatable. I will now stick with the sausage and egg variety.
  12. Volume highly recommended:
  13. Meanwhile, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is probably wondering right now if a tropical system sharing his first name could hit anywhere in his state next week.
  14. Caps can do whatever they want; the Leafs are out of the playoffs so all is right with the world.
  15. Maybe he could spread the work out by offering an early-bird Reaping special?