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  1. The part at the end about how outside travel during Condition 1 is not permitted was a nice touch.
  2. If she can work her brother like that, don't think she hasn't got you pegged.
  3. He'll have to get used to falling iguanas when the weather gets too cold for their taste.
  4. Santa might have gotten caught up in it as he was hauling out of Milton, DE, to pass DC and take a U-turn through Dale City and Leesburg to visit Annapolis on his way to the monsoon in Philadelphia via State College. At least that what NORAD showed him doing.
  5. The Hockley Motel in Ontario, used as the Rosebud Motel in that show, went on the market on the 25th.
  6. That must have been a heckuva ransomware attack.
  7. For years southern Fairfax County had a house that put on a show, and it started because it's directly across the street from an assisted living facility and the homeowner wanted to give them some holiday cheer. A few years ago he won $50,000 on an ABC Christmas lights competition show. Unfortunately, due to health issues he won't be running it this year.
  8. For the record, don't knock ketchup with cucumbers until you've tried it.
  9. This reminds me of when I was a kid and watching the dearly departed Bill Matheson on ITV Edmonton, Alberta, describing the Mother Low sending off Little Lows. What is pictured above is a Mother Low and a Little Low which has been dispatched to the Northwest Territories. It was also important to keep your eye on an Idaho High. (Apologies if this belongs more in Banter.)
  10. Ketchup on spaghettios? No. Hot dogs? Yes.
  11. Since you mentioned Spam earlier, many moons ago I went to a party that was devoted to unusual wine pairings (food including doughnuts, popcorn, fried chicken, licorice, peanut butter cups, etc). The Spam was paired with Beaujolais.
  12. Maybe it would help if you find a nice wine pairing to go with it? (Or beer, if you prefer.)
  13. You must mean this (although in this case they're regular hot dogs)...go here for other amazing creations:
  14. Weather report on Friday night on WUSA9: There may be showers on Sunday morming Topper, dear, these aren't showers.
  15. One factor is that from March 25 to May 10, nursing homes in NY could not deny admittance or re-admittance to people positive for Covid or suspected to have it, which led to thousands of Covid-positive people being admitted to various facilities and spreading it around. One can also make a decent argument that the heavy use of public transportation in NYC, particularly the subway, was also a factor.