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  1. nam is pretty good esp in the short range. the fact that it and the euro have generally turned the backside into very little is a flag for sure. not sure I'm too worried about tomorrow tho... see what the gfs says I suppose.
  2. Just came to check lol. Dulles screws me a bit.
  3. BWI: Nov 15 IAD: Nov 15 DCA: Dec. 15 RIC Nov 15 TB: 87
  4. I'd guess upscale growth will be relatively rapid but it has some decent ingredients. As usual -- esp around here -- need to see how the morning plays out. Today actually looks relatively interesting so far. Maybe mapgirl will catch a tube.
  5. I think social science has led to the ref on numbers. They have been in many of their graphics for a while. We tend to always mention numbers ourselves ... a level one of five, etc. Figures I'm in Cape Cod. Enjoy the wedges.
  6. tropical season is the worst
  7. Hit squarely with two solid cells today in NW DC. Gotta be an inch from both... ground can't really hold anything more it's becoming a lake. Solid shelfie too.
  8. dew point records are tricky to come by tho worth looking into
  9. One time of year some extra clouds and a little east wind isn't the worst. Altho the forecast isn't looking too great.
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