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  1. One time of year some extra clouds and a little east wind isn't the worst. Altho the forecast isn't looking too great.
  2. today would def have been a storm day without Isiais but in the wake of it and with rising heights etc it's a bit more difficult.
  3. everyone always hates on trough interaction but gotta think it helped here in the final run a lot of ways. increased venting caused intensification through landfall, then the added juice aloft plus the punch of dry air prob helped the tornado production etc. I guess without it the storm would have just run into FL or something but still.
  4. the cooler air might be the best part of the storm here.
  5. I think we're good with floating cars so we can yell that people should have turned around.
  6. I said it would hit FL or NC on Jul 30 so I'll take it. #climoing
  7. It's like a lot of events these days. The hyperfocus ratchets up the hype, inadvertently or otherwise... around here it is pretty much just a quick rainstorm but beggers can't be choosers and it could rip for a bit.
  8. If I wake up to you reporting thundersnow...
  9. I think when radar is giving you the finger (and you are at the tip of the finger) early in the game you know it's gonna be good. The forest toppling (or some fraction of that) winds may stay east east but oh well.
  10. I thought about pulling an all nighter but it's unfrozen snow lol
  11. I've been wobbling more than a trochoidal loop
  12. nice.. strengthening storms tend to perform+
  13. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=regional-eastcoast-comp_radar-48-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  14. could have been me (if it was 2022)
  15. I guess I have to learn how to spell Iseyas.