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  1. KDH/Kitty Hawk/Nags Head are all great areas. I am pretty familiar with those areas if you have any questions.
  2. Love the OBX. Nags Head/Kitty Hawk/KDH are great areas. Just an FYI, anything south of the Bonner Bridge (Hatteras Island) is prone to Overwash from the ocean. They close Highway 12 at times during/after the overwash to clear the water and and use heavy machinery to push back the sand dunes. Might get stuck down on Hatteras for a bit
  3. It has been a really windy day here in Nags Head (Outer Banks). Drove down to the beach, surf was very rough, ocean was covering most of the beach, and a ton of sea foam flying around! High Surf Advisory and a Rip Current alert was issued.
  4. 18z vs 12z
  5. We were planning our vacation to the Outer Banks (Nags Head), NC on Saturday. We haven't decided if we are going to make the trip down due to the storm. Any thoughts based on the potential track on what it would be like? Based on what I have seen maybe some rain and some wind but nothing to significant?
  6. I was thinking my trip to OBX would be on after latest runs and just saw the 18z GFS. Ugh....
  7. 12z vs 18z
  8. One right into the mouth of the Chesapeake....
  9. That sounds like a great idea!
  10. This storm has me so confused, I wish it was clear what track it was going to take. I was planning on going to the Outer Banks on Saturday. Really wish this would storm would head out sea because I don't want to lose out on the money because of not going.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. I am going to the Outer Banks next weekend. Hoping for an out to see track. Would be pretty cool to see the surf with out to sea track.
  12. Starting to rise.... Authorities in the Houston-area say they are investigating 17 more deaths to see whether they qualify as storm-related. Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences spokeswoman Tricia Bentley says that the medical examiner is doing autopsies Wednesday and the agency will update its storm-related death toll in the evening. She says authorities expect to find more bodies in homes and cars as the waters from Harvey begin to recede. The 17 bodies at the morgue do not include the bodies of six relatives found in a van in Houston on Wednesday. The overall death toll from Harvey is at least 21. https://apnews.com/44af0775d467489f97ab0cdc5baad737/The-Latest:-Harvey-death-count-up-to-21,-woman's-body-found?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP
  13. HCSOTexas‏Verified account @HCSOTexas 6m6 minutes ago We are sad to confirm we have retrieved six victims from a van that was submerged in Greens Bayou.
  14. I don't think they should have evacuated Houston. It would not have been worth it because you can't evacuate millions of people. I do think they should have but a driving ban on the roads during the height of the storm. There were way too many people on the road that shouldn't have been and got stuck. I have been pretty surprised at how long it took to get these shelters up and running. It was pretty clear for a period of time before the storm struck that the Houston area would be severely flooded. These shelters should have been up and running quicker. It would have been practical to have people in flood prone areas to have access to these shelters before the storm struck instead of them needing to be rescued. (Maybe they were set up but I never heard of mass shelters set up beforehand). I have been amazed at the amount of volunteers that have come out and brought their own boats and risked their lives to save others. Many more would have died because there weren't enough rescue boats available. I wonder what the death toll will be? I think it will be in the 500+ ranger. So many areas flooded and devastated. Once the water recedes, the death toll is going to rise quickly. So many homes completely flooded and so many vehicles that are submerged that need to be checked for victims.
  15. Yeah it is Baytown. The flooding is now almost up to the roof. Hopefully they evacuated.