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  1. Also try Walgreens/CVS in the 6-7:30 am timeframe. I was lucky to schedule one for me and my two relatives this morning. For Walgreens Type "Maryland" instead of a city and it will give better results. Also set up an account ahead of time for Walgreens. CVS if you get to the appointments screen it allows you to finish and won't kick you off like other sites do. Good Luck!
  2. Rain for the past couple hours in Annapolis
  3. Freezing Drizzle. 28.4 degrees.
  4. Huge flakes coming down in Pasadena. Wow! I wish it would stay like this for a bit, would get some nice accumulation.
  5. Mostly all snow again. Bigger flakes than before. 26.6 degrees.
  6. Snow mixing in. Big Flakes!
  7. Sleet coming down really hard. 27.5 Degrees.
  8. 00Z IAD sounding showed a warm nose of 1.8C at the 809 mb level. This is around 1C warmer than what most of the 18Z models initialized. The 18Z Canadian Regional had the best initialization of the 18Z guidance with a warm nose around 1C with the 00Z NAM now having caught up to the warmer air aloft. Although, there is a lot of dry air at that level which would result in wet-bulb cooling once precip arrives, the trend in the models has been for a faster changeover to mixed precip Thu morning. Will be incorporating more of the 00Z NAM and 18Z Canadian Regional in our update tonight. These two models have verified the best with temps aloft this winter, especially with the mid December 2020 and Feb 10 mixed precip events. There has also been a trend toward a faster exit of the precipitation late Thu night across the region with precip only lingering across southern MD and in the upslope areas.
  9. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Snow Thursday morning will be heavy at times with snowfall rates around 1 to 2 inches per hour possible along with visibility reduced to around one-quarter mile at time.
  10. Not sure if questioning when to start a storm thread or when watches/warnings will be issued is worse...
  11. A couple pictures from late afternoon/evening once ice starting to accumulate better.
  12. Surprised at the lack of accumulation on the trees so far in Annapolis. Sleety/freeze rain accumulation on cars and wood surfaces but everything else just wet.