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  1. First time back at work in Annapolis since the storm. I was shocked to see all the tree damage at my work. A lot of large tree limbs down, small trees snapped in half or uprooted. The area has really suffered a lot of wind/tree damage over the past two years. Two tornados, a couple wind storms, and then this snowstorm really has caused a lot of tree damage.
  2. 8 plows sitting along Route 50 in Annapolis and the roads were brined. Much different from last Sunday night. Storm Cancel Temp 36 in Pasadena. Hoping for 2 inches but will probably be less.
  3. 5.5 inches at 11:15 am in Pasadena. About 2.5 inches in ~1.5 hours. Temp 29 degrees.
  4. Thunder snow about 25 minutes ago. Just brutal standing along Stoney Creek. Heavy snow, high winds coming off the creek, and 30 degrees.
  5. As of 1030 last night city, county, and state roads in Annapolis were not brined.
  6. Looks like about 3 inches on the porch. Snow picking up. Windy at times. Temp 30 degrees.
  7. Down Wires & Tree Calls are picking up in Central/Southern Anne Arundel. ~1,700 without power in AA.
  8. Ritchie Highway (Rt-2) (Severna Park/Arnold) is currently being shut down at Route 50. About a dozen vehicles off the road/stuck on the hills.
  9. Significant tidal flooding ongoing in the Shady Side area of Anne Arundel. Communities are impassible. Firefighters advising houses have at least 2 feet of water around them.
  10. Now many gas leaks being reported with meters ripped off buildings. OEM being requested for multiple people needing shelter.
  11. Heavy damage being reported in the Mayo, Edgewater, and Parole area. Roof came off a concessions building at a school. Trees down in homes with possible entrapment. Multiple roads closed. Confirmed entrapped but not injured. West and lee st at in Annapolis: multiple poles down and windows blown out.
  12. Lots of trees and wires down in Edgewater.
  13. Police officer: A tornado on Mayo Road right now. #annapolis
  14. Heavy rain came through at 5 am. Total rainfall: 1.40
  15. I only had my iPhone but the lightning was impressive last night.
  16. House struck by lightning in Severn with fire showing from the roof.
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