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  1. Interesting. Injesting—-my bad 3:00 in the morning.
  2. Would be real ingesting if we can get just a 10-15 mile shift south in these last few hours leading in. Flip those advisories to warnings closer to the city.
  3. Those maps from CWG are my favorite. And I get it. I would do the same thing. It’s just classic. The “boom” if we are wrong and “bust” if we are wrong maps are great. Just symbolizes life in the 95 corridor.
  4. Northern Maryland seems tb jackpot this winter
  5. Radar Dry slot much of dc metro but a nice southwest build on backend.
  6. Looks like the forecasters overall nailed this. 3-4 DC proper. And around 5-7 FFX and Loudoun. Great stuff. Let’s hope we get to 12:00 with snow still falling.
  7. I can’t remember discussions be so far all over the map. 2-7 inches just west of the City? far west of the city? 2-3 change to rain by 4:00 pm? Looks like just a mix of slushy 2 inches and then fr rain and rain. Not to be Deb but a whole lot of hoopla for what appears to be an an 11:00 am changeover to sleet and then rain 2 hours later. Hope the CAD just sits and cold air wins out overperforning.
  8. Does any of this end as plain rain into Thursday?
  9. Are we still eventually talking rain at this point when we say “the changeover?” Or is this now a snow change to fr rain/sleet done.
  10. Tick tock those picks are in. Euro is now in the clock.
  11. Ya. Always bad when 7-8 people browsing. Ugh. Maybe Tuesday night will turn snowier.
  12. Wow. LWX anything but bullish in their 3:00 update. A whole lot of nothing. Even the Mon/Tues was a mix bag. Favoring warner side of temps mostly as well. Ugh. Hopefully later models will turn that around.
  13. Classic NOVA—snow plow in sun. So great.
  14. “Um, ya about those TPS reports, I noticed you said rain, snow, sleet—2 out of those 3 would be great—yaaaa. “
  15. LWX: No blame as it’s 72 hours out Maybe balmy and 75 could be added oye—-here’s hoping to some positive trends tonight. Fun model watching At the moment it appears as though snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain will all be possible across the area.