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  1. I’ll take Weather for $300. When a Winter Storm Warning that calls for 6-8 inches of snow and then turns into an Advisory with 1-1.5 inch(ES) of pixie dust laced with slush. What is: The Mid Atlantic from 2016-2021. Correct. Pick again.
  2. Assuming we will change to warnings by noon tomorrow? Then we fight the mix (snow sleet) line for 12 hours. Sounds like the best shot this winter. We’re not fighting the usual—I’ll take it.
  3. Think LWX will start canceling the winter weather advisories in some areas? That may be the true kick in the teeth. But seeing them still there when the verbiage is now an inch or less in many areas—just painful. Pull it. On to next week.
  4. Wow. And to top it off—this confidence building boiler plate quote from LWX next week. A slight winter threat exists for Saturday and Tuesday. If these threats materialize, it may cause travel disruptions.
  5. It’s been a while since we have had an upgrade to the WWA. Today, would be a good day to break that pattern.
  6. When I first saw this, I thought sweet that’s the 4-8 inch/heavy snow potential drawing! I’ll show myself out with the hot dog.
  7. I agree. Still time (not a lot) for some models to push this North and the vibe can flip in this forum this evening. Glass half full. Or if my unicorn thinking happens. Make that a full glass please.
  8. Lol exactly. LWX holding somewhat strong with “generally 5-8 region wide”
  9. Interesting. The WSW are from 3am to noon. That is rapid.
  10. Words we just couldn’t quite get to last weekend. Finally (I mean hopefully)
  11. I should know better than to pull up a forecast from the local Mets: “The weekeend looks mainly dry as a system Sunday more than liklely stays well southeast of the region. The arctic air we were watching for next week is now aiming at areas to our north.” I mean really. Do they have to be such realists. Take the storm and the cold freeze. Ugh....these (last 4) winters.
  12. Hey while we await Dr. Nos arrival, question: I remember for years we would always talk about the jet stream—not something I’ve heard lately probably bc it hasn’t been close to our favor for the better part of 4 years. However, for this one, doesn’t it favor our odds a bit bc it is forming more to the south? I know that also increases % of OTS as well but...just wondering if this track (not that it’s defined yet of course) is better than the one last weekend for our purposes?
  13. I know. I’ve thought about that like 4..5..100 times today.
  14. I’m thinking now is the perfect time to set ourselves with a mindset of 1-3 inches by late Sunday night (including the squall on Friday)—-safe expectations. Until, of course, the weenie model that pops up with more ——and then, well, I fold like a cheap card table with disappointment of less than 6.
  15. I know I’m grasping here. Incoming weenie question: is there any precedent for a coastal surprise where it actually could drop 6 inches at this point or have we solidified the goods are gone? 10%? 20%? Trying to remember when it’s happened. I know 1997 maybe but that was called late the night before.