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  1. I read somewhere that some of them emerged early in 2017, wonder if that lessens the amount we'll see this year? i vaguely remember some being around in 17 when I was living in sterling, but it was sort of a dud compared to 87 when they were everywhere. The 87 swarm was pretty epic, I was about 6 or 7 and we were throwing them /planting them everywhere, having cicada fights
  2. 32 and flurries in Haymarket for winter storm Ji
  3. Its gonna trend and give Haymarket 7"
  4. Alright here we go. (It's been this kind of winter)
  5. This thread is on fire today. Had some great laughs and now I'm hungry with all this talk of cookouts with REAL potato salad.
  6. [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  7. Anyone have one of these I can borrow? I need to shovel my driveway and these little ice pellets just fall off my shovel.
  8. Was getting shellacked by nuggets out here for a good 10 min, felt like a hailstorm
  9. You know it's bad when we're past the Ji level
  10. I'm calling this one Winter Storm Skip
  11. 25 w/ light coating of sleet on hard surfaces. Nothing much on the grass
  12. 29 in Haymarket. Feels colder.
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