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  1. That derecho is beginning to make me wonder...
  2. Something tells me the government wouldn't be fully honest if people around the globe were dropping flies. And they control the news and the financial system.
  3. ANOTHER 40 plus inches for CPK. What a special place to be, wonder why. Especially out towards Long Island. Highly anomalous but CPK averages around 50 inches anyway which is what they tell me.
  4. My guess: record breaking pressure by 7pm update
  5. Heavy light snow in Capitol Hill, one of the best places in the metro for a Jebwalk
  6. Despite being in this cess pool of the DC coastal plai (Foggy Bottom) changeover appears to be commencing. Slowly but surely. The rain looks white with fattish things mixed in occasionally.
  7. I'm hoping to wake up to an all day deathband a la 12/19/09. It just loitered there and rotated all day. That's how we get the NAM totals.
  8. KCOU and KSTL will approach records, according to their NWS office. Both should get well over a foot. KCOU already above 1'
  9. Methinks this was our March 2-3 2009 to our 09-10
  10. Can someone clarify the timeline for me...when does the meaty/snowy part of the storm get going and when does it end?
  11. Hopefully we get the same 10-16 inches NYC is getting today on Sunday-Monday
  12. I'm downtown. cars/grass getting covered. Solid moderate snow.
  13. It was like 44 degrees in Odenton at the start of St. Paddy's day. Snow wall to wall. Took about two hours to accumulate on roads.