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  1. rjvanals

    The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    At least you didn't have a tornado hit the mountain while skiing (Montage Mtn. PA): http://www.pahomepage.com/news/montage-mountain-ski-resort-expects-to-reopen-friday-after-storm-clean-up/663689853
  2. Said they both survived father and son on the live stream but house was leveled
  3. rjvanals

    Spring severe weather chatter

    had slightly larger than pea size hail in Adams Morgan
  4. Went to Syr from 03-07 and did a ton of Lake Effect chasing up through Oswego/Jeff Counties (chased Oswego/Fulton event in 04' and Parish event in 07' for example). The snow in Dupont Circle was as intense as the Arctic Fronts that sometimes hit the Syracuse Campus and comparable to some of the better lake snow events i've chased.
  5. Oswego like heavy snow in DuPont now
  6. Walked out to the middle of CT Ave at Wyoming Ave in DC and there was 3-4" on the road. Snowing hard here in Adams Morgan.
  7. rjvanals

    Jan. 17/18 - Possible Flurries/Snow Showers

    de-icing our plane here at Reagan prior to takeoff-light snow
  8. rjvanals

    Historic Lake Effect Snowstorm

    This storm deserves a WOW. Having chased lake storms of L. Ontario during my time at Syracuse from 03-07 including the Oswego/Fulton storm of 04 and Parish in 07, this storm is truly something special. I'm so jealous of all you up there and hope everyone in the area gets in on the action over the next few days! Keep the photos coming!
  9. rjvanals

    Mitchnick Mauler Snow Forecast Contest

    DCA 5.2 IAD 4.4 BWI 3.9 TB 23