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  1. Hope the chasers in the car crash are ok; looked bad watching it live
  2. DC has been running real bad recently which is probably just terrible luck: 2/7 - storm was supposed to some in at 4 AM but was slightly delayed; this allowed us to torch the day before and caused the best snow to come in just after sunrise. This combined w the prior days torch caused white rain which had it come at 4 am would’ve been 3-4 inches 2-10- DC missed 3-4 inches by being ~20 miles to far south due to storm track; bad luck 2-12- DC misses 3-4 inches by being ~ 25 miles to far north due to storm track again; bad luck 2-17- initial wave isn’t strong enough to dislodge the shallow warm layer and the column is off by 1-2 degrees at 6-8K causing the sleet storm; DC misses 4-6 Get just 2 of these storms to hit, I’d be much happier
  3. HRRR did a poor job on the sleet/snow line Saturday consistently showing snow over the western suburbs of DC
  4. 4PM Monday 2/15 Temp DCA: 33 DFW: 23 DEN: 11 Low Temperature Tuesday 2/16 DCA: 25 DFW: 13 DEN: 8
  5. Euro is ~ around .3 qpf in DC area (half of what it was showing at 00Z)
  6. Euro gets inch line into DC tonight
  7. Euro gives DC .6 qpf of sleet turning over to ZR Sat night into Sunday morning
  8. Sleet/Snow mix in Potomac; 33f
  9. Going to be an interesting battle between the old GFS and new GFS; old GFS gives DCA .2 QPF , .1 snow, and never gets below 35, new GFS gives DCA .7 QPF , 7 inches of snow, and gets down to 32
  10. NAM is also much warmer in DC than GFS and Euro with the first wave; 32-33 vs 27-28
  11. brings it up the bay as a 982 L at 150 so DC mixes after a 2-4 thump
  12. Thermals are being hurt by the lingering precip over NE PA and NJ at 105-108 so we don’t have as much room to wet bulb