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  1. Inthepines

    March 8th Light Snow

    Looking at reports from West Va, its been an overperformer so far. Widespread area of 3-4 inch totals already where only an inch was expected at best. Not sure how that will translate downstream but worth mentioning. Almost every airport south of Morgantown is reporting vis 1 mile or less.
  2. Inthepines

    March 8th Light Snow

    Yep! It’s really weird and excessively difficult to predict. The northwest winds behind a departing coastal storm are moist and primed for upslope. With the distinct lack of any coastal storms, the northwest winds we’ve had have been mostly dry making for a reallly meager snowfall year.
  3. Inthepines

    March 8th Light Snow

    The upslope snow machine has been largely silent this year. Based on my time living out there I’d say 70-80 percent of the average annual snowfall comes from upslope.
  4. Inthepines

    March 8th Light Snow

    Doubt it will amount to much but DC will def see some flakes
  5. Inthepines

    The March Long Range Discussion Thread, Winter's Last Stand

    I think we get the point
  6. Inthepines

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    31, light freezing drizzle right now. 5.5 inches earlier here in Cloverly
  7. Inthepines

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    5.5 inches in Cloverly. Ripping right now SN+
  8. Inthepines

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    3.5 inches in Olney. 515 ft elevation.
  9. Inthepines

    February 19-20th Threat - STORM MODE

    A lot of that is sleet
  10. First of all, I admire your passion for helping the kids because you’re exactly right, everyone has given up on them. It’s incredibly unfair that the city has such high expectations for testing at the high school level because by the time these kids get to high school many of them have already been failed by the system and are reading at a third grade reading level. Honestly, dealing with my administration and the bureaucracy of city schools was the toughest part of teaching there.
  11. I taught at history at New Hope Academy (which is now Joseph Briscoe) for a year right after the riots. I loved the kids but the whole experience was quite challenging. Now I teach at Parkdale High in College Park and I love it.
  12. Inthepines

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    His map is for the event Tom night-Monday.
  13. Inthepines

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    Trend this year has been to juice up these systems as we get closer. I’m more worried about the strength of the high than qpf at this point.
  14. Inthepines

    February Banter 2019

    As a historian and teacher I like to be a model of kindness and toleration. But in this situation, I say off with their their heads, we need a reign of terror, block them all. I've been following one variation or another of this board since the Wright-Weather days (circa 1999-2000). This year has been the worst I can remember.
  15. Inthepines

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    SN+ in Columbia Heights