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  1. You're not going to bust a long-term drought with an inch or two.
  2. A boat show canceled due to water. Kind of ironic
  3. Models like some snow for the Denver area again next weekend
  4. Just over an inch, probably won't get to 2". But still only 16 degrees.
  5. I now live SE of Denver. Temps have dropped 24 degrees in 45 minutes. The front passed through with 30+ mph sustained, gusts in the 40s. Fun stuff.
  6. Beautiful cold front. Instant double digit temperature drop, 30+ mph winds
  7. Poor guy had no idea what century it was. And the medical cart was busted so he had to stammer to the locker room
  8. I just moved outside of Denver. My forecast is 74 -> 29
  9. Looks like a fun little cold surge coming this week
  10. Double space was from the typewriter era and bled into the start of the computer era. Probably everyone over 40 struggles with the need to put that extra space when typing.
  11. You could have ordered 4 full ones, had a hell of a party, and then as a result have your 4 empty ones