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  1. I have 4" on the patio table, so probably 5-6" storm total, maybe a bit more. It never stuck much on pavement, which was to be expected
  2. It's puking snow right now, 28 degrees, yet it just doesn't want to accumulate yet
  3. We'll see what that blob of snow does tonight, but despite it snowing all day so far and temps being 30-32, the rates just haven't been enough to overcome warm ground
  4. Some of the models are spitting out insane amounts of snow. I can't imagine they come close to verifying, but it's fun to see in September (except for those whose gardens are still thriving)
  5. Yeah looks like a fun little cold front
  6. What amazes me about these storm damage pictures are the handful of buildings that seemingly weren't affected at all.
  7. The NHC advisory said inland flood waters from the surges wouldn't recede for days. So it should be pretty easy to verify any surge
  8. Is that even a completed building? Looks like plastic blowing more so than windows.
  9. Today was the first day I actually felt the smoke. I was doing some work on our new camper, got out of break real fast. Then it dawned on me why.
  10. I'm still amazed how many storms missed my back yard by a mere 1-2 miles. Another one today.
  11. So how long until models have this curving out to sea with no American land impact?
  12. One syllable per vowel is just way too much to have to deal with during tropical season.