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  1. Doesn't seem to be looking good for much moisture getting into NE CO
  2. Reports are that they issued it due to wildfire smoke infiltrating the area.
  3. 3/4" for the event. Could have been more as I got dry slotted this morning. But 3/4" is so sorely needed.
  4. This is by far the shortest loiter time I've ever seen on a major snowstorm. Most of it is all melted already.
  5. It's real. With compaction I got about 12" and there are reports of 15"+ in my area.
  6. OK I lied. There's about 10" on the ground this morning which means we probably got nearly 12". Damn impressive.
  7. I can't believe NWS had me in the 12-18" last night. Plenty of needed precip is falling, but I'd be surprised if more than couple sloppy inches accumulates.
  8. I'm SE of Denver and NWS has me painted in the 12-18" swath. Not sure how that much could possibly accumulate after being in the 80s today, but stranger things have happened.
  9. In the three years I've lived here, my back yard has always done well when there's a rain/snow line concern.
  10. Can I get about 200 off that estimate so I can join the fun at 6300? Thanks in advance.
  11. Last night my forecast was 2" This morning it's 6.9" Friday night plus 1.6" Saturday.
  12. Might have to dust off the winter version of this thread for this weekend
  13. Got over 0.2" of rain (most since like October) and now snow to finish it off.
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