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  1. In typical GFS fashion within 7 days, it has really shrunk the upcoming storm to just the mountains.
  2. The GFS amuses me. 12z had a huge snowstorm next weekend affecting 1/3 of the country. 18z it was gone except for light snow along I25
  3. GFS wants to bring in a big cold blast and widespread snow for post-Thanksgiving
  4. Got our first snowflakes of the season, but just too little too fast to even attempt to accumulate
  5. GFS in midseason form with some of its insane snow totals the last couple runs
  6. And 1 year later we're getting near record highs
  7. Finally got some half decent rain yesterday, about 0.75" Throw in some hail that shook my weather station enough to record another 0.75" in about 30 seconds and you have a nice day!
  8. Wilmore Dam in Cambria County is at its limit https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/local-news/cambria-county-dam-reaches-capacity-residents-evacuated/
  9. Some of you guys are going to get more rain the rest of the week than I've seen all year.
  10. So no one cares about this storm anymore?
  11. What kind of bandwidth is there to even do rescues at this point?
  12. Sure, but I'm assuming that this video was live streamed (even if also locally recorded) vs being uploaded after the fact. All my cameras are streamed live but also recorded locally
  13. The impressive part is that it kept streaming with all the power outages. Obviously most home cameras are on home internet, not LTE like the surge cam
  14. I think the camera is simply on the ground.
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