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  1. I'm sitting here watching that emulator like it's the first time I've ever seen it.
  2. Anyone remember Local on the 8s getting messed up from time to time and it only showing forecasts for the major cities?
  3. How covfefe of you.
  4. You can compare different runs or just get a gif of a single run
  5. I was referring to Tropical Tidbits
  6. Use the Forecast Gif button on the model page, then pick which hours of the run you want it to span
  7. Recently declassified communiques from the Kennedy assassination?
  8. Went up to 44 at 9:45, seems to be dropping now
  9. 10 degrees cooler and this would have been a glorious day
  10. The best game was 2008 when the high was 23. Loved it.
  11. Tailgating lots open at 7am at Penn State on Saturday. Might be 20 degrees at 7am up there. That's gonna be some fun tailgating, can't wait. I love cold weather tailgates
  12. If anyone has a random 18k lying around and wants to buy a Christmas present for a stranger (me): http://www.drinksbythedram.com/our-advent-calendars/the-very-old-and-rare-whisky-advent-calendar
  13. I'm just a weather fan. I thought about meteorology in college, but didn't like physics class (I liked physics, just the intro classes at Penn State were taught by people who would much rather not be teaching). My contributions to the weather worlds are just a PWS publishing to wunderground and a database to look up weather data based on Penn State home football games. I'm here for the laughs, too, but I have learned a lot from people.
  14. Dusk till Dusk is the barrel aged version of dusk till dawn.
  15. I thought KBS was overrated. Good beer, no doubt. But I don't get why it's in such high demand. If anyone wants a local gem, check out Jailbreak brewing's Dusk to Dusk release.