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  1. My first spring in northeast Colorado and severe season has been a big dud
  2. In typical fashion, the best part of that storm went just south of me.
  3. Welcome to the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Hazards Simplification ("Haz Simp") Project! Haz Simp? I think I saw them play at a dive bar in college.
  4. That line basically got to my house and split up. Barely any wind, only a few drops of rain.
  5. Constant lightning strikes in that cell. Made for a fun evening of storm watching, though I wish the storms made it further north like the morning's meso runs suggested.
  6. I got 1.1" A wonderful soaking rain, never really that heavy
  7. This is my first spring in Colorado. The thunder just seems so much more intense here than on the east coast, even if the storm itself is minor. Last two nights we've had house shaker thunder claps. You get those once per year back east.
  8. The AFA graduation was delayed, which caused delays to the flyover.
  9. Boulder did great with this storm. Another bust (3rd this week) for the Palmer Divide.
  10. I haven't had to shovel in a while. The forecasts have busted low lately. My advisory for 4-8" yesterday got me about 2"
  11. I've gotten about 3" so far, though most of it has melted.
  12. It's been snowing all day here but doesn't appear more than an inch has accumulated.
  13. Might as well be cold and snowy if we're stuck at home on Easter
  14. I was in the 3-8" range and got 2" rounded up.