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  1. April Discobs Thread

    When does radar fill in around the DC snow hole? Wait, wrong season.
  2. April Discobs Thread

    Yeah I still have grass seed that needs another hefty shower
  3. April Banter

    Dulles sure was ahead of its time I guess. I've read that the Silver Line actually existed out to the airport back then, too.
  4. April Discobs Thread

    Got down to 30 here.
  5. April Discobs Thread

    The new grass seed had to have loved this rain.
  6. April Discobs Thread

    Ended up a little over an inch. Most of that coming in a 20-minute period
  7. April Discobs Thread

    Picked up a quarter of an inch in 5 minutes as a heavy band passed through
  8. April Discobs Thread

    It's nearly 40 degrees colder now than it was 24 hours ago.
  9. April Discobs Thread

    OK, after two days of summer I'm ready for 40s/50s and gloomy
  10. April Banter

    This could be several someones on this board http://fox17online.com/2018/04/12/garry-franks-rant-going-viral/
  11. April Discobs Thread

    The problem with nice weather is you want to be outside. The problem with being outside is you notice how inundated your flower/mulch beds are with weeds.
  12. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Will it stick to pavement? Oh, wait, gotta reset my units for spring now.
  13. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Anyone who wants non-average weather for that time of year needs to move!
  14. April 7-8 snow event

    This thread still is active?
  15. April Discobs Thread

    Why can't it be sunny, 70 and breezy tomorrow instead?