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  1. I'm in the 6-8" range. At current pace I'm going to bust very low
  2. And while still in fantasyland for the GFS, it does have a huge storm Dec 2/3 for NE Colorado
  3. Based on front deck/back deck measurements, I got 9" or so.
  4. I live 45 minutes SE of Denver. It's already 10 degrees and snowing.
  5. Grandby and Estes Park seem right in the crosshairs of the East Troublesome fire. Not good at all
  6. Yeah it was bad last night. Smelled like smoke inside the house. I had to run the HVAC fan just to filter out the air. Sounds like sleet mixing in with rain now. Quite a difference from yesterday.
  7. I have 4" on the patio table, so probably 5-6" storm total, maybe a bit more. It never stuck much on pavement, which was to be expected
  8. It's puking snow right now, 28 degrees, yet it just doesn't want to accumulate yet
  9. We'll see what that blob of snow does tonight, but despite it snowing all day so far and temps being 30-32, the rates just haven't been enough to overcome warm ground
  10. Some of the models are spitting out insane amounts of snow. I can't imagine they come close to verifying, but it's fun to see in September (except for those whose gardens are still thriving)
  11. Yeah looks like a fun little cold front