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  1. I'll be flying in from Denver on Monday for the week, so if it snows, you can thank me.
  2. I..o...wa...I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Keep trying to be funny, yet you miss, miss and Michigan.
  3. Things look pretty boring for NE Colorado the next couple weeks
  4. Why would it rub it in that we got 14" in the last 24 hours?
  5. A station just a mile or 2 north of me is reporting 14.5", so I'll go with 14 and be very happy with it.
  6. Bonus snow squall here on the Palmer Divide to get the temps below freezing
  7. NWS upped the floor amounts for most of the area.
  8. First time in my adult life I'm not traveling anywhere for Thanksgiving, so let it snow!
  9. Just southeast of Denver I've gotten 23" already. More on the way next week, too.
  10. GFS has had it for the most part the last 8 runs or so, but still varying widely each time, which isn't surprising this far out
  11. GFS keeps going back and forth with what it wants to do with next week's system.
  12. Unsurprisingly the 12z backs off mega storm totals but still gives a nice storm. Definitely something to keep an eye on
  13. GFS pummels eastern Colorado with that storm