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  1. Well that storm turned out to be a bust.
  2. Model wars going on with this eastern Colorado storm. Very different solutions only 24 hours out
  3. Here just SE of Denver, we're up to about 57" of snow on the year. Right on track. The central CO mountains have gotten hit pretty hard.
  4. I got about a half inch. That killer squall line got to just about my back yard and fizzled out.
  5. It snowed for a good 8 hours IMBY but only got about an inch or so.
  6. And "the next one" has turned into an overachiever
  7. This storm was generally a bust. Hopefully the next one comes through.
  8. I moved here from the snow plagued mid atlantic in August. You can blame me
  9. GFS lost the NW Colorado storm the last two runs
  10. Some bizarre (to me) weather out here in Colorado. 42 degrees, a random thunderstorm popped up and the biggest graupel I've ever seen is raining down. It's like raining Dippin Dots.
  11. GFS has had a nice snowstorm next Thursday for the northeastern part of Colorado on its last 4 runs
  12. Anyone of you want one of these?
  13. OK, which one of you broke Tropical Tidbits?
  14. Some boring weather the last 6-8 weeks in NE Colorado