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  1. The gradient for this storm was intense. I got 3.5" and 8 miles west of me got 7, and 8 miles west of that got over a foot.
  2. Looks likesome folks did really well with this, but for me yet another bust. About 3" of the 4-8" forecast
  3. Should top out near 4" with this system, first overperformer of the year for me. And the 2nd largest snow fall of the season, ouch
  4. GFS largely lost the storm for mid-week next week.
  5. -14 overnight, but already up to 0 this morning!
  6. -9 here in NE Colorado. Got to -11 last night with similar or colder tonight. The coldest reading I ever got when I lived in MD was 1 degree.
  7. I got down to -10.7. Right now hovering around 0.
  8. Another major bust on the snow forecast for my area. It'd been the theme of the winter. 3-5" forecast, just over an inch or so actually fell.
  9. Palmer Divide did well, though the best of it was a few miles south of me. I ended up with just under 2". Some spots south got 4"
  10. GFS has lost the storm again over its last few runs for the Colorado eastern plains
  11. Yeah the GFS is all over the place
  12. It's been in the mid-40s since daybreak here at 6300 feet
  13. GFS shows absolutely zero snow for eastern Colorado through the end of its 18z run. Ouch.