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  1. This. Just a disaster waiting to happen. Even a small tsunami will take all of that out.
  2. The Sun is peaking in and out here so the HRRR and NAM can show some rain all they want. It is not happening here.
  3. Back edge is approaching my area so unless this RGEM unicorn low pops up and starts back building in the precipitation, this will be over and a bummer of an event. Will still take it as something but oh it could have been so much more.
  4. Until we all see it happening we all hold our breath waiting for it. Everyone is very skeptical as the area has been screwed a few times already.
  5. Same and would be happy if even 1/2 those amounts verified.
  6. Lol as a minor slip up as I thought September is the new August now anyway So nice to see steady rain falling for the first time in a long time and not a burst of heavy rain for 10 to 15 minutes (if at that) from a passing thunderstorm for those lucky enough to get a few of those the past two months plus. Some areas did better with T-storms and some did worse. Would put my area in the middle.
  7. Will take what we got as it was something for the lawns, definitely not enough for the trees though.
  8. I am at the point where I do not trust any model output for any rain amounts. Kudos to those who were able to get some decent amounts. Big bust for most.
  9. I was not paying attention yesterday as what is supposed to rain this morning? Woke up to nice rain coming down and see on radar that it is a nice heathy batch over a chunk of NJ and heading into LI. ‘Nice surprise to wake up to
  10. I had a cell go over the area with some nice heavy rain, no thunder or lighting. Now a super mugfest out there right now. Just happy everything got a decent watering as we lucked out last Thursday evening and now with this one. Wait and see if more widespread for more for everyone later this evening.
  11. Had a feeling that was going to happen. So glad I and a few others lucked out with the rain yesterday evening.
  12. Finally got two rounds of heavy rain, lightning and thunder. Third batch is light with some flashes
  13. Ouch as looks like just going a few blocks to your north and northeast was a different story.
  14. Sun is breaking though by me. Wishful thinking at this point to cause enough instability as storms just do not want to fire up for my and other areas around me. Someone has an anti rain shield in central NJ.
  15. Ugh as some parts on Staten Island got three rounds per radar. Any chance you are closer to Outer Bridge crossing or southwest Staten Island at that area seemed to get the least? I feel your pain.
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