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  1. Anyone have local amounts in southern middlesex county? It really poured for 2 to 3 hours during the night and had to clean up some water in the basement as one of my window wells flooded and slowly seeped in. Pool overflowed as well. Lawn is well watered for a few days so that is good
  2. I really need to get a rain gauge to have amounts for South Old Bridge in Middlesex County. The air outside smells like I am right on the beach right now.
  3. I have to stop looking at the loop as my eyes are playing tricks on me the more I watch it. I do see a NW tick here and there but it is mostly N.
  4. So the WAR keeps the heaviest remains of Fred west of tri-state area yet the possible upcoming system stays offshore and goes in New Egnland? Or does that keep pushing west with each model run?
  5. Looking like a special day for NJ south of 195. Hoping to get something from that secondary line or else I have to put the sprinklers on.
  6. Nice downpour with huge raindrops has made to it South Old Bridge. Our area missed the rain last night but lawn and everything else is getting a good soaking now.
  7. Spoke to soon for my lawn as barely any rain and died out for my area. Stronger line developed east of me for places like Middletown, Red Bank, Rumson etc.....
  8. What a change since the Friday of Memorial day weekend. I take whatever rain comes from Thunderstorms to not have to deal with moving the expandable hoses and sprinklers around the front and back of the house.
  9. Just went over to sleet / rain in South OId Bridge, NJ. Guess my area is done in Middlesex County but was nice to see when it lasted.
  10. Nice as now moderate to heavy in South Old Bridge, NJ
  11. Steady light snow approaching moderate at times in South Old Bridge, NJ. Nice surprise this morning as was supposed to be rain for me.
  12. Nice trends for next event trending north overnight into tomorrow. Was there another system for overnight Thursday into Friday? Or is that one now out of the picture for the area?
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