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  1. Could the pic be from Rumson looking toward Red Bank? I wish my sister had taken the pic as yes I know when you get a pic from someone else the validity goes down.
  2. Going to need to update Red Bank for a Tornado. See picture a few posts above......
  3. Pic from Red Bank sent from my sister. Not her picture but sent from a friend who is a Police officer in Red bank
  4. Well that was a nice deluge. Keep them coming as lawn nice and green. Had two other rounds on Monday with heavy rains around 7:45pm and then around 4am on Tuesday morning.
  5. Same here...….. Valium I am taking to help vertigo / vestibular issue definitely aided in sleeping through that. Sigh......
  6. Testing to see if this link works to show radar from overnight Unfortunately it will keep updating so last nights shots will slowly be replaced with today.
  7. Might be an active night as more coming up from southwest out of Philly area.
  8. They are expanding and slowly drifting north so you should see some nice action soon. Great light show and thunder.
  9. Wow thunderstorms just literally formed over my area in South Old Bridge in Middlesex County.
  10. Small hail with T-Strom in south Old Bridge
  11. The Pool is going to overflow as been pouring down here for a few rounds of thunderstorms. More than happy with what has come through with lots more to come. Safe to say I do not have to water the lawn Edit - Flash flood warnings just went off on our phones
  12. Sweet as getting a bonus downpour today for the lawn in addition to one last night.
  13. Good thunder storm as far as rain and wind. There was some decent flashes but they were to far away as really no thunder. Winds took off top half of my small tree in front yard and blew over full pail of garbage waiting to be picked up and then moved it a few feet down the street. Can only imagine where it would be if they already picked up and it was empty. Wonder if I will see some other minor tree damage when I leave for work in an hour.
  14. Garbage pickup at 5am and everyone is going to have different garbage bins or none as they are slowly making their way down the street with the wind. End of the street houses are going to have a stockpile.