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  1. WishingForWarmWeather

    Hurricane Barry

    Would you be so kind as to link them, please? I know Papin, but the other?
  2. WishingForWarmWeather

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Supposedly damage video out of Mexico Beach: https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1050091065288593409
  3. WishingForWarmWeather

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Is there a link?
  4. WishingForWarmWeather

    Major Hurricane Michael

    https://twitter.com/BN9/status/1049875937024729088 Cool video of the eye.
  5. WishingForWarmWeather

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Raw T #'s moving up after dipping to 6.8 from 7.4. 6.9, now - could signify starting to get it's act together again.
  6. My personal favorite sandy
  7. WishingForWarmWeather

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    I took a ss of it to remember.
  8. Can anyone provide a picture or loop of Flo right now? On my phone and don't have my bookmarks handy.
  9. Does anyone have a link to the recon schedule? I would have thought we would have more updated information from them more frequently today. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hah! Yep, brain went automatically for a her but remembered otherwise. My name is Alex so I feel that pain often.
  11. Oh! Didn't realize this was them , my bad. Yes, I really enjoy "Stewart" discussions.
  12. Do you have a link to something recent to read?
  13. WishingForWarmWeather

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Here's a good streaming site for live weather in OKC area: http://kfor.com/on-air/live-streaming/
  14. WishingForWarmWeather


    Thank you, I've used those last two quite a few times, but never heard of the first. Appreciate it. Isn't there a new site, too, that one of our members forecaster jack made? Do you remember what it is?
  15. WishingForWarmWeather


    Yeah... I guess. I know folks like to see the hard hitting stuff, but it's important to me regardless, even if they are a little boring. Appreciate your feedback!