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  1. That's kind of what I've been assuming. Kids should be able to make a better snowman with these 2 inches than they were with the 7 inches last time. It was terrible snowman snow. It's just wild run to run the massive disparities.
  2. I'm ****ing baffled bro. Trying to figure out how much snow Clarksville area will get and
  3. How long does the flight usually take? In response to Levi, NOAA says they left at 238aCST to head to Ida. Maybe it won't be a multi-hour gap as suggested.
  4. Here you go, this is a direct link to the Ida page: http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/adt/odt09L.html
  5. It is the worst possible time to lose yet another recon flight, that is for sure.
  6. Yes, what is going on! These planes have numerous issues season after season! I don't understand...are they old? Is it because they take such a beating? Funding severely lacking? But what is the excuse then for the AF planes, one would imagine there's no lack of funding there? These planes are so imperative to keeping people safe, I just do not understand why they continue to be plagued with issues.
  7. I...what. I have no words. Yesterday was "there's no time, shelter in place". 24 hours out, it's this. This is gross incompetence. I can't even grasp this.
  8. https://www.nola.com/news/hurricane/article_3ed55acc-077f-11ec-a4e6-9bfb7e7c286b.html They're not opening contraflow and saying residents should shelter in place. They will open shelters of last resort but not yet sharing the location. This is heart breaking.
  9. If I recall correctly, it wasn't. They found evidence of 17-18 foot surge, it's just the area was mainly uninhabited and Lake Charles was spared the worst of it.
  10. You guys think Jerry could pull a loop and start over again with a fresh chance? Any recent model guidance about what happens after the south curve? (Sorry if this is a stupid question)
  11. CAPS, I believe, is the school he was at. Central Abaco Primary School.
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