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  1. You guys think Jerry could pull a loop and start over again with a fresh chance? Any recent model guidance about what happens after the south curve? (Sorry if this is a stupid question)
  2. CAPS, I believe, is the school he was at. Central Abaco Primary School.
  3. Every time I see that abrupt 90° turn, my brain refuses to comprehend.
  4. Shes got a few children with her. This is horrifying. I can't even imagine the terror when the back end comes through.
  5. she said people tried to get to the white house across the way and the water just took them.
  6. Would you be so kind as to link them, please? I know Papin, but the other?
  7. Supposedly damage video out of Mexico Beach: https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1050091065288593409
  8. https://twitter.com/BN9/status/1049875937024729088 Cool video of the eye.