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  1. Moderate snow in NE Bmore, grass and deck white.
  2. I'd be ecstatic if we got 3 inches here in Bmore, let alone 6.
  3. All the big counties around Baltimore are delayed except for AA county. Hoping the city runs out a delay too.
  4. Yeah I posted that before I realized it looks like the moisture is drying up.
  5. I had kind of assumed this would be one and done, but now I'm wondering about school tomorrow. Streets around here haven't been plowed, it'll be interesting to see what happens tonight.
  6. Snowing nicely now in NE Baltimore. My two weenies-in-the-making want to set up chairs on the porch and have a snack while they watch the snow come down.
  7. Went from flurries to light snow to moderate snow in the course of about 10 minutes. Looks like we're in it for real now! (NE Baltimore.)
  8. It's entirely poop? Flurries now in NE Baltimore.
  9. I would take that in a heartbeat. (Although to be honest, a quarter inch of freezing rain is beautiful, but miserable for lots of people.)
  10. Moderate snow in NE Bmore. Sidewalks on my side of the street have totally caved, on the other side of the street they're just wet.
  11. That's just what color Ji sees in.
  12. Yeah fair points. Really what I meant is that a number of events that looked like they would amount to almost nothing actually gave people measureable snow/white roads etc. Edit: And it's very location dependent...some people got fringed repeatedly. When you get right down to it, I really just wanted to make a pig pun.
  13. If this one overperforms I think 18/19 will go down as the year of the overperformer. Seeing as it's the year of the pig, maybe that would be Overpigformer? Oinkerperformer? Ok, ok, I'm done. Overporkfarmer?
  14. Trying to decide what to do about swimming lessons with the kids tonight. This latest round of precip has the roads slightly snowed over again and it'll be after dark by the time we come back.
  15. Things worked out beautifully. Our normal faculty meeting was delayed a bit, so I got to take a nice Snow Squall Jebwalk. Grabbing a coffee and walking back to school. Sun already looks like it's poking back through. Almost no accumulation but a fun walk.
  16. Just a dusting on the grass and slush on the sidewalks in NE Baltimore. It was fun snow to watch though. Had to take my son to the doc and we stopped at Atwater's on the way back and grabbed lunch with fat flakes pouring down. Too bad there wasn't real stickage. If I snag a delay to go with the early closing I'll be satisfied with this event, full coverage or not.
  17. AA County rolled out a delay for tomorrow morning. Walkway and side streets are slushy here. I have to believe it's going to be an ice rink tomorrow morning.
  18. Light rain in NE Baltimore. Hoping we work our way into the SN that's coming down elsewhere.
  19. Steady snow in NE Baltimore for a solid half hour now. Sleet starting to mix back in.
  20. I would take that in a heartbeat, but somehow I don't see it working out that way. LWX has revised things downward in terms of impact for NE Baltimore several times since yesterday afternoon.