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  1. das

    July Discobs Thread

    96.1°F / 71°F here in Clarksburg. Bleh.
  2. It's weird. I HATE the heat. With a burning passion. That probably comes fom going to school in Fresno for 5 years. But, if I am running, I have no real problem with it. Sure, performance suffers but, since I sweat like crazy after any temp >60F, it's all just degrees of wet. Running in 90F with high humidity is better than being in 80F in a dark suit in my book. I ran in -8F during the middle of the day in Vermont this winter. I loved it. I also run in shorts down to like 28F so that's just how I roll.......
  3. das

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    @mappy Hi, Katie. Here's my total for Clarksburg (at 39.234, -77.268): 15.2" 17 Feb was the only storm where Clarksburg was in the "sweet spot" for the region. Very uncommon. Most storms focused max output to the east, north and south. Bleh.................. 4.6" 09dec17 | 0.1" 10dec17 | 0.1" 13dec17 | 0.2" 15dec17 | 1.1" 30dec17 | 0.9” 04jan18 | 0.2" 08jan18 | 0.4" 16jan18 | 0.6" 30jan18 | 0.3" 04feb18 | 0.3" 07feb18 | 3.1" 17feb18| 0.2" 12mar18 | 3.1" 21mar18
  4. das

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Oops! I'll shoot you an update shortly!
  5. Wow. How warm did it get down there yesterday? It hit 51F here in Clarksburg but this is what my whopping 3.1” from the storm looks like right now:
  6. Heaviest snow of the "day" here in Clarksburg.
  7. No, but I also only measured once so probably lost a bit to compaction once the dripping began.
  8. Just hit 3" here in Clarksburg at 2pm. Since the start of the snow, it's been all light snow except for two 10+ minutes of moderate snow. 2m temp is up to 35F with lots of drip-drip-dripping going on. 10M temp holding steady at 29F. March sun angle and low precip rates FTL...
  9. And, just like that, first flakes of the day starting to mix in. 31.9F/29F here at the house. 29F at 30m 900m from the house.
  10. 3/8” ice accretion and 0.4” IP so far here in Clarksburg. Roads caved to the sleet bomb a half hour ago.
  11. Just measured 1/4" ice accretion. Third legit ice storm of the year here in Clarksburg.
  12. 2m temp of 32.1F and 10m temp of 30.1F here in Clarksburg with a DP of 29F. We've been sleet and freezing rain for 2 hours now. It's a winter wonderland out there.
  13. 10am today and I think to myself, "I wonder if I am getting sick". 2pm rolls around and I'm pretty sure I am. By 8pm, I have a fever of 102.1F and feel HORRIBLE. Not a good way to roll into the best storm of the season. Boooooooooooooooo.........
  14. das

    March Discobs Thread

    Snowing again in Clarksburg. Pretty winter day here.
  15. I'm just happy to see sustained blocking of any sort, regardless of month. I was wondering if it was physically possible any more.