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  1. .25” waaaaaay out west here in the Champlain Valley. In the pre-dawn hours. Maybe we’ll squeeze another quarter inch tonight for a whopping 0.5” storm total. The freezing fog is fun tho.
  2. Truth. 0.7” was the grand total in Charlotte last night. At least it all came in a 1.5 hour period so it looked nice whitening up the snow from the 2nd.
  3. Topped out at 31°F yesterday with minimal sun only as it was setting. It’s all still here in the Champlain Valley.
  4. 3.8” was the storm total in Charlotte. It feels like a central Maryland snow. Dense, high water content. Might have to make a snowman.
  5. 3.1” here in Charlotte with 32dBZ returns overhead and more incoming from the WSW. Looking at correlation coefficient, the mix line stalled just south of Middlebury and recently shunted east as winds veered. Nice morning so far. Edited to add: 30.9°F here at the house. Going out for a run!
  6. Column has finally saturated and light snow has commenced. 1/4” in the first hour. 28.1°F here in the northern Champlain Valley.
  7. 26.1°F and a passing snow shower in Clarksburg. It’s 61°F and raining here in Vermont. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  8. Hi there, all. IP just turned to ZR at the house in Clarksburg. 31.1F / 31F. Storm total so far is 2.1" SN/IP. I'll be enjoying this one from the place up in Vermont. 14F / -3F here now and only expecting 2-3" of SN as the storm skirts by to the south and east.
  9. Totally unrelated but I had a crash course in this. In the 72 hours ending at 3am this morning, there were 52 hourly obs of snow here in Charlotte and a temp that ranged from 24F to 29F. For a whopping 3.6" of snow. And, a max of 2.9" OTG.
  10. There could be three tropical storms (or stronger) in the Atlantic basin at the same time in the middle of November. Incredible.
  11. Flurries in Clarksburg. Temp is 38°F. It’s good to be in the area for the week!
  12. The 11am update still has Zeta as a tropical storm as it enters SW Virginia. Is it really still warm-core at this point?
  13. I gotta be honest, I am most interested in the potential, eventual interaction between what’s left of Zeta and the upper level low that will eject east out of that phased trough in the west. Whopper Halloween storms are fun.