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  1. Just quarantined for now. I’ll revert back to weekdays in DC/Clarksburg and weekends up here once this thing is over. I’m fortunate that my agency can complete over 98% of its mission with a remote workforce.
  2. There’s some real talent up here. I’m enjoying learning about the microclimate specifics and distinctions of a new place. Down there, it’s all so natural since I’ve been in the mid Atlantic for so long. Up here, I am having to think hard since small areal differences have a large practical weather impact. Just like down there.
  3. Here it is from the west. Very Caribbean looking
  4. Greetings from NW Vermont, where I’ve been for 13 weeks straight. I hope everyone down there is well and safe. We finally got the very first bit of moisture from that cutoff low up here. One, single terrain-Induced shower. It was pretty though. That’s Lake.Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains in the background.
  5. The very first evidence of moisture from that cut off low has finally made it to Northwest Vermont.
  6. Steady snow just south of Burlington. Temp down to 35.7°F. Woo!
  7. Hi, all. Checking in on the incredible cold front down there. Temp is 38.6°F at the house in Clarksburg. Wow. Snow just started up here in NW Vermont.
  8. Pea sized hail in Clarksburg. Make sure you submit your mPING reports!
  9. Mani I come in here to commiserate our lost digital snow for Saturday night (since I’ll be in town this weekend instead of enjoying 10-18” up in VT) and see everyone out of their minds and eating their young. Get it together, folks. It will snow again this year.
  10. This makes me sad. Having watched your posts over the last 15+ years, I’m surprised by this reasoning and hope it’s just a by-product of the acutely bad period in the middle of a crap winter.
  11. Yup, in Charlotte, which I've learned is really pronounced "shalahtt". While I've learned to love that northerly drain (puts a good east coast CAD to shame), the reverse southerly fire hose is equally impressive when it gets going. Looks like BTV saw the latest runs and upped the ante. 10-18'' in the WSW now. Nice. Work keeps getting in the way of me geeking out...
  12. I love that the mesoscale banding and low level frontogenesis forcing look to be nearly stationary over the northern Champlain Valley (MBY, which is the only thing that really matters) sometime during the day on Friday. The moisture transport from that jet looks absolutely fantastic. Could be fun.
  13. And look suspiciously like, wait for it, climatology.
  14. I always wonder about this kind of thing. It is really in their best interest to make this kind of investment in NWP infrastructure and code? What is to be gained here? Why would they make this type of capital investment when they can just buy similar or better service from the ECMWF and NWS? Wouldn't the investment $$ be better spent on sensor network density to feed into established, well-capitalized and run NWP ecosystems?