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  1. Clarksburg has been a good happy medium between the benefits of elevation and distance from the UHI of DC vs. commute times. For me, anyways. If you like big, synoptic storms, Clarksburg and the rest of Parr's ridge running NE through MD is not bad. For example, there have been two storms in Clarksburg just in the last decade that have exceeded the largest storm in Indiana history (26" in St. Josephs County in 2011) with that number increasing to 4 in places 10-20 miles NE up Parr's ridge. Those places NE tend to put you away from reasonable commute times to DC. For Clarksburg context, In the last decade, there were those two 26"+ storms (33.6" and 28.0") but the numbers for significant but not-as-large storms increase to 3 storms of 20+", 5 storms of 15+" and 7 storms of 12+" in the last decade. Not bad for what is effectively the south. Also, for context regarding commute times; if I leave my house at 6am, I get to work a block west of the White House in 40-42 minutes. If I leave at 6:15am, it can take 1.5 hours. If I leave at 6:30am, it can take two hours. Big incentive to get out the door in the morning. That's for like 35 of the 52 weeks of the year. The others, (summer, holiday weeks, etc...) are much more reasonable.
  2. These storms have indeed had strikes far from the rain column. I snapped this image right after a strike hit my building at work this afternoon. What would be considered the classic storm core was 8 miles to the north and we were in full sun.
  3. das

    ??'s for NOAA

    Hi, all. I'll be meeting with NOAA tomorrow in Boulder and might have a little time to ask some informal questions outside of the topic of my meetings. Let me know if you have questions and I'll see what I can do to get answers and post anything appropriate here. Topics areas would be NCEI, a bunch of the ESRL (PSD, GSD, GMD, CSD, etc...) capabilities and the SWPC. Meetings start at 8:30am MST.
  4. Cool pic right as I arrived at work just west of the WH. This is looking south just as the torrential rain started. You can see the obscured Washington Monument on the left.
  5. I have matched the speed of the wall the entire way from Clarksburg to almost to DC. It has been like being in a car wash the entire way. Surfs up!
  6. I drove down from my place up there last night. The rapid change in air mass in northeast Pennsylvania was like driving into a jar of Vaseline at speed.
  7. 1.57 inches of rain in 14 minutes under 60dBZ returns in Clarksburg before I had to hop in the car to head to work. And still dumping… (edited to fit the return rate)
  8. Completely understand. Thanks for all you’ve done for the board previously, btw...
  9. @mappy Hi there. Did you do a map this year?
  10. das

    April Discussion

    It’s been fun. I’ll miss the big whopper coastals that nail Parrs Ridge in central MD but really like the constant snowfall and snowcover here.
  11. das

    April Discussion

    I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed my first winter (largely) in Vermont. My place right now: 57620193611__1FC869E7-2E42-403E-B638-EAF00235E798.MOV
  12. 68°F at work yesterday in downtown DC to teleworking here in VT and this:
  13. 1.1" of snow this morning in Charlotte, VT, south of Burlington. Snow continues to fall but 2m temps are up to 35.1F so the snow is melting off of the trees and roads. Edited to add, I'm at 285' here in the Champlain Valley, btw.