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  1. Heavy down pours and some wind in Herndon. MD folks please stay safe.
  2. 1.85" overnight in Herndon. Slept through it but family says it was major thunderstorms.
  3. Right hand column is useless. Either make is configurable or do away. Crazy to waste all that space
  4. Watching a webcam from Quality Inn Estes Park. Looks like snow is picking up. Again hope you get 4ft.
  5. I was born in early 1960s and raised in a small town in Southwest VA. Since there was no internet, we interacted by cruising through town. Uptown and then downtown and do it over and over again and again. Businesses allowed you to park in their parking lots after they closed and crowds of people would gather and socialize in different parking lots and watch as others cruise by. People took pride in their rides—washed and waxed and lots of hot rods. Gas was like $0.35 for low test and $0.38 high test. There was no unleaded.
  6. 32/22 Snow to sleet in Herndon. Good call...
  7. Tracker will allow Ji to look out the window when it starts to sleet!
  8. 28/27 A snowflake here and there
  9. 27/26 freezing mist drizzle I had to run an errand from Herndon to Falls Church and back. Roads ok on way to Falls Church but trip back home primary road we’re ok but secondary roads were getting slick.
  10. It was cool event for 2 hours, but definitely not near what the models were forecasting and NAM 3k was closest to be right for Herndon as well.
  11. I have been up since 4 am. We only got what we have and no where near what any model was showing for QPF
  12. 27/24 light sleet and sun looks ready too pop out from clouds. I thought this was going to be a 12 to 18 hour storm. It has been about 6 hours in Herndon
  13. Two snow plows reported stuck in Fairfax County at Compton and Union Mill RD.
  14. 26/24 Sleet beat down continues
  15. 27/24 Sleet bomb with snow missiles
  16. 27/23 Beat down of sleet and occasional freezing rain
  17. Now massive sleet feast. Wow never seen it sleet like this...
  18. I am freezing rain now. I hope it at least go back to sleet because we will loose power with freezing rain
  19. Glad you were freed to look outside!
  20. 27/20 All sleet all the time. Zero snowflakes so far
  21. Got me beat by 10ish so far. LOL!
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