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  1. May Banter

    Hopefully the final games ends on a tie.
  2. May Banter

    Looks like boring nice weather for the next 10 days. We keep on almost getting enough rain then it fizzles.
  3. May Banter

    not that i know anything about sports or whatever but from that video i would say A) they guy didn't hit the other guy in the face intentionally but B ) he was totally reckless, just threw his body in the way So the question really is - are you meant to be in control of yourself or not?
  4. April Banter

    good luck
  5. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Above 75 is definitely where summer temps start for me
  6. April Banter

    I don't know what cheap means but I bought a greenworks 20 inch mower It was pretty cheap to buy but it has good reviews I think
  7. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    cool wet summer is better than snowy winter
  8. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    you might want to turn your faucet off
  9. April Banter

    Yeah corded is insane. I'm also mowing over 1/3 of an acre so that'd be some cord This is my first entry into battery powered vehicles. If this pans out I'll feel better about an electric car at some point.
  10. April Banter

    My grass is long and I bought a battery powered mower for fun I wonder if they would even be able to hear me at 9pm
  11. April Banter

    snowpiercer is too funny
  12. April Banter

    lol yeah he's a bit of a drama queen
  13. April Banter

    Caring about weather makes a lot more sense to me than whether some local or non local sports team does. Well anything? They could stop playing and I wouldn't notice.
  14. April Banter

  15. April Banter

    finally found an eagle rare it's apparently as rare as its name implies !