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  1. There's always tomorrow.
  2. We've barely reached the beginning. You're somewhere in Spring and I haven't even accept the end of Autumn.
  3. Too soon.
  4. CMC is wetter
  5. I don't like 0 storms, either. Give me 1 every 5 days to root for.
  6. I don't like having to choose between storms to root for.
  7. If it daytime snows and all melts on contact I'll still be completely satisfied. Just let it snow.
  8. I still do this.
  9. 12/9/2017
  10. This is the most scientific thing I've ever read. -said half in jest, half in agreement
  11. Is Jose really going to do what the models indicate?
  12. You'll do.
  13. True but you have to remember Harvey happened like just last week. I think even the most weather man untrusting sort will at least consider evac if this continues to threaten in this fashion.
  14. Still haven't seen that perfect right up the Chesapeake Bay scenario. I'm waiting.
  15. There were boats everywhere and the library got demolished by a tree but most of the houses weren't too bothered. I learned what 90mph winds felt like from that. We must have stayed on the cape bc of the forecast - I wasn't exactly old enough to be making decisions at the time.