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  1. haha - yea, I hear ya. Cut my previous yard for years with a push mower and mowed yards for pocket change when I was a teenager - know what you mean. I mow 1-1/2 acres now. Mowed it with my ole 1962 Gravely walk behind for a while, but it can't compete with a diesel Kubota and 60 inch deck with a cup holder.
  2. Indeed. Just finished cutting the grass. 90/81 here. Fortunate to have a canopy on my tractor to provide some shade.
  3. Unfortunately, according to WTOP earlier this evening a 3rd of the 4 people struck in Lafeyette Park has also passed away and the 4th is in serious condition. Recall as well hearing from my dad growing up to never stand under a tree in a t-storm. Saw what happened to a small herd of cows who sought shelter under a tree on a nearby farm when I was about 6 - a lightening strike killed every one of them.
  4. 93/78 here... very soupy out there... (a highly technical term for Yuk)
  5. Well I'll be... That's interesting. The first NWS FFW post at 10:20 did not include FFCO, LOCO, PWCO, and several others. The time stamp for the FFW posting now is still 10:20, so Sterling must have gone back and edited the Watch again to add the extra counties. I'm really not imaging it... too early to drink. Or maybe I should start.
  6. Yea - that NOVA hole is odd - down to Fredericksburg. Everyone else to the N, W & E are in it...
  7. There is one now for most of the area except for FFCO, LOCO and a few other counties in NOVA.
  8. Only managed .22" last night. First line went just N of us, second line just S, then a line bloomed up just east of us and the last line went N again... Feel like Charlie Brown with the football, next time...
  9. We're getting dumped on here NW of Vienna. .46" in less than 15 mins - coming in waves.
  10. Yup Yoda - thanks for the check - my bad. I misread the forecast for tomorrow to be the observed for today. My bad. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=38.9243&lon=-77.3551&unit=0&lg=english&FcstType=graphical My Vantage Vue registered 98 though for a few mins. The large azaleas I transplanted IVO the outdoor unit may be creating elevated highs.
  11. Looks like IAD maxed out at 98 today - was there for a couple hours with a HI of 104.
  12. 98/74 Here. Toasty outside.
  13. Experienced 100F or more a few times since moving here in 1985. IAD reached 105 on 22 July 2011. Think that was the hottest I've experienced here - live just a few miles from IAD. Lived in India for 3 years in the early 90's. That heat was brutal. Hottest we had there was 122F. Had weeks of 110-118 every year - with humidity that drove the heat index off the chart. Ambient water temperature in roof top storage takes was too hot to take a shower. Had to pump water from back-yard cistern into the roof tanks in order to lower the temp enough to not be tolerable. So ironic in a land with water shortages that we had to waste water to be able to take a shower.
  14. Rgr that on WD-40. Had a lubricant engineer explain the drawbacks of WD-40 once. In particular, WD-40 is hygroscopic - meaning it attracts and retains humidity/water. Not exactly what we want in many applications. That's why after after the petroleum part of WD-40 wears off, evaporates etc, there's often a rusty residue left over. Then we apply more WD-40 and it quickly becomes a point of diminishing returns.
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