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  1. RDM

    July Discobs 2019

    A little late, but.... Our tally was 3.39" in a little over an hour NW of Vienna. Lawyers Road was closed in both directions from our house (our driveway is on Lawyers), leaving only one route out via a nearby sub-division. This happens a couple times a year or so on average on tributaries of Difficult Run. The high water mark left by the mud on Lawyers was a new max.
  2. RDM

    July Banter 2019

    Good point - maybe not knowing it could be better was to their benefit in forcing adaptation.
  3. RDM

    July Banter 2019

    Moved this to banter with the hope it will generate some discussion, and other war stories about extreme Heat Index. No doubt the 108/95 is up there. If that's the recognized record - ok. I don't have empirical data to outright challenge whatever the official record is. However, from personal experience living overseas in several areas with extreme conditions believe there's some environments that routinely push the 108/95 combination, if not exceed it. The main challenge IMO is finding reliable equipment that can measure the far end of the environmental spectrum that takes place in some of these areas. Just up the coast from Dhahran is good ole Kuwait. Being at the NW corner of the gulf when the wind blows just right from the SE the humidity comes in with a vengeance. Spent a lot of time there and it can be "pleasant" - as in relatively dry - in the morning and when the land heats up and draws in a fetch off the gulf the humidity rolls in and in a couple of hours can turn into an intolerable sauna. (Been to Dhahran and UAE too - was not as bad as Kuwait - typically) It was so humid in Kuwait that when you come out of an air conditioning building and put your cell phone in your pocket, the cool phone immediately condenses the moisture and soaks your pants. Looks like everyone outside pissed themselves, at least the newbies. Cell phone belt carriers rule the roost to help the condensate drip off outside of clothing. You can tell the newbies because they have the wet spot on their pants. The repeated cycles and exposure to moisture raises havoc with electronics/phones. Then there is India, where I lived for 3 years. During the "dry" months of March/April/May the heat was hot, and sometimes really hot (we had a max of 52.5C in Delhi when I was there, was hotter to the SW in the Rajistan Desert). in the months of March/April/May and early June it can be in the 113-118 range for weeks on end, with the heat building in anticipation of monsoon. That's a walk in the park compared to how it feels when the monsoon approaches and then unleashes it's torrent. We would have 105-112 and ungodly high humidity for the next few weeks until the rains started and "cooled" things down to only the upper 100's. You swear you could cut the air with a knife. In Delhi, 3 showers a day is the norm for those who can afford it. We had 3 water trucks and 32 water wells on the Embassy grounds that supplied water to those living on the economy (like me). Had a cistern in the back yard at my house and would go for weeks without a drop from the city. Was a godsend to call Embassy GSO and get the cistern filled, which would last me a week or so, depending.... All water pressure in the house was provided by the head pressure provided by having the holding tanks everyone has on their roof. Keeping in mind the ambient air temp is much hotter than you can stand to take a shower in, when I got up every morning the first thing I had to do was turn on the "cold" water in the shower, which was fed by the holding tank on the roof - full of hot water. With the water in the holding tank too hot to shower with, I had to drain the tank enough to force the pump in the cistern on to pump cool water from the cistern into the holding tank on the roof. This took about 20-30 mins depending on temps, time of day, sun angle, cloud coverage etc. Once the water in the holding take was tolerable you take the shower and go on about your business. Hated wasting all that water, but it was the only way. In India we had a weather station at the Embassy. Was crude by today's standards, but was considered rather reliable at the time. Starting in April, throughout much of May and June, the heat index was nominally at the upper end of the Heat Index (HI) spectrum, which in the USA ends around 150F on many charts. (yes, some HI charts go up to around 175F now). This went on week after week every year. With these various extremes in the HI, we used to make this observation that begs a question... The hunter/gatherer M/O that ruled the evolution of Homo Sapiens for millions of years drove mankind to seek comfortable environments in which to thrive. When Homo Erectus encountered the heat and stark environment of the middle east and the sub-continent, why did they stop? Why didn't they say, let's get the heck out of here and go someplace nicer? Yea, the climate was perhaps different in some of these areas a few thousand years ago or more. But still, why the heck stay there when it is so inhospitable?
  4. RDM

    July Discobs 2019

    Picked up .47" in 15 mins here NW of Vienna. Short but intense burst. Cooled things down from 86 to 74....
  5. RDM

    April Discobs 2019

    Tornado Warning up for just west of Winston-Salem. Early in the day for the wrt heating thermals and mixing.
  6. RDM

    April Banter 2019

    Realize this is in the weeds and overly anal, but has anyone else noticed the NWS radar upgrade with a new color in the medium rain spectrum? A new color that appeared about 3 months ago, but still isn't on the legend on the bottom of the display? The radar now includes a greenish/yellow color that bridges the gap between green and yellow. It's on the radar display, but not in the legend. Out of character for them to miss the obvious since adding the color to the legend is just a simple web design edit. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/south-carolina/weather-radar?play=1
  7. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    Good luck. The GN is a classic. One of the few bright spots for GM in the 80's. Have a good friend from HS who worked for GM in their proving grounds. He had a GN. He also helped develop the first gen ABS control algorithm on the Vette. At the time was cutting edge technology. His GN was a beast. Had it for many years before selling it. May all your runs be straight...
  8. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    Aren't they alleged to be educated? They must be founding members of the resurrected flat earth society. Can't wait to hear what they come up with next. Maybe they'll be touting the combination of a super moon at the Summer Solstice may fracture the flat plates and fragment the globe into space - I mean the flat earth. Can't say globe anymore since the earth is flat. (tic) Would be a great SNL skit, although the resultant banter may be akin to Orson Wells' original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds...
  9. Yup.... Nearly every day and through all threads. Can't be healthy, but if I don't get my fix over the course of a day, I feel like something is missing. The same feelings like when you go from one part of the house to another to do something. Then when you get there you forget why you went there to begin with. Or does that only happen to me? (tic)
  10. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    Agree - Zion's got spunk. Know lots of folks don't care for Duke. However, Coach K has one of the highest percentages of players who graduate, which should be highlighted more. Believe well over 90% of his players get a degree. In this era when the "all about me syndrome" is so rampant, K still emphasizes there's no I in team. Need more of that in sports across the board. At the risk of totally derailing things, I'm loath to watch some of the "I" influences of the NBA on the NCAA. So few in NCAA hoops actually make it to the pros, and then without a degree what do they have left. Used to be called "student-athlete" but things got skewed along the way. Of course, the NCAA is an enormous revenue machine, which does not help. Lastly, I'm from Ohio, so the concept of Michigan winning is scary, but I do respect their game. The Buckeyes were sorry to watch this year except for a few bright moments...
  11. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    007 - I'm not worthy of such accolades, but thank you anyway. You sure you haven't been sampling too many IPA's? I just love weather and the more extreme Mother Nature can muster the better. Been fortunate to experience some truly grand weather phenomena living overseas in my career. Maybe it's made me more tolerate of what we don't get enough of here in the MA (that being enough snow for one - darn it). None the less, I choose to live here because it's where my career is and where my family and I call home. Wish we had more snow and I for one don't care what time of year we get it. Snow is snow and I ain't picky what the amount is nor the rate nor the ratio nor the freaking sun angle. That said, if it ain't gonna snow, then bring on Spring. It is what it is and no matter where you go, there you are. Gotta make the best of it no matter what. Life is too short and getting shorter the older I get. Cheers, bottoms up, prost, ching ching, shongel, compai etc...
  12. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    Not directed at any one in particular here - just observing... Wish everyone would assume more "Noble Intent" from everyone else. If that was exercised just a little more (ok, maybe a lot more?), the overall atmospherics here would be more enjoyable. Before someone thinks "where's this guy coming from with only 600 posts?", I practice the dying art of reading more and posting less. Maybe some will think I should have exercised the "post less" ideal and not posted this. That's ok. None the less, I've been here since the start and on Eastern before that back to the late 90's and on several forums before that, here and overseas. Yes, trying to download Sat Imagery with a dial-up modem in India mandated patience and fortitude, the very thing we seem to lack on multiple fronts in today's world of immediate gratification. In the good ole days here the tone of even the most terse disagreements was far more civil than some of the recent tendencies here. And by recent I mean the last few years. I don't blame some who've gotten frustrated and taken a back seat hiatus to the fray, which includes many who were/are the foundation of the MA Forum. I read every single posting here in all the threads, bar none. While the humor is often abstract, to the point of really challenging one's intellect to grasp a punch line, we all need to remember this is just weather. None of us can do anything to change any of it no matter how much focused will we can muster. In that light, we should not take it nor ourselves too seriously practicing this cursed science, hobby and/or profession (the latter out of deference to those who make their livings at it). I've been a weather affectionado all of my life. At one point was on a clear track to become a Pro Met, which was sidelined half-way through college to become an engineer instead. During the few events this year when the Pro Mets and Forecasters came out of the woodwork to contribute, the educational value went way up - the conflicts way down - and the overall enjoyment level peaked. Typically that was in storm mode. Sadly, during much of the rest of the season the level of dialogue conveyed a lower level of civility than in the past, which impacted the atmospherics significantly. I wish we lived in a climate that provided more snow to promote this elevated level of cordial exchange so it was the norm instead of the exception. Probably many of us do. However, the MA does not enjoy this luxury and we're left scraping for whatever Mother Nature can muster. As a result, it seems for in our area, the proverbial "idle minds will wonder" syndrome applies. With meteorological winter waining, hope we're able to put this perplexingly odd season behind us soon and move forward, with noble intent. With sincere best wishes to all.... R
  13. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    Have some friends I've known for 30+ yeas who live 15 miles south of Livingston, MT about a 1/4 mile from the Yellowstone River (spectacular landscape). They moved there from NOVA when he retired 2 years ago. Built their dream house on a bluff overlooking the river, the whole works. Great people. They visited this week and over dinner talked about their winter. Been the coldest and snowiest winter anyone there can remember, ever. Day after day of below zero highs and lots of snow. Temps at their place bottomed out at -33F, but they are "protected" from the worse of the cold, which hit the eastern front range. Said they were glad they built their house with 2x6 walls for extra insulation. The temps are one thing. The part they said was the worse was the wind. Living between two mountain ranges when the conditions are right, which is often, the wind is a constant 20-30 down the valley. On some of the passes it's higher, which with the snow really compounds the effects on everything from keeping roads open (drifting) to machinery, to livestock, etc. They can't wait for spring and some relief. Are flying back to Mt. tomorrow from their East Coast warmup trip. Temping to go with them for some REAL winter...
  14. RDM

    March Banter 2019

    Yup - Can relate to your marsh situation. Have a friend out 66 towards FR with a few hundred acres a friend left him. Had a small pond on it that had been there for years for cattle and general use by the farm. My friend made the pond bigger and guess who shows up? Folks from the EPA quoting the Chesapeake Bay Soil Conservation Act. Forced him to apply for a permit, put up silt fences, tried to get him to have soil perk testing done (he had another solution) and all sorts of other idiotic measures. All for slightly enlarging a pond that had been on the property for decades if not longer. Not talking about a small lake or even a big pond, just something a little deeper and wider that would not dry up when the water table lowered. No appeal mechanism, no recourse to be heard by a panel of peers etc. Just a "do it our way or else" mandate. Learned a couple things by living around here for 33 of my nearly 60 years. 1.) The Chesapeake Soil Conservation Act is an all encompassing catch-all for about anyone to muck with you for doing about anything. This is why anyone within the watershed who disturbs more than 18" of soil much put down silt fence. Yet, VDOT, MDOT can at their whim disperse untold tons of liquid rust (aka salt brine) with impunity and without oversight. And 2.) It's easier to apologize than to get permission. My friend filled in his pond, got the EPA off his back, then when they were gone dug it out again. (he has the heavy equipment to do it). It became a matter of principle. Still has his pond today.
  15. RDM

    March 8th Light Snow

    Just on my drive home from work in NOVA, Rt 28, Dulles Toll Road, Hunter Mill Road, Lawyers road - all brined to at least some extent.... In places so much brine there's a dust cloud from the traffic. sign.... Where's the Chesapeake conservation folks when you need them?