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  1. Indeed. DP here is up to 74 - 96%RH. Soupy No intent to compete - not a competition anyone wants to win...
  2. No - a century on one of those bikes WOULD be nots. Rode it on my 1886 Columbia Ordinary (aka penny farthing). Big front wheel and little back wheel. Have a "bone shaker" bike with the wood spoke wheels from circa 1860, but no way to ride a century on one of those, even in my spry youth. Those bone shakers have metal bands around the wheels, which provide almost zero grip on asphalt. They are actually far more dangerous to ride than the high wheel. For the Century I hooked up with a group of about 35 riders from the USA's Wheelmen antique bicycle club for the century ride in Germany. (I was living in Frankfurt at the time) During the time it took me to ride my century, there was a dude from California who nearly rode a double, but ran out of time. Their group was on a Rhein River Cruise on the way to Amsterdam from an International Antique Bicycle Rally in Switzerland. I hooked up with the same group for the Rally too which was an unworldly event with high wheel races on a Swiss military airport and other nonsense. More about that if you're interested...
  3. Looks nice. Was indeed a great day for a long ride. Rode a century in Germany on my 1886 Columbia high-wheel 30 years ago. That was an incredible experience. One gear and a so so seat. Eventually wrapped a towel around the seat for a little more cushion. Never done a century on a "normal" bike.
  4. Yea - I see the returns now. One little line/cell popped up moving east across MOCO. Were no returns at all when the rumble happened. Seems to be dying off as quickly as it popped up.
  5. Anyone else just hear what sounded like a large rumble of thunder? No t-storms in our general area. Checked out the Real Time Lightning map and there was a lone strike up near Gaithersburg, yet there's nothing on radar at all around here. Very strange. And no, I'm not hallucinating. Am up working on a report for work without any IPA induced altered state.
  6. RDM

    Winter 2021-22

    Hummm - that could be. Regret I'm drawing a blank on the term I'm thinking about - KE is a possibility. Whenever it came up several years, Andrew was used a a frame of reference. Andrew was very intense (obviously) and one of the benchmarks. However, it was relatively small as hurricanes go with the top wind field covering a relatively small area when it hit S. Miami and plowed through Homestead.
  7. RDM

    Winter 2021-22

    Wasn't there some other factor floating around a couple years ago that was used to measure the relative severity of a hurricane? Don't recall the term, but it measured the combination of several variables (wind, rain, pressure, dwell duration) and size to project a value on the relative intensity separate from the Cat 1, 2, 3 etc
  8. FFW was just canceled or expired for much of the area except Nrn MD - circa N of 70.
  9. Recall some of the compounding elements of the impact of Katrina was the failure of the levees and the failure of the main pumping stations. No implying the pumping stations could have kept up with the onslaught of the surge when the levees failed, but the failure of the pumps contributed to the longevity of the impact after the surge receded. Once the water inundated the wards that were supposed to be protected by the failed levees there was no way to pump it out. Will be interesting to see how the damage compares between Katrina and Ida in the coming days/weeks. Hopefully the $Billions spent on improving the levees and other infrastructure will prove the investment was worth it.
  10. A quick .41" in about 20 mins from two downpours. Rather uneventful. DP is still 76. Yuck
  11. Lots of T&L just NW of us and quickly darkening from the cell over northern FFCO .
  12. Just picked up a quick .46" out of the small cell moving through FFCO. Popped up around Ashburn and is moving SE towards the beltway. Few claps of thunder too.
  13. Just came back from the grocery in Vienna. It's like soup outside. 72F/71dp here. Yuck...
  14. RDM

    Winter 2021-22

    That looks like the inside of my computer in India after it took a +400V spike down the ground leg one evening. Needless to say it was toast...
  15. 2.30" so far here NW of Vienna. Lawyers road is likely closed again. Hunter Mill may also be closed. This amount is around the normal threshold for closure. Looks like the western fringe is starting to pivot through.
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