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  1. The big gust that came through about 4:15 was impressive. Lost a large tree limb from a giant poplar in our back yard. Neighbors large pine across Lawyers Road from our driveway was uprooted with entire root ball in the air. The pine raked the power lines on our side of the road as it came down narrowly missing someone driving by on Lawyers. Was a 100+ foot pine about 36" across at the base (lots of potential energy released with the impact when it hit the road). Lawyers Rd was closed for about 2 hours as the neighbors helped me cut it up into chunks my Kubota could drag to the side to open the road again. Biggest problem was all the drivers who were determined to drive by despite the police having closed the road. Some even drove on the sidewalk along Lawyers Road as an attempt to get by.
  2. Can relate... We have half a dozen cherry trees we planted 2 years ago. We were looking forward to a decent bloom this year. Just as they approached full bloom they stopped after the same cold snap and migrated straight to green. What did bloom was taken care of by the wind. Maybe next year (sounds like our annual ritual for snow! "next year") Took in all our tomato plants and geraniums last night. Glad we did - Got down to 30 here with a fairly heavy frost on the grass and roof.
  3. Yep - we have holes all over our yard - especially around the base of trees. Been working evenings helping a neighbor trench 230 feet of 4" pipe to drain some low spots in his yard. As we approached the perimeter roots of a maple tree with the trench the nymphs were all over the place about 6" to a foot down. The cool weather is keeping them underground, for now at least.
  4. Just after I finished up some gardening about 30 mins ago a cool breeze came through. Then it hailed for about 30 seconds before it started pouring. Would rain hard with some wind for a min or two and then letup or stop entirely, and then it would repeat. The on and off thing went on for about 20 mins. The "bands" were somewhat strange, like a little microburst that couldn't figure out what it wanted to do.
  5. Yes - it was. Regrets for the snafu. Believe they were both GNX's. Not sure if you saw it or could perhaps catch it on reruns, which BJ often has on FIOS.
  6. One of the televised car auctions on FIOS yesterday sold 2 GNs as a pair - with sequential VINs. Both were full optioned, sold from the same dealer to the same individual, who kept them until yesterday. One had around 800 miles and the other less than 600. Regret I don't remember the specifics on mileage and sales price. Was around $150K for the pair - I think.
  7. You can see the fetch just starting to develop over NW Kansas. Been in a front range upslope event in the Springs back in the late 60's. Was amazing experience as a youngster.
  8. Nice job on the map Mappy. Appreciate the effort. Good to get a frame of reference on who is where across the forum.
  9. IVO 38 54' 51" N and 77 17' 39" W
  10. In reference to weird things happening on airplanes... Got on a flight from Lahore to Islamabad, Pakistani on PIA airlines back in the early 90's. Was a 737 and the emergency placard said, in multiple languages "If you cannot read this card please notify a cabin attendant" Yes, that is right... If I could not read the card I was supposed to notify a cabin attendant. ( I was sitting in an emergency exit row over a wing and the placard was the extra special one for emergency exit seats. I've traveled to over 80 countries, so I've seen a lot of bizarre things on flights. Like the goat that was tied to the arm rest on another PIA flight the next year. ) So, I did the dutiful thing and pushed the cabin attendant call button next to the non-functioning air vent thingy near the reading light. The cabin attendant came a running to see what was wrong (I was one of the few caucasians on the flight). I held up the placard and asked her if the statement was true. She looked at me dumbfounded and asked "do you mean to tell me you cannot read English?" I informed her I was quite versed in the language and a couple others. She asked "then what is the problem?". I looked at her again and said, with an augmented tone to my voice that conveyed nonchalant overtones... "If I cannot read, how can I possibly know that I must contact you?" At that moment the weight of the world fell upon her shoulders as she realized the lunacy contained on the card. She could hardly control herself as the thought of this new found knowledge and ran back up the aisle to the front bulkhead to share this profound information with her colleagues. They all burst out laughing so hard they were in tears when 3 of them returned with the purser to convey appreciation on behalf of PIA for bringing this to their attention. (I cannot make this up - it really happened, just like that).
  11. 28F here just NW of Vienna - up a degree in the last hour. Still a steady freezing drizzle. Just came in from checking Lawyers Road in front of our house. It's an ice skating rink with interlaced wet spots. Even with all the salt they dumped today, walking on the treated asphalt is a delicate endeavor. Difficult to differentiate the wet spots from the black ice. Tomorrow morning is not going to be fun around here for those who can't WFH.
  12. Just got back home near Vienna. Got called into work late morning out by IAD. The sleet had just about stopped when I left home and the side roads were meahhh... but definitely passable. The toll road and 28 were mainly just wet with some strips here and there, and still are. The issues were ramps to and from the toll road and 28 and side roads. The ramps were barely cleared in places. At side intersections the plow drivers just plowed across the intersection creating thick berms of snow that would be difficult to negotiate, especially for smaller vehicles. In "normal" areas of the US that routinely get snow they have 2 teams of plows. One team of larger trucks that does the main plowing and a second team of smaller more maneuverable plows that follow the main teams and clean up the intersections. Of course that seems to be an absent concept in the WMA. Got behind one plow train on 28 and it was obvious many of the plow drivers have not have much training or experience. Growing up in Ohio the plow drivers got a lot of practice every winter. Suspect many of the plow drivers around here have not been as fortunate. On the way home there was another plow train waiting along the side of the road near the main Toll plaza by IAD. There were more plows than there were vehicles on the toll road. Just sitting... waiting... and getting paid... to wait...
  13. It's pouring here at 34F. $#@%^&* RAIN!!! .37" already, most of it in the last 30 mins. Solid line of yellow and red returns on NWS radar all the way to SC and OTS. The way it's training, would not be surprised if Sterling puts up some special stmts. Edit - Flood Warnings already popping up in central VA.
  14. Indeed. Don't think we've seen that level of concern 5 days out with any of the systems thus far this year. Have we?
  15. Indeed that is beyond extreme. Have relatives down in Corpus Christi and Beeville. They are not prepared for that kind of stuff. Could be a cataclysmic event for much of the southern half of the state.